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  • Name: ElleBee85
  • City: San Jose
  • Region: California
  • Country: United States

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Height: 175.3cm
Start weight: 271.00lb
Current weight: 239.60lb
Goal weight: 160.00lb
Lost to date: 31.40lb
Remaining: 79.60lb

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There is NOTHING that I love more than stepping on the scale and seeing an ALL time new low. I'm down 23.2 pounds all together!!!

17.8 pounds to go, 77 days left!

I'm back on the wagon again! Woo Hoo!! I only have 17.8 pounds to go until I hit my FIRST goal!!! I've lost 21.8 so far, and I feel FANTASTIC! I was having a bit of a slum, but I've been keeping myself motivated. My best friend (who lives in England) has also been losing weight, and she's lost over 30 now! She looks fabulous, and it's great to use her has motivation and inspiration! I'm so happy! This is the most weight that I've ever lost!!!!

Frustrated at 22 pounds to go, 83 days left

So... I got down to 249.8, but then I've slowly been going up over the last week or so. I'm frustrated. Now I'm back at 252.8. I should really get back on Weight Watchers. It's the only way to keep me in check. I just hate being so committed and feeling so tied down to having to track and think about every morsel I put in my mouth. But I just can't let this get away from me. I've already lost over 20 pounds, and I just can't let go. I refuse. So I'm going to get on the WW website and collect some new recipes that might inspire me to track points.

20.6 pounds to go, 113 days left

Yay! I'm chugging along! I feel so happy!!!! I'm 19.2 pounds down all together, and I feel fabulous. When I put my jeans on now, I don't get anxiety. They glide on with no problem! A couple of pairs are too big! I think that half of my weight loss is coming from the fact that I now work retail. When I was working at WB, I sat at a desk ALL day. Now I move ALL day. I should wear a pedometer to see how many steps I'm doing.

Anyway, today I'm taking my dog to "Bark in the Park" so there should be a lot more walking there! Fall is in full force in Northern California and I love it!!!

PS.... I'm not to happy about the new EP design.

22.3 pounds to go, 117 days left

I keep flip flopping between these .2 pounds! I need to kick it up a notch and get out of the funk. I had a cheat day the day before yesterday, and pizza was part of it. Maybe that's why my body is mad at me. Haha. I think I might do a week of Core on WW. I remember I did Core last year around this time and I absolulty adored it. I like having weekly goals to keep me on my toes. ie... the other week I gave up soda for the entire week (even though I only drink diet) and the week before that, I did an absolutly NO eating out for the entire week. When I do goals for one week at a time, I can definitly accomplish them. So yeah, I'm going to do Core this week.


22.6 pounds to go, 120 days left!

Hoooorayy! Down again! Just by .6, but still. The more I lose, the more motivated I am. :) I think I'm going to hit the gym today. I haven't been in a while.


*PS. I have to confess... I haven't been keeping track of my points. Instead I just eat WAYYYYY less. I know that it could turn bad, but it's actually working for me. *Knock on wood*. As much as I like Weight Watchers, and as much as it works, sometimes it's a little overwhelming. And my only REAL problem is my portions. I rarely eat junk food. So now I'm changing my portions and it's working! :)

23 pounds to go, 121 days left

My birthday was fantastic!!!!! We went to Monterrey Beach and spent the day there. It was lovely. :) I didn't go overboard with anything, but I did manage to gain .2. I'm not worried about it. Hopefully it will be off by tomorrow. Here are some pictures of yesterday! :D





22.8 pounds to lose, 122 days left!

Another pound down and I'm FINALLY below my starting weight when I joined this site last year! YAY! That is a huge reliefe! I hated seeing that I was over that limit. Things are still going really strong. The last few days I've had  a hard time keeping up with tracking my points. I start in the morning, but by the evening it gets put off and then I forget about it. The good thing is that I've been eating SIGNIFICANLY less. Lunches are usually a simple sandwich of whole grain bread and turkey. And dinner is usually a lean cusine. Though tonight my boyfriends parents are having a birthday dinner for me and I have no idea what is on the menu. I just plan to stick with one small serving.

23.8 pounds to lose, 123 days left

All I can say is, Heck Yes!!!!!! 2.6 pounds down today.

It's weird because I was hesitant to weigh my self this morning since I had had 2 beers last night and I felt kind of guilty. So I took my dog on our morning walk and didn't weigh myself. I came home, had breakfast and lounged on the couch again. Then I thought that I better weigh myself anyways. Even though I had had breakfast and had two beers the night before... It was a promise to weigh myself evvvvvery day so that if I did slip up, I would be motivated to get back on track. I stepped on the scale, and voila!!!!! -2.6! Hoorayyy!!! Of course I'm perfectly aware that the beers may catch up to me late in the week, but still! I'm glad that I ended up weighing myself. :)

26.4 pounds to go, 125 days left

So this week I ended up losing exactly 4 pounds. Through the ups and downs, -4 was the final verdict. Totally stoked about that. I want to do just as good this week, plus better.

Last night, Taco bell and one oatmeal iced cookie found it's way into my apartment and into my belly. Ooops. Will not happen today!