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  • Name: doinki
  • City: Oshawa
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 167.6cm
Start weight: 352.00lb
Current weight: 325.00lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: 27.00lb
Remaining: 175.00lb

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Slow Week

Well I had a super slow week but i am down 19 pounds total and couldn't be happier :)

It has been a very slow week weight wise but Every pound off feels so good and I don't ever want to see it again lol.

I still have a very long way to go but if i can keep up at the pace i'm going i will have it off in no time :)
I am enjoying eating healthy and ate a burger last night :( I know but it actually made me sick and hurt my stomach so bad because i have not been eating greasy food for 3 weeks now and it was awful which is good because it left me not wanting it again :)
 Only burgers i will be eating again is my homemade turkey burgers :) YUM!!!

Can't wait for spring to get here so i can get out biking,walking etc, I can't believe i am even saying that lol
I have this want to get out and move my body which is a feeling i have not had in years lol.

I am still huge but enjoying what i call my new life, and that is doing something about the weight and feeling good again. I feel like i have my life back and 3 weeks ago i felt as if i was dying so this is a huge change in a very short time.
It goes to show what eating better does to you mentally and physically :)

YaY Life!!!!!

Better Day

Yesterday was not a good day for me...started off bad and just got worse through out but today is a new day and starting off good. Was up a few pounds but hopefully it is just water weight. Gonna try to get a good walk in and my biking...felt awful yesterday after eating bad...it is so not worth it in the end!!!!

Well Worth it!

Well not having my gravy and mash was well worth it!!!!

 I was down another pound this morning Making my total 17lbs and heading towards that 300 pound mark i have been waiting for so long!!!! 
Loving my new life...I don't feel afraid to slip up anymore and if i do tomorrow is a new day and I just take one day at a time instead of planning it ahead like i have to get this amount off this month and be at this weight by this time...i have done this my whole life and it never worked, i just got discouraged and gave up. Now i know i do my best at it and what comes off it's off not on so anything not on is a huge deal

I Did It!!!!

I ate my turkey dinner without potato and gravy!!!!
oh my
So proud of myself but i will say...it never tasted like a turkey dinner at all lol


well yesterday was not a good day but stuck to my diet and was down another 2 pounds this morning so i am happy! Think i need to get a bike with a bigger seat lol my butt is hurting so bad from the seat lol. can barley walk when i get off it lol Making a turkey dinner tonight...this outta be fun staying away from the gravy and mash I am a sucker for gravy and mash lol

Will Help You Lose Weight!

Great Motivation!!!!!

When I was a teenager I owned my first horse and he changed my world and meant everything to me! We were even born the same year...IT was meant to be
At the age of 16 I suddenly lost him to colic and it was the most horrible thing i have ever had to deal with in my life, I watched him die and there was nothing i could do.
I still think of him today, it was like he was a person...my best friend...we would spend our summer days out in the field together soaking up the sun :) He was amazing.
After years of not having him and moving from the country and having two kids ,leaving my family back home... my life has changed so much but I still long to be able to ride again.

Last night my hubby said if i can get this weight off and get close to my goal, he will lease or buy me a horse again as a reward!!!!!!

That has given me more incentive to push myself more than i ever have before and i am determined to reach that goal and go horseback riding again!!!!! 
I can't wait!!!!!!!
The pic attached is me and my Jack at the age of 16

Made it through!

YaY! Made it through the weekend and never ate anything bad and never had any caffeine which is huge for me...Caffeine free for a whole week now
Made a great beef and broccoli stir fry for dinner and no rice to go with it...subway for lunch!

I'm doing this!!!
Thanks you all so much for the AMAZING SUPPORT!!!!!

TeeHee...This sounds like me...

Uh Oh!

ok...never gave into the pizza and had a club sandwich on whole wheat...thought i was making a better decision but after looking up calories i'm not so sure

Went for a good walk in the snow though with hubby and the kids...it was nice!

Tomorrow is a new day and i am going to do great!
Got my exercise bike and ready to go.