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  • Name: doinki
  • City: Oshawa
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 167.6cm
Start weight: 352.00lb
Current weight: 325.00lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: 27.00lb
Remaining: 175.00lb

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Super Healthy Omelette

I make this for my breakie and it is so filling and so yummy but healthy at the same time. It makes enough for 2 people and is quick and easy. A great start to the day!!!!

  • 3 eggs or 1 egg, 2 egg whites
  • skim milk (just enough to make a good mix with egg)
  • onion~desired amount
  • tomato~desired amount
  • mushrooms~desired amount
  • spinach~desired amount
  • green/red peppers~desired amount
  • garlic if wanted
  • low fat cheese(grated over so you use less)
  • sea salt & pepper
  • mix eggs and milk in seperate bowl
  • saute all veggies in grape seed oil~set aside
  • put a small amount of extra virgin coconut oil into pan and add egg mixture
  • sprinkle salt & pepper to taste
  • let the egg almost cook all the way through and then grate cheese over entire egg~not to much :)
  • then add sauted veggies onto one side of egg mixture
  • flip other side of egg over the stuffed side
  • let cook for a minute until golden
  • remove from heat and serve
  • Sticking to it & ACV

    Well I am sticking to it and without my bike to work out i had not lost a pound until today. In the last couple days i have been doing just 10 mins on my new bike because i find it hard to workout on it so until i get a new one i am just doing what i can on this one. I have started doing the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar drink as well 2 times a day (one morning & evening 1 tbsp ACV/300 ml water or apple juice) I dunno if it is a mix of the two but my diet is the same and the weight is starting to fall off again
    as well as my skin is looking better from applying the ACV to my arms and face full strength once a day. I am so happy and feel like i will do this slow and steady but the weight is staying off so that is all that matters in the end!

    Recumbent Bike

    I dunno...I thought i found a great bike, went and got it today it is a recumbent but i find it is uncomfortable to ride because i feel like i am bouncing around because of my weight...Is this normal...I never felt this way on the upright one. It's like my fat is jerking me around on the bike when i try to pedal if that makes sense. Also my knee is hurting...I had read these were better than uprights so i am really confused now :( Help!!!!!

    Crumbled Bike

    Well it has been a very rocky week...I am trying to stick to it but have made a few bad decisions which has cost me a couple pounds back on :( along with that I have totally crushed my exercise bike to smitherines which is why they have a weight limit posted on these things i know now lol
     I was doing amazing the inches were falling off and i was enjoying every second of it...now i am without a bike and not been exercising at all. I have severe heel spurs so walking kills my feet and biking was a great way to burn calories without the pain. Why do almost all the bikes have weight limits of 250 pounds :(
     I can not afford to go pay $2000 for a stupid bike to fit my fat butt.
    I will be so glad when weight does not effect my everyday life!

    Think i will look to buy another bike stronger built but used so if it crumbles under the pressure i am not out a lot of bling lol

    Back on Track & EP Friends!!!!!

    Well after a few very hard days emotionally , physically and diet wise I am back on track and never gained a pound so even the days i felt i was doing bad not horrible i was ok :)
     I am trying to get focused again and found the days i ate carbs and sugar i was feeling horrible...back to the old me from a month ago and i