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Hopefully plan on losing 43 pounds following the Dukan Diet.

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Hi there!!

Call me Nemo 

I am currently trying to plan my diet. I think it is important for me to make sure i am ready and not rush into this. Also I need to eat up any food that is restricted in my diet so that I will not be tempted at all throughout this!!

Today is 4th January 2012 so i am going to give myself to the week beginign 16th January to prepare - this also means i can go out for a meal for my mums birthday before I start.

I decided on the Dukan diet because it seemed quite strict and planned out which i like. I also love meat so enjoy the thought of not having to restrict my calorie intake too much (or worry about it). 

Today I weigh 13 st 3.5lbs but i will update this when i start soon!

I have filled in the programme on the dukan diet UK website and found out that my ideal weight is 10 stone 2 pounds. 

The plan should go as follows:

Attack phase: 7 days (-6lbs)

Cruise phase: 135 days (- 2st 9lbs) Goal weight!

Cosolidation phase: 193 days

Then I will enter into the stabilisation phase.

Hopefully I will reach my goal weight by the beginning of June 2012 which is just before my birthday and summer!! Then consolidate this until the end of the year.

Doesn't sound too bad, ey?

Feel free to message me as I am new to this type of thing and would like to make some online friends to encourage me. Whether you are doing the dukan diet or not