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I bet you though you'd never see me again!!

Well here I am nearly 8 months since my last post. My life went on a downward spiral and honestly it has taken me this long to get a handle on life again. I'm sad to report that I am all the way back up to 220 lbs. What happened to the girl who said she'd never see the 200's again? Oh well, at this point I can't dwell on the past the only thing I can worry about is the here and now.

Yesterday after making the firm decision that my eating habits HAD to change I dusted off the scale and braced myself for the number I knew would appear. I've learned that you have to accept the facts in order to be able to move on. Sure I could have avoided the scales for a few weeks but then I would have just been lying to myself about the situation.

Nearly a year ago I was sitting pretty at around 180 lbs and I was miserable because the scales wouldn't budge. The sad thing is, I was really happy at 180. I felt confident and pretty and skinny!! My goal this time is not to be in the 150's but back at 180.

I look forward to reading your blogs and giving you the support that you all have given me for a long time!! I missed you guys!!

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Welcome back !

Welcome back :)

I had a feeling you might be back soon after seeing how much water you'd been chugging :)

Sorry to hear that you've had a rough time of things, but now is a great time to get back on track :)

welcome back!


This is what I need to see.

welcome back

welcome back missed you much!!!


Welcome back!


Welcome Back!


Welcome back and good luck with your new goals!


Wow! Even TatumsMom is back!! :) yea, I noticed that you were chugging water and up two pounds, so I'm not surprised to see you here. welcome back, Gwynn! Best of luck to you with your new goal!


So good to "see" you!  Hope you and your daughter are well.  A lapse in dieting is like... spilled milk!  Over!  Done!
Good job moving on.  You did what you could during those missing months, now you'll do more.
Welcome back!  = )

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