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  • Name: eblindauer
  • City: Manitowoc
  • Region: Wisconsin
  • Country: United States

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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 268.00lb
Current weight: 235.00lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: 33.00lb
Remaining: 85.00lb

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so quitting smoking at the same time as soda is hard! im glade i decieded to do it when i have absolutly no money or id probably go by a soda right now! lol. but i think its hard because im home with the kids all day and i want a cig cuz i cant go exersize, i think exersizing is my new addiction to replace smoking. now if i can just get over the cravings of a cig when i cannot go to the gym. im really glade i went an got this memebership it hasnt even been a week yet, and i feel so much better about my self. i was scared id loose my drive and have to push my self to go, but ive gone everyday since ive been a member. though i think i need to push my self harder at the gym on the weights. so i struggle with it more, like people do on tv . im hoping in a few weeks i will see these changes from my new work out

able to get to sleep easier
more energy during the day
get more rest at night so i wake up easily during the day
and of course a loss of a pound atleast to keep me motivated lol

i lost a bit of motivation for at home my scale says im 268 but the scale at the gym says 274! i dont want to be in the 270s! to think i got prego 3 years ago and i was at 280 by the end of the pregnancy and im still so close, even after another kid of being at the same weight. and 5 years ago i was a size 14

anytime fitness memeber

so yesterday i joined anytime fitness with a 2 year memebership. so hopefully this will help with my weight loss journey! 


Okay as much as i LOVE food i hate it. its so tempting! i find my self bored and then i find my self thinking of food then i find my self wanting food... how do you get to the point where u know its from hunger or not? how do you fight something that controls you so much.

I used to be thin and ate a hell of a lot more than i do now. why could i keep it off then but not now. yeah i know im getting old that probably has the most to do with it.

i feel like i ride the bike and then get home all i want is food lol. i dunno what to do need encouragement and ideals for sure!

The first day

Hi, Today is the start of a new me! I am a 26 year old stay at home mother and full time student. I have 2 children ages 3, and almost 2. So i have my hands full with a lot of up and downs and running around. but the sad thing is i dont trust my self to be able to chase after them so we dont do as much as i would like to! 

I like to eat out.. major weakness. but cant afford to so i dont do it much. when i do its usually PIZZA! i have a food addiction for sure that i need to work on. not only that but i drink too much soda. i need to start to wean off soda for good. to do that i will try juice and flavored water, for im not a fan of water, but soon i hope i will be. i dont feel that i can even have an occasional soda for ill fail if i do.

I will also start a new shopping routine. buy weekly so i can buy more fresh foods. and i love to cook and now that my children are older and ocassionaly give me the time to cook i want to prepare almost all my meals daily. so that way its more healthy and not full of unneeded calories. 

I will also began to exersize. I plan on working on biking more ofter. i have major knee problems that seems to prevent me from going farther when the rest of my body feels it could keep going! i will also try walking and disking more often with my family.

unfortunately right now we cannot afford a YMCA membership but when we do I want to do laps for i love to swim, and also work on toning up my muscles in the gym. 

whats motivating me? MY FAMILY and self. i have dreams and wants that i cannot do while im fat. so heres to the beginning to a new me!