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Deciding on a weigh in day

Happy Thursday dear friends!!

The scales were down greatly this morning which made waking up to a growling stomach totally worth it. I guess all the weight I gained from drinking that gallon of water on Monday has finally passed. Yesterday was a low calorie day, 1145 calories to be exact. It wasn't intentional, I just got busy late in the evening and by the time I calculated the total count it was well after midnight and I certainly wasn't going to eat anything then. I'll make sure I eat my allotted amount of calories today so my body doesn't fear I'm starving it to death.

I've gone back and forth on my weigh in day all week. My usual weigh in day was Tuesday which helped me to stay on track over the weekend but I'm thinking about changing it to Friday. I always go and have lunch with my family on Sunday. My grandparents cook this gigantic meal and we all get to hang out with each other and catch up on the week. Now my grandparents are the BEST cooks but even when I was extra good on Sunday lunch my weight would go up. Honestly I don't know how much salt (or whatever else) she puts in her food so that's sort of out of my control. I know the concept of having a "free meal" or a "free day" is debatable but it is something I have decided to incorporate in order to keep me from craving foods like mad and then over eating them! Instead of a "free day" I'm going to have two "free meals". One will be lunch or dinner on Saturday and the other will be lunch with my family on Sunday. If I weigh in on Friday this will give me all week to remove any damage that has been done. I guess that means even though it hasn't been a week you guys will be seeing my first official weigh in!!

I hope your Thursday has been wonderful and that the rest of your day is even better!! ((hugs))

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I'm all for Friday weigh in days. For me, it's the mental game. I'll drive myself nuts if my WIs are inconsistent due to sodium from meals out on the weekend.

I love the concept of two free meals instead of a free day! It allows for a little less rigidity without turning it into a free for all day.


I'd go with what works for you.
Right now, I weigh on Friday or Saturday.  I've done other days of the week.
I've half contemplated weighing daily and taking the weekly average too LOL!!  OMG the games we play, huh??
I started seeing a doctor/nutritionist 3 weeks ago and am currently following their recommendations:  lean protein, veggies, fruit and staying away from unnecessary fat, carbs and sugars.
It's working.  I lost 5 lbs and 5.25 inches in the first two weeks, which makes me happy because with my pissed off knee, I am not exercising right now.
My thought with going to them was to get phen if needed, but they want to see how tweaking my diet goes.  Guess I am proving once again I don't need phen LOL!!


I would absolutely go with what works for you. Remember, it's a lifestyle, so it has to be something you can work with. If you feel deprived, it won't work. The magic is to stick to the 2 "free meals" and leave it at that.

You will do wonderfully!!

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