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  • Name: Gwynn
  • City: Cheraw
  • Region: South Carolina
  • Country: United States

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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 250.00lb
Current weight: 215.60lb
Goal weight: 180.00lb
Lost to date: 34.40lb
Remaining: 35.60lb

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The Wagon

So I'm wondering, how many times do you have to fall off the wagon before you finally learn how to stay on? A hundred? A thousand? A million? Well this time not only did I fall off the wagon but I totally let it run me over.

I haven't been on the scales. I don't want to get on them either! I'm not sure when I will get back on them again but I do know that something is going to have to give!! I cannot continue to eat like crap and not exercise and expect to feel good. I feel like crap. I have no energy and it's no wonder!!

Today has been great food wise and guess what? I even dusted off the Wii Fit! I put in 30 minutes of exercise and I feel wonderful.

I'm sorry I have abandoned you my EP friends. I know better than to avoid coming to EP. You girls are my rock!! I heart you all!!

I will do this thing! No more falling off the wagon! No more letting the wagon run me over! I've got 197 days before the cruise!!

Official WI 3/31

Today's WI - 184.2
Last week's WI - 183.2

Total gain - 1 lb

Well it could have been a lot worse than it was so I am very thankful.

Today's food log

Breakfast - Arnold's Sandwich Thins, 1 serving egg beaters, 2 slices precooked canadian bacon - 170 calories

Lunch - Select Harvest Light Egg Noodle soup, saltines, orange - 400 calories

Dinner - 2 soft tacos, chips, salsa - ?? calories

Snack - Special K crackers, pepper jack cheese, apple - 270 calories

Total for the day - Unknown - 840 calories excluding Mexican

Getting Bathing Suit Ready Challenge Week 1 Results

Congratulations to svanita!!

  • svanita - 33 points
  • disguisedathelete - 32 points
  • gcqmom - 30.6 points
  • tatumsmom - 26 points
  • juliew - 23.5 points
  • the woman in me - 23 points
  • gwynn - 18 points
  • miss j - 14 points
  • moonmayden85 - 14 points
  • Forgive me EP friends - I have sinned

    I've been staying away from EP. I have just returned from a 3 day binge. I ate so much Chinese I thought I would explode and 2 hours later I went to Sonic for a large order of chili cheese tots. While at school the next day I was amazingly on plan but when I got home all hell broke loose. I got a Big Mac and large fries from McDonald's and followed that with half a bag of chili cheese corn chips. Saturday instead of getting my normal chargrilled chicken sandwich at Chik-fil-a I found myself ordering the 8 piece nuggets with ranch and waffle fries, on top of that I had popcorn at the movies, and then later at home ate a king sized bag of M&M's. Sunday morning my weight was up to 185.8. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to put the weight back on and how many weeks it takes to lose the weight you have gained from 3 days of all out eating. Yesterday was fairly on plan. The only hiccup was half a slice of grandma's 12 layer chocolate cake. This morning the scales were down to 183.8.

    This is what today's food looks like (I WILL NOT STRAY FROM THIS!!!)

    Breakfast - Arnold's Sandwich Thin (whole wheat), 1/4 cup egg beaters scrambled, 2 slices precooked canadian bacon - 170 calories

    Lunch - 2 slices whole wheat bread, light mayo, 1 serving sliced turkey, orange - 265 calories

    Dinner - 1 serving pasta, 4 oz grilled chicken, 2 servings steamed brocolli, sun dried tomato alfredo sauce diluted, 1 slice garlic bread - 530 calories

    Snacks - Special K crackers, pepper jack cheese, 100 calorie popcorn, apple - 370 calories

    Total calories for the day - 1335

    I may have already mentioned that I am not a stress eater. Maybe I should change that to say that in the midst of stress I will not eat but after the storm has passed I will shove food in my face as if there is no tomorrow.

    The DVD drive on the new computer is fixed. The Geek Squad guy says that sometimes when you install software it can disable the drive. My old computer is still at my mom's. Hopefully everything will be recovered off it soon.

    Spring Break is next week and boy am I looking forward to it. Dd is with me this Easter. We are going to Carowinds (local amusement park), to FunDayGo (a room full of inflatables), and to see the New Hannah Montana movie!

    Here's to wishing all of you a wonderful, on plan, healthy day!!!!

    Ready to go home

    Ever have one of those days where you know you should just stay in bed? Well I'm having that kind of day today. It is picture day here at school. Not just spring pictures but class pictures as well. It has disrupted our entire morning schedule and as a result the kids are out of control. So out of control in fact that on my way out the door to take my kids to have spring pictures made one of my little boys flipped me off. Yes!! Seriously!! He's 8!!! He is currently spending the rest of the day in the office. I will not tolerate that!!

    The scales are down to 182.2 this morning so that's progress. I'm slowly but surely getting things installed on my new computer. Despite the fact that the DVD/CD drive stopped working last night. Another trip to Best Buy is in order for the weekend. Sometimes when it rains it pours doesn't it?

    Today's food log

    Breakfast - oatmeal, muffin - 300 calories

    Lunch - lettuce, chick peas, reduced fat blue cheese, turkey pepperoni, 1000 island (diluted), Special K crackers - 390 calories

    Dinner - pork roast, green beans, baked potato, light butter, FF sour cream - 400 calories

    Snacks - orange, 100 calorie popcorn, plus another 100 calorie snack to be determined later today - 300 calories

    Total calories - 1390

    I'm here - I think

    I got a new computer yesterday. Yes i love the speed. Yes I love my huge monitor. Yes I actually love Vista. I still miss my stuff though. I loved my organization system I had on my old pc. I miss my pictures, bookmarks, programs, music, etc. As of right now we have not been able to recover anything off the old computer. My mom is working on it right now. We've tried several things but nothing has worked yet. I've got faith that I will be able to recover my pictures. Keep those fingers crossed.

    Yesterday's eating was totally off. I am not a stress eater at all. When I am stressed it makes me feel like I'm going to be sick if I eat. Here is yesterday's food log.

    Breakfast - Peaches and Cream oatmeal - 130 calories

    Lunch - Select Harvest Light Egg Noodle Soup, saltines, orange - 400 calories

    Dinner - 2 soft tacos, chips, salsa - unknown calories

    Total calories for yesterday - unknown

    Today's food log looks a little better :)

    Breakfast - Peaches and Cream oatmeal - 130 calories

    Lunch - Select Harvest Light Egg Noodle soup, saltines - 300 calories

    Dinner - pork roast with onions and carrots, steamed brocolli, 1 slice garlic toast - 450 calories

    Snacks - orange, Special K crackers, apple, 2 tablespoons peanut butter - 470 calories

    Total calories for today - 1350

    Official WI 3/24/09

    Today's WI - 183.2
    Last week's WI - 182.6

    Total gain - 0.6

    I drank over 100 oz of water yesterday. I was sooo thirsty I couldn't help it, but everytime I drink that much my weight always goes up. No biggie. I'm on track and WILL see 181 next week!!

    My computer at home died last night. The only bad thing about that is the 2 years of digital pictures that I have not burned to cd. The problem with the computer is that Windows will not start. I am hoping that I will be able to take the harddrive out of the old computer and put it in a new one and recover those precious pictures. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Dd and I are taking off school at 11:30 and heading out of town to computer shop. My computer is 5 years old so I am guessing it is time for a new one.

    I'm counting the weeks!

    I am in serious need of some time off. 2 weeks and then I'm on spring break. I can't wait to sleep late and spend some extra time with Dd!!

    Stepped on the scales this morning and I'm at 182.6. I have been as low as 181.4 this week. I will admit I've been a little off my game. Yesterday I indulged in a half a slice of red velvet cake which most likely pushed me over my calorie limit. The Getting Bathing Suit Ready Challenge will help me with those healthy habits!!

    Breakfast - oatmeal - 130 calories

    Lunch - Select Harvest Light Egg Noodle soup, saltine crackers, orange - 400 calories

    Dinner - lettuce, chick peas, reduced fat blue cheese, tomato, cucumber, grilled chicken, thousand island dressing (diluted), crackers - 420 calories

    Snack - Special K crackers, pepper jack cheese, 100 calorie popcorn, some other 100 calorie snack to be determined - 370 calories

    Total for today - 1220 calories

    Drum Roll Please

    The winner of the Make Them Green With Envy Challenge is

    girl next door

  • girl next door lost 18.6 lbs or 9.46% of her starting weight
  • almita lost 19.5 lbs or 8.18% of her starting weight
  • becb lost 20.7 lbs or 6.44% of her starting weight
  • anna down under lost 13.7 lbs or 5.73% of her starting weight
  • tarajoy lost 12.2 lbs or 5.72% of her starting weight
  • moonmayden85 lost 11.8 lbs or 4.67% of her starting weight
  • looking for me lost 10.8 lbs or 4.16% of her starting weight
  • gwynn lost 6.4 lbs or 3.39% of her starting weight
  • tracyintx lost 8.2 lbs or 3.35% of her starting weight
  • shrrlygrrl lost 5.8 lbs or 2.17% of her starting weight
  • novablue lost 5 lbs or 2.39% of her starting weight
  • wtg2lose lost 5.8 lbs or 2.17% of her starting weight
  • smbuum lost 6 lbs or 1.91% of her starting weight
  • deltadiva lost 4.6 lbs or 1.38% of her starting weight
  • coloradogal lost 1.8 lbs or 0.78% of her starting weight
  • gcqmom lost 0.2 l;bs or 0.008 % of her starting weight
  • As a group we lost 218.4 lbs during this challenge
    32.6% of those who signed up completed the challenge


    Dd and I went to have her pictures made today but their computers were down so we are going to have to reschedule for another time. We still enjoyed the mall though and she got her picture made with the Easter Bunny.