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  • Name: Gryffindor
  • City: Washington
  • Region: Arkansas
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Height: 162.6cm
Start weight: 183.00lb
Current weight: 183.20lb
Goal weight: 165.00lb
Lost to date: -0.20lb
Remaining: 18.20lb

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It is my belief... that the truth is generally preferable to lies.

Funny how things tend to come full circle.

I have joined WW more times than I care to admit, and while I have been successful at it, I have also walked away from it.  Which has never been the smart thing to do.

On 9/9/06, I joined meetings and weighed in at 183.2 pounds.

Over the course of time, I lost weight, getting down to 152 pounds that following May 07.

Then I stopped going to meetings, having reached Lifetime, but not really sticking to the plan, and put the weight back on.

So here I am, January 2, 2008, and I returned to my first meeting in well over 6 months.

My weight???    183.2.  Not kidding.  I am LITERALLY back at square one!

But this time, I think I am more resolved to make it work and to get down to a healthy weight. I also want to be a better role model to my 9 year old daughter.

So I will strive to update this blog more frequently and hope that I can find some support here as well.