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Happy Thursday!

Ack I can't believe that I missed blogging yesterday. :(

Dd and I had a nice day pretty much relaxing around the house yesterday. We did go out of town to pick up some Father's Day cards and to visit the big Wal Mart. Yesterday was also a rest day from my Active game so that was nice.

The scales are down to a nice 191.4 lbs this morning. I was a little too much under calories yesterday so I was concerned that the number on the scale wouldn't be kind. I'm glad it was. I am making sure that I get in all of my calories today though. Having a low calorie day once in awhile is nice but you don't want to follow that with another low calorie day.

I've already exercised today and Dd and I have just returned from swimming in my parents pool. The water is still a little too cool for me but Dd enjoys it.

Tomorrow we are off to Florence to see Imagine That with Eddie Murphy and to look for some sneakers for cheer camp in July. I'm hoping we will get to meet up with my SIL and two handsome nephews while we are there.

Anyways I'm off to visit with you guys!! Have a wonderful, healthy, OP day!

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happy for you!

Hi Gwynn,
Awesome your scale is being kind to you! Yay for you! Keep on track, you're almost back to the 180's and onward to your goal. 
Congratulations, I'm very glad for you.


Good for you, seems like everything is going in the right direction! :)


Well done on the loss.

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