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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 219.00lb
Current weight: 208.00lb
Goal weight: 175.00lb
Lost to date: 11.00lb
Remaining: 33.00lb

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It's Wednesday.....

I'm so tired, I could fall out and go to sleep under my desk right now.. I went for a walk today w/ my co-workers..we walked for close to 40 mins.. not too shabby...It's not too hot today, maybe around 80, it very windy though so that makes it even cooler.... I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm back up to 211.8.  I don't understand? I mean I know I've been drinking, I know alcohol bloats so maybe I do understand.. plus I haven't been getting enough water or exercise in.. I'm OK w/ it though b/c now I'm recognizing it, and I'm not drinking anything but water for the rest of the week... I've been doing OK w/ eating.. I need to cut out the cheese if I want to check my cholesterol, that's for sure.  I had a cup of brocolli & cheese soup from la bou and a half of turkey sandwhich on wheat w/ no mayo for lunch.. I had my oatmeal and some organic strawberries for breakfast.. for snack I'll eat a jello cup and for dinner BF is bbqin some pork chops.. I always buy my meat boneless and skinless and trimmed of all the fat, so it should actually be lean.. I'll have a salad w/ balsamic dressing.  Not too bad, but I do have a lot of room for improvements.. all I can see if myself 30lbs lighter w/ a smaller chest.. I want my health back and I want to be fabulous in a D cup.. lol!  

I'll be ready for the gym soon.. I have to sit down and make a plan..  

Monday.. weigh in..

Ok, so my scale is retarded.. I weighed in at 209.8 this morning.. I weighed in the day before yesterday and I was 207.  It's cool b/c I know weight fluctuates from day to day.. I'm not going to stress over it.. I know I partied like a rockstar all weekend, I had a couple of drinks Friday night... And a couple of beers, glasses of wine yesterday.. I ate chicken fajita's, skinny crust veggie pizza.. I'm back on track this morning.. I hate weekends, when I hang out w/ my friends, they only want to drink and eat.. I totally get off track.. But it's all good. 

I start back on my walking routine during lunch time tomorrow.. It's been in the triple digits, therefore your girl hasn't been wanting to do anything. 

But here's to a good week!  TTYL!

Why I HATE scales....

Ok, so last week when I went to the Dr., I weighed 214.2 a little later that week, I weighed myself at home and it read 212.2.  I figured that was accurate since I was naked didn't have any clothes on, vs. being fully clothed in heels.  So last night I weighed myself and it read 210.  I was stoked b/c that's a 2lbs loss in a week.  I get on it this morning and the sucker reads 208.  The scale was in the same spot I always keep it.. Could I have lost 4lbs in a little over a week??  It makes me get excited b/c I think of 8 more pounds and I'm into ONEderland.. Should I get my hopes up?  Maybe I should just go by how my clothes feel b/c the scale will always fluctuate.  What I do know is that I need to stick w/ how I'm eating.. I must be doing something right.. Anyway, I decided to take the 4lbs and run w/ it.. 208 it is!

Another Good Day

Well today was another good day.. I'll def make it through the weekend w/out getting too crazy.. I'm so scared about my health..

Eating was on plan, I had 6 peanut M&M"s to curb my choc craving, 1 small piece of Dove DARK choc... an small bag of doritos to curb my hunger before dinner..Not the greatest but not bad.. I've been paying attention to my saturated fat and cholesterol intake. 

Anyway, in case I don't post tomorrow.. Have a fabulous weekend!



Scared Shytless!

So my doctor called me back today.. she said she sent me my test results in the mail, I wouldn't know b/c I check my mail maybe once a week.. Anyway, she said the cholesterol was indeed high, I need to change my diet, incorporate more fruits and veggies and exercise.. and LOSE the weight! I see a nutrionist in 2 wks but in addition to that, she wants me to take a cholesterol class and a weight management class.  Not only is my cholesterol high, but my blood sugar is at 96, not too far from 99 which is considered border line diabetic.  So ladies, there's no more thinking about it, I HAVE TO DO THIS.. It has to be second nature for me.. It's for my life's sake. I'm going to have her test me again in 6 months to see if I'm progressing.. Hopefully the issue will be solved in less time.. My co-worker had tested for high cholesterol and she changed her diet, lost 20lbs and she was fine.  Hopefully, that will be the case for me.  I know I eat too much cheese, dairy and burgers.. just grease period.. and I eat out too much.. so if I stop eating out.. that alone will probably show a big difference.

I never thought my health would be in jeopardy.. This is hard to swallow. 

Anyway, I've had a very good day w/ my eating.. No walking at lunch, it was 90 degrees outside today w/ a HOT breeze.. But I'll go to the gym tonight.. It's been over a month.

So far this is what I've consumed...

B: Oatmeal-160

S: 4 choc M&M's-60

L: Lean Cuisine- Fetuccini Alfredo-280 & small ceasar salad w/ 4 croutons from La Bou.. 1.5 tbsp of dressing-- 260

S: Medium orange--86 cals & cup of sugar free jello-- 10 cals

D:  I don't know yet.. I have around 650 cals to spare.. I'll choose wisely though.. something lean

I also have to pay attention to my saturated fat intake.. something I've never paid attention to before..

