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  • Name: doinki
  • City: Oshawa
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 167.6cm
Start weight: 352.00lb
Current weight: 325.00lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: 27.00lb
Remaining: 175.00lb

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Weekends are the worst for me with everyone home...we always eat stuff we shouldn't.

Think we are going to take the kids to the conservation area to feed the birds and get a nice walk in...The kids love it there, the chickadees land on your hands to eat seeds...it's really nice.

I am trying to decide if i should do the old cheat day a week or not...craving pizza but scared if i eat it then i won't stop and get back on board...WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!

Lose Inches Fast

12 POUNDS!!!!!!

I can't believe i am down 12 pounds total so fast!
I know it will stop soon but enjoying seeing the scale go down

Going to start using the bike and doing Zumba.
Did zumba last night and felt like i would die in the end...Couldn't even get through the 20 mins oh well it's a start!


I am going to start doing Zumba workouts today lol this should be cute lol.
Glad no one is here to see me...I'll have to shut the curtains so I don't traumatize the neighbors 

Hope I live through the 20 mins lol
I have a severe sore throat right now from being sick so i am sure i will feel like i am dying between the two. lol


Well got weighed and i have lost a total of 9lbs in a week and a half :)
I am so happy!!!!

  I feel amazing and noticing inches coming off and have energy and feel like i will do this this time around!!!!

It is such a great feeling to feel like you have it under control which i have not felt in many years of trying to diet.

 My sister is going to get started on her own journey to and i am so proud of her!!!

 It is horrible living with all this weight and i want to be the person i am supposed to be not what i have become!!!!

Down 4 More!!!!!

Got weighed this morning and i'm down 4 more pounds making it 6 total all ready!!! I feel fantastic and have cut pop out of my diet completely and i was living on it...drinking at least my 8 glasses of water a day and staying away from white stuff. Trying to stop using salt but it is very hard lol

Down 2 Pounds!!!!

Down 2 pounds and have only changed my eating for the last few days...Feeling great!

I wanted to say Thanks so much for all the kind words everyone...It's great to know how much support is out there :) Writing that letter to myself was very hard and knowing people can read it even worse but you know it was the best thing i could have done...i read it from time to time but the funny thing is when i am thinking of eating something i shouldn't, some part of that letter pops into my head and i walk away and eat something healthy :)

All the best to you all!!!!

Going Good!!!

Only been a couple days but it is going good...I feel good :) I am trying to follow the GI Diet and it is easy, I'm never hungry and feel good. Trying not to eat anything white and it is easier than i thought :) I am going to do this this time and excited for my future!!!!!


ok, here i am and hoping this will be the time...I am writing this first one to myself so when the temptation comes to eat bad i will read this and stay away from the bad stuff. It is a true letter to myself about what life is like at 352 pounds!

Look at yourself...31 and can't move off the couch :( you have no energy for anything and feel worthless and alone. You don't visit anyone anymore and don't want anyone to see what you look like now and hide away...avoiding everything from b-days to shopping. You don't have the energy to play with your 2 wonderful kids and want to so badly, so you do things like going to the movies and play places for them but so you can sit. You are depressed alot because of what you have let happen to yourself and embarrassed for your hubby and kids. you have no friends and family here and are very lonely but won't go out to make friends because you are embarrassed of yourself.

When you do go out you are self conscious and don't enjoy yourself because people are looking at you and you know what they are thinking. You won't go to alot of places because you are afraid you won't fit in the seats so avoid it in everyway. you have missed out on so many things with your family because of this :(

You are embarassed when grocery shopping because people will see what is in your cart even if it is healthy you are thinking they think she must be trying to loose weight and laughing to themselves :(

Clothes is a huge problem...nothing fits you right and is not even what you would really want to wear but there is no other choices. THere is only one store you can shop at for clothes :(

Do you remember how you felt when your son said "you are really fat mom" and now your daughter has said much the same thing a couple years later. There is no feeling in the world more painful than your kids telling you how fat you are and why are you not like their friends moms. Kids are honest and don't think when they speak and had no idea how it was going to hurt you to hear that...

you never feel good or look good. your feet hurt the minute you get up and your face is so red from a skin problem that could be helped if you ate better and lost weight but yet you seem to keep doing what is destroying you and you can't understand it. You are tired all the time and it is a chore to do dishes & clean the house everyday.

You want to lose weight, be healthy and able to do so many things but just give up, cry about it and eat the pain away.

You are killing yourself and this has to stop now!

Why live with all this pain and hurt for the rest of your life...you are still young...but for how long?