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  • Name: GIgirl
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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 178.50lb
Current weight: 178.50lb
Goal weight: 145.00lb
Lost to date: -0.00lb
Remaining: 33.50lb

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I Didn't Gain It In a Day.......

so I shouldn't expect to lose it in a day.  I am finally ready to take ownership of the fat that has taken up residency in my body.  I have been reading about different types of weight loss programs, but I have found that for me I have to eat pretty much every 2-3 hours.  I am currently enrolled in Weight Watchers online only because it is so much easier than trying to find a meeting when I am out of town.  Being at home in the summer allows me the flexibility to be able to eat whenever I need to, so I will to do some adjusting to make it work.  I have also at the beginnings of become a vegetarian.  I am taking little, bitty steps, I have been experimenting with tofu and found that I really like the taste and texture of it.  I look forward to sharing and hearing from all of you.  til then TTFN

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So true....

I need to remind myself of that daily.  Good luck on your journey!!

Thank you GCQMom

I placed it at the top of my blog so it would be a constant reminder.  I took me 12 years to gain 40 pounds, ahd hopefully it won't take me  12 years to lose it, but I am hoping for  8 months to lose it all.  Thanks for stopping by., 


I want to wish you well on your journey. Is this who I think it is? YOur name sounds familiar but I'm not really sure if it's you. But I know that username is very unique. Ok I'll go ahead and ask hopefully I won't seem strange but do you have a hair blog?

Hey Miss V

It is me the one and only GIgirl46402.  I was happy to see that you stopped by.  I am trying to get this weight loss thing started on the right track.  HOw did your marathon go? 

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