That's it for now.. TTYL!



MORE Motivation

So last week when I had my appt w/ my Dr.  She gave me an physical and I had some blood work done.  I just found out my thyroid is in good shape, but my overall cholesterol is HIGH.. It should be lower then 200 if I read this correctly, mine is at 239.  I'm freakin out, I don't want to stroke out or have a heart attack plus I've been reading how heart disease is the # 1 killer of women... I have to wait for the Dr. to call me and go over the test results w/ me and we have to come up w/ some sort of "action" plan.  I'm annoyed that I didn't even get a call from her.  The results were posted online, so I just happened to remember to go online & take a look.  I think she should have called me when they came back to discuss them.  Please believe she's going to hear my mouth about that.  That's rediculous.. I HATE Kaiser, they hire the most tackiest, lazy people. 

Anyway.. I've been reading on ways to lower it and guess what?? Who would have thought a healthy diet and exercise would be the key?  So now, my LIFE is my motivation to lose this weight.. I HAVE TO.. If I want to be here for my babies.. I HAVE to lose this weight. 


So far so goood.....

Ok so yesterday was an alright day.. I had a few pieces of dark choc covered cashews.. Oh well, but I did limit how many I had so I'm learning portion control.. I added them into my calories as well.  I drank all of my water..and had a slight dinner.. read my previous post about the lady bug in my salad and that's why I didn't eat a full dinner. 

Today is good.. I had maybe a quarter of a pastry.. and one piece of chocolate.. NO MORE.. I'm almost finish w/ my water intake and it's only 1:30pm.  I'm anxious to go home.  I'm so tired. I didn't workout yesterday b/c we got home and had dinner late.. after my bug scare, I was pissed so I took a shower and went to bed.  I'll get some Yoga done tonight.  Dinner is pretty much prepared, BF just has to grill it and I'll do the potatoes and veggies. 

I need to get in 4-5 days of exercise this week.. I need AT LEAST 2lbs gone by Monday.  My scale at home is reading 212.2?  I ws naked w/ no clothes on.. I'll go by my home scale.. If I lose 12.2 lbs, I'll be into ONEderland.. That excites me.. Hopefully, I can do it in 4 wks..

Anyway, hope all is well.  TTYL!



Some Gross SHYT!

Ok so BF and I grabbed some quick salads from Applebee's tonight.. I'm gettin my grub on b/c I hadn't eaten since lunch time.. So why did I see a dead lady bug in my salad?  I'm so grossed out.. I got my money back for both salads plus an appetizer voucher.. but I'm never going there again.. I'm sickened.. I should have cooked like I intended.. How gross is that? Anyway, thought I would share..

Fresh Start

Well today is the day that BF and I are changing our eating habits TOGETHER.. so I can have extra support/motivation to lose this weight so I can qualify for my breast reduction.  I'm hyped about it.  My goal is not to eat over 1200 calories per day.  I need to make this goal as fast as possible. I've planned my meals so it will seem like I'm constantly eating, not depriving myself.  My meals are spaced out so I'm not going more then 3-4 hrs w/out eating & they are pretty much low calorie. 

Over the weekend, I seen a friend of mine who recently had her reduction, maybe like 2 wks ago and she looks great.  However, I think she should have tried to lose a little weight first b/c her tummy looks more noticable now.  It's not huge, she's not fat..but now her tummy sticks out further then her boobs.. So I'm hoping I can avoid that w/ this almost 40lbs weight loss I have to achieve in order to have the surgery.  She said it was the biggest sacrfice she's ever made..and she feels great about the decision to have them reduced.

I can't wait to fill "lighter" up top & not have pains in my shoulders and back.. Hopefully the weight loss in general will aleviate some of this.  We'll see.

So far,on plan for the day.. I'm working on drinking 64 oz of water today as I type this.. I'm halfway there.... Go me!

B: Oatmeal-- 160

S: Small Banana-- 90

L: WW Smart Ones-- Teriyaki Chicken-- 230 & Apple Slices-- 70

D: Grilled Chicken--152  w/ brocolli--62 and baked potato--161 w/ 2 tbsp of light sour cream--38, fat-free cheese--31 .

S: Jello Sugar Free Cup--10

My weigh in day will be Monday morning..

I'm still the same.. 214.2. 

Tonight's exercise will be Yoga Burn... 60 mins

Wish me luck guys!






Was my reaction when dear fiance said he would go on a "diet" with me.  I said "Word?!"... He has never said anything like this EVER.. so I will be planning our meals, he'll be limiting his beer intake and switching to "lite"... He's wanting to lose his guy and his thighs..they rub together! He's getting older and the weight is catchin up w/ him.. He's tall maybe 6'2" so he hides his weight well..But not it's getting noticeable.  I'm so excited about this even more now.. Everyone has been supportive.. my friends have been encouraging and now R... I'm determined.