6 Months!

Following the 6 months leading up to moving to Europe!

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Ready for a Change!

Hey Everyone,
In 6 months I will be moving back to Canada after having lived in the United States for the past year and a half. While I have been here my weight has gone up and down, I am tried of being the way I am and am ready to make a change. Tomorrow my goal is to go get a gym memebership.  I went to this gym for 2 months on and off. My problem has always been that I get into the mind set of "I'm gonna do it" and that only lasts for a week. I honestly really do enjoy working out, and have no excuse as to why I cannot go to the gym everyday. My work is very flexible and blame myself for not using this time to make a change for the better. Now with wanting to move to Europe I have just had enough of being this way. You are only young once, and I want to have the time of my life feeling confident in myself! Time for a journey to begin!!