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  • Name: Gwynn
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Height: 172.7cm
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Sometimes our bodies are just screwy!

I woke up Saturday morning, stepped on the scales and saw 219 lbs. WTF? I thought oh well and continued on. For my "free meal" I enjoyed the lunch fajitias at my favorite local Mexican restaurant. I have to admit I was totally stuffed afterwards but it was sooooo good!! I also worked in a skinny as possible caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Mmmm mmmm good!! Later that afternoon TOM showed, which completely explained the increase on the scales.

On Sunday I enjoyed my second "free meal" at my grandparents. I loaded up on veggies and only had a small amount of rice/gravy/stew beef. I also treated myself to a couple spoonfuls of her delicious cherry pie.

With all of that said, I stepped on the scales this morning and saw 216.2. Again WTF? Sometimes I feel like I'll never understand my body when it comes to weight loss. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy to see that loss on the scales I just don't understand it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead shows many pounds lost on your scales!!

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gain - tom bloat

loss - losing tom bloat lol

Im like that up down up down up down when you look at my daily wi's lol


Sounds like a TOM-thing for sure.  That, or you need new batteries in your scale.
Either way, sounds like you had a great weekend!


hey! i read some of your entries and you are hilarious! Thanks for your inspiring stories and for the laugh you gave me tonight. I am going to try to stick to blogging on here so I can find some support for my own journey! good luck and i will definitely be checking back!


oh I know the feeling, my body is playing up big time

Great to see you again!

Hi Gwynn!
Its so good to see you posting here again! I've been wondering about you! I, too, have been absent from have inspired me to get back to it!!
I have been using the Ipod/Iphone App "Lose It" to track calories and have lost 10 lbs since the first of the year. Slow loss for sure, but a loss is still a loss! Look forward to reading your blog again!


Sometimes we get tempted by yummy meals (Mexican for me, too)! I saw you are a teacher, also... I teach fourth grade. Hopefully your journey is going well besides that, though!

Hi, Gwynn

Hey, both of us haven't been on here much for a very long time.  I've gained almost all of my 42 lb. weight-loss back.  But I'm just about ready to "face up" to it and start over again.
I hope that you can start again, too.  No matter what, we all still love and miss you.
I want to thank you again for starting the 100 lbs. group.  You were a GREAT help to me, personally.
Miss ya'   --   MissyBelle  

Hey, Gwynn

JUst thought I'd check to see if you were back on here or not.  I've been gone a long time, but I'm back -- trying again.
I hope you and your dd are well and happy.
Still miss 'ya.  MissyBelle 

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