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  • Name: Gwynn
  • City: Cheraw
  • Region: South Carolina
  • Country: United States

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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 250.00lb
Current weight: 215.60lb
Goal weight: 180.00lb
Lost to date: 34.40lb
Remaining: 35.60lb

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Sunday Randomness

Sometimes it's nice to be random you know!!
  • Bought Dd a beautiful Easter dress yesterday.
  • While at Macy's I bought a super cute pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans.
  • Also bought a gorgeous purse but they left the security tag on it and I didn't know until I got home. The nearest Macy's is two hours away. :(
  • I'm holding steady at 186.6!!
  • Tonight is Subway night. I'm in love with the Subway Melt with light mayo.
  • Trader Joe's was packed yesterday!!
  • Bought some raw almonds and raw cashews.
  • Had to hide the cashews from myself.
  • Only 23 more days until I meet Donnie Wahlberg. Think he will like my new Tommy jeans?
Have a great rest of your Sunday!

I love Friday!!

I had a sneak peek at the scales this morning - 186.8. Hooray!!

Yesterday evening I went to play trivia at a local bar with some friends. I never go out during the week. Oh who am I kidding? I never go out on the weekend without Dd attached to me. I was reluctant to go at first but once I got there and we started playing I ended up having a wonderful time. I felt human again! I know I am guilty in getting caught up in my job and being a mommy that sometimes I forget I deserve to be just me now and again. :)

This weekend Dd and I are making a trip to the big mall so that we can go to Macy's to look for an Easter dress. While we are there I also need to make an appointment to have her pictures taken. Afterward we will run by Trader Joe's for a quick trip to stock up on a few things.

My latest guilty pleasure is Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola Bars. They are 180 calories for the two bars and are just perfect to keep my stomach from getting rumbly in the afternoon!

So happy for Thursday!

I am feeling a little better today. Woke up still feeling a little queasy but that went away for the most part after I ate lunch.

I'm behind at work though which is upsetting. I had to rush and put in grades and print off interim reports to go home this afternoon. There are 1,000 other things that need to be done but sometimes you just need a moment for your own sanity! :)

I have no idea how the scales are looking. Haven't been on them since Tuesday. Why does that seem like a long time ago? The week is dragging by!

My dinner yesterday evening went well. The lady that I met is so sweet. Dd entertained us all with a million stories. I ordered the chicken ceasar salad simply because it was the only thing I felt I could stomach. My mind really wanted a nice bacon cheeseburger with french fries. For that one moment I was happy for the throw ups!!

Throw ups

When you work with children it is inevitable that at some point you will catch their germs and end up spending the day at home in the bed laying very still in order to keep from throwing up.

I went on to school this morning thinking that maybe I could trick my body into feeling better but it didn't work. After 15 minutes I was heading to the office to tell them I was going home. As I came back to the room I explained to the children that I was going home. One of my sweet little girls came up to me, looked at me all sad and said, "I'm so sorry you have the throw ups." I just thought that was the sweetest thing.

After several hours of sleep I am feeling somewhat better. It's a good thing too because I am scheduled to go and have dinner with a girl that I met on a weight loss board. She and her husband are traveling around in their RV and are passing through town. I can't wait to meet her face to face!!

Oopsy and Official WI 2/17/09

I am sooooo sorry to the girls who are in the challenge. I accidentally left a spreadsheet page in the printer this morning when I was doing the standings. If I left you off I feel horrible about it. I've updated the standings with your names. :)

Last week's WI - 188
Today's WI - 186.6

Total lost 1.4 lbs!

Hooray!! I'm feeling good about things!!

Recess duty calls!! I will be back to check in on all of you I promise!

Make Them Green With Envy Challenge Week 3 Results

Congratulations to simone777!!!

  • simone777 lost 7 lbs or 3.43% of her starting weight
  • jennyjoy has lost 10 lbs or 3.17% of her starting weight
  • becb lost 10.1 lbs or 3.14% of her starting weight
  • almita has lost 7 lbs or 2.94% of her starting weight
  • dockmom4 lost 6.8 lbs or 2.93% of her starting weight
  • girl next door lost 4.2 lbs or 2.14% of her starting weight
  • vmigirl has lost 3.6 lbs or 1.86% of her starting weight
  • tracysaurus lost 4 lbs or 1.63% of her starting weight
  • goal65kgs lost 3.7 lbs or 1.46% of her starting weight
  • novablue has lost 2.5 lbs or 1.20% of her starting weight
  • shrrlygrrl has lost 2.4 lbs or 1.06% of her starting weight
  • juli66021 has lost 2.4 lbs or 1.01% of her starting weight
  • lose4logan has lost 2.9 lbs or 1.00% of her starting weight
  • wtg2lose has lost 2.6 lbs or 0.97% of her starting weight
  • deltadiva has lost 3.2 lbs or 0.96% of her starting weight
  • moonmayden85 has lost 2.4 lbs or 0.95% of her starting weight
  • annadownunder lost 2.2 lbs or 0.92% of her starting weight
  • svanita has lost 1.8 lbs or 0.84% of her starting weight
  • smbuum has lost 2.5 lbs or 0.79% of her starting weight
  • gwynn has lost 1 lb or 0.53% of her starting weight
  • looking for me has lost 1.2 lbs or 0.46% of her starting weight
  • stardust has lost 0.9 lbs or 0.37% of her starting weight
  • tarajoy has lost 0.8 lbs or 0.37% of her starting weight
  • wessteach has lost 0.6 lbs or 0.27% of her starting weight
  • cherokee1974 lost 0.3 lbs or 0.10% of her starting weight
  • tatumsmom lost 0.2 lbs or 0.10% of her starting weight
  • tracyintx has lost 0.2 lbs or 0.08% of her staring weight
  • 911shelia and seriousloser have maintained their weight

    As a group we have lost a grand total of 86.6 lbs!!


    Why is all that energy wasted on the young?

    As I type my daughter is standing in the middle of the kitchen floor spinning and spinning and spinning. She has fallen down on the floor 3 times now.

    Can I count watching her as exercise? Watching her is making me tired. :)


    Today is a school free day! Dd and I got to sleep a little late and then I had to take her to my parent's house so they could watch her while I went to the doctor. Remember that mammogram/ultrasound I had done several weeks back? Well my doctor wanted me to see a surgeon just to make sure he didn't think I needed a biopsy. I saw the surgeon today. He looked at my mammogram. He tried to find the suspicious lump (dense breast tissue) but he couldn't. Want to know something else? I couldn't find it either!! He said he didn't feel anything that would warrant anything more evasive than another ultrasound in 6 months. To tell the truth I wasn't very concerned about this appointment. I had faith in what the radiologist told me that day. Just wanted to update you all though.

    I will be trying the Arnold's Sandwich Thins tonight for dinner!! Is it sad that it takes so little to make me excited?

    The scale was down this morning despite being up 2 lbs yesterday morning. I allowed myself one splurge dinner while we were at the beach (steak tacos at Senor Frogs) but after that the rest of my eating was on track. Water consumption was way off though so I figured that is what the weight gain was all about. Hopefully I'll be able to inch a little bit more of a loss for tomorrow's official WI!

    Enough from me!! Enjoy your President's Day!! BIG hugs to you all!

    I love being random!!


    Today I found Arnold's Sandwich Thins at the grocery store!! I did a happy dance in the aisle. Seriously!! A woman in front of me grabbed her son by the hand and pushed her shopping cart quickly down the aisle when she saw me!


    My parents got me some Opi nail polish for Valentine's Day. My nails are painted with Keys to my karma. I'm feeling terribly sassy!! :)


    Do not watch Nights in Rodanthe without an entire box of Kleenex.


    Today I spilled my guts to a complete stranger in a chat room. Well he isn't a complete stranger. I've known him for a couple of weeks now. He's a great listener. I told him at the end of our conversation that I felt like I should pay him for the therapy session.

    RBC Centura 5k

    Despite VERY heavy traffic Dd and I made it to Myrtle Beach shortly after 4:00 PM to pick up our race packs. We changed clothes in the bathroom (I do NOT advise this!!). We watched the kids do the Fun Run and then made a quick trip to the bathroom to avoid any potty breaks during the 5k. It has been so warm here that I was not prepared at all for the weather. It was cold and windy so I ended up freezing until we started running. When it was time for us to line up we went straight to the back of the line. I wanted to avoid being run over by those fast runners at the starting line. Dd was so excited. I tried to get her to conserve her energy but we ended up doing the Mexican Hat Dance while waiting just to kill some time. Once the race started we did nothing but walk for the first mile. Dd is an all out runner so I figured this would help her pace herself a little bit. We crossed the 1 mile line at 16:10 and then started running. We ran the majority of the 2nd mile and crossed the 2nd mile line at 31:05. The last mile was the toughest for her. She said she couldn't get her feet off the ground enough to run and told me at one point she couldn't go any further. I told her we only had a little way left to go and I told her how proud I was of her. Thankfully at this point there were a lot of people standing on the sidewalk clapping and cheering. She seemed to gain some strength from them. We rounded the corner, then one more corner and there was the finish line. I pointed it out to her, she said she could see it. I asked her if she wanted to run and that little girl took off!! She finished 674th with a time of 48:54 and I finished 675th with a time of 49:01. She's already told me she wants to do it again. Thankfully her memories of the last half mile have faded!! This was by far the most fun 5k I've ever done!!

    Here we are at Broadway at the Beach waiting for the 5k to start

    My proud Dd in her shirt and bib

    Crossing the start line

    Dd's dash to the finish line

    Posing with our beautiful medals!!