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  • Name: Gwynn
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Height: 172.7cm
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Staying the same!!

The movie yesterday was really cute. I shared a small popcorn with Dd which helped to cut the calories. After some shopping we had dinner at Outback and even though I had a nice yummy salad I did end the dinner with chocolate thunder from down under. Luckily I also split that with Dd. I was a little nervous about getting on the scales but I bit the bullet and got on anyway. They stayed the same!! Whew!!

We are getting ready to head out to my brother and SIL's birthday party. Mom informed me we are having pizza but I am going to stop by SubStation and grab a salad. I can't push my luck two days in a row!!

Today is a rest day from the Active. Boy am I glad. Yesterday I had to do squat holds. Squat and hold the pose as still as possible for 20 seconds. Thanks to 2 of those my legs and butt are killing me again today. The pain is a good pain though because at least I know I had a good workout. :)

Happy Saturday friends!! I will check in with you guys later today!

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Love that workout pain!

Squat Holds

That sounds painful (both doing them and surviving the afternmath)!  Good for you - keep them up.
Best regards!


I love being sore like that!  Great job!


it is nice to be able to indulge a little and still maintain our weight.  i agree that pizza and chocolate thunder may be pushing the envelope. lol.  enjoy your salad. 


I really want the Active game for my WII!! My bestfriend has gave great reviews about it & then you saying you're sore from it. Hmm...I've very tempted to buy it!

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