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  • Name: Gwynn
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Height: 172.7cm
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Remaining: 35.60lb

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DD and I had fun yesterday at Carowinds. The crowds were low and though rain was in the forecast the only thing it did was drizzle all day. Despite the drizzle I somehow managed to get a light sunburn. Ah the joys of being a redhead.

We came home early for a birthday dinner for my mom at my grandparent's house. I did eat a little more than I planned to eat and the scales were up .2 to 193.6 because of it. Never fear though I'm back on track today.

For lunch I'm having a salad then I'm off to exercise and shower and spend the rest of the day chilling out with DD.

I'll be back to check in on all of you later. Happy Friday!!

Oops! Did I say that?

I know I said that I wasn't going to weigh this morning but I did anyway. The scales read 195.4. That's great!! Seriously I wasn't planning on getting on the scales but around 9:00 P.M. last night I made a cup of Lipton Mixed Berry Green Tea. It was so yummy but it had me up going to the bathroom all night long. Seriously I went at least 5 times. I figured maybe I was getting rid of all that sodium so out of pure curiosity I weighed.

Today is going very well. Meals are all planned out and written down and even though today was supposed to be a rest day in the 30 day challenge on Active I decided to exercise anyway. Tomorrow DD and I are going to Carowinds to celebrate school being out. I will get in a lot of walking but will not have time for formal exercise since we will be rushing home to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Now we know amusement parks are no good for diets and frankly don't have good food so I have decided to pack a cooler so DD and I can have a little picnic break with healthy food instead of junk food. Not only will this give us more energy but it will be better on my pocketbook. :)

Dd had awards day and walked away with a whopping 14 awards including highest average in ALL subject areas. I am so proud of her and how hard she has worked this year. Her reading has really taken off. She is currently reading on an end of the 3rd grade level. Not too shabby for a nearly 2nd grader.

I hope you all are doing well!!

FYI -- EA Sports Active

Just in case you haven't heard of the newest way to exercise on the Wii you can check it all out here.

Here's my little review: This game takes the Wii Fit to a totally different level. You actually break a sweat with this!! I love that while you are doing the different exercises you receive instant feedback from your personal trainer. You can see if you are doing the moves correctly, if you are going to slow, if you are going too fast, if you didn't hold the pose long enough, etc. I love that the exercises are very fast paced. You don't have time to get bored with one exercise before you are moving on to the next one. The only downfall is that the resistance band doesn't really provide much resistance. This is an easy fix though. If you are like me, I am sure you have more than one resistance band hiding around your house. At the start of each day you have to answer a little survery about the food that you ate, the amount of water you consumed, and how much sleep you got the day before. All of this helps to remind you that weight loss doesn't just involve 20 or so minutes of exercise on the Wii. The game system cost about $60 and though the Wii Fit Balance Board is not required it can be used on many of the exercises that you do on EA Sports Active.

I think that just about covers it. If you have any questions that I didn't answer please feel free to ask them!! :)

Let's be honest

Today is my official WI day and since I have been MIA for so long I seriously considered not updating my weight. Then I thought, "Now who is that fooling?" It's best to just update the weight, accept the gain, and move forward. I am now sitting not so pretty at 196.6 lbs. Ack!! How did I get so close to 200 again? Remember when I said I had only gained like 4 lbs or so? Well that was before I decided to have a weekend binge before returning to the ways of healthy eating. What was I thinking? Oh well!! The weight has been logged and it now serves as a constant reminder that I simply can't let myself go again. I am too important!!

Tonight is my Mexican night. So far today I've had 500 calories and I've burned 155 calories through EA Active so I've had 345 net calories. That leaves me plenty of calories for chips, salsa, and 2 chicken fajita quesadillas minus the cheese. I will not be getting on the scales tomorrow due to the salt intake and the fact that TOM is looming. I just have to stick to my calories and continue exercising and know that next Tuesday I will be seeing a smaller number.

I had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning. Those squats I did yesterday sure worked a number on my butt. Can I just tell you how much I hate squats? On top of that I had to HOLD the squat!! My poor legs were shaking!! DD thought that was hilarious. Today on EA Active I had to do side lunges with toe touches, alternating side lunges, some kind of lunges with a knee kick (can't remember the technical name), bicep curls, shoulder presses, tennis (my backhand sucks), running, and walking with high knee lifts and back kicks. That game really gets you sweating!! The only thing I don't like is that I don't feel like the resistance band offers enough resistance. I am thinking about switching it out for one that I have here at home that offers a little more. We will see if my upper body is sore tomorrow before I make that decision.

I'd like to thank you all for the warm welcome back. You girls are simply the best and the support you offer me and everyone else here is amazing!! Keep up the great work girls!

Oh I haven't shared!!

For Mother's Day we had pictures made of my mom's beautiful grandchildren! While we were there the photographer insisted on grabbing a couple of pictures of me and DD. Now we all know I'm not a fan of having my picture made but I was happy with this one. So here is a recent picture of me :)

June 1 = New Start

I had my meeting on Friday as scheduled and I will be notified by mail about my job.

I have spent a great deal of time stressing and worrying and pretty much wallowing in my own self pity for 5 weeks now. I feel horrible about myself due to the lack of exercise and terrible food I've been eating. I'm tired of feeling this way so I am declaring today as my NEW START!!!!

In honor of this special occassion I treated myself to the new EA Active for the Wii. I just spent 20 minutes playing and I burned 133 calories. I'd consider this to be fairly accurate considering how badly I was sweating during the workout.

Eating today has been 100% on target. As a matter of fact I'm probably a little low on calories but right now I am not going to concern myself with this. I'm back to writing down all my food, eating foods I'm proud to admit I've eaten, and I'm exercising. Already I'm feeling better about myself.

My cruise is in 144 days so I have to get this body looking fine!

Also let me add that my EP anniversary just past. 2 years here at EP!! Wow!!

Still Alive

I just received a phone call that my meeting will be at 9:15 Friday morning. Hopefully this will not be a false alarm like the last meeting was.

Everything has sort of been on hold with me for the past 5 weeks. I have been eating like crap and exercise has been non-existent with the exception of the two times I have cut the grass. I have probably eaten my weight in chocolate chip cookies and fast food. I go through spells where I eat everything in sight and then spells where I don't eat for a couple of days. I weighed last week and I'm up 4 lbs which considering everything isn't all that bad. In the past couple of days I have been able to get my eating somewhat on track but the news of the meeting already has me wanting junk food. Guess I am a stress eater after all.

Anyway, keep me in your thoughts. I will be back tomorrow with an update.

False Alarm

The meeting was canceled this morning without my knowledge. No clue when the meeting will be reschedule. I honestly feel as though I am losing myself in the process.


First of all let me say thank you to those who have checked on me through Facebook and MySpace. It means a lot to know that even though I am not here you are thinking about me.

I wanted to update you all and let you know that some sort of decision should be made regarding my job after a meeting at 9:15 on Wednesday morning. Good thoughts and prayers are still very welcome.


When it rains it pours doesn't it?

I'm going through a VERY difficult time at work right now. I can' go into details other than to say my job is on the line. If you are the praying type can you please send up some prayers that I will be able to keep my job. If you aren't the praying type then positive vibes and good thoughts will also be accepted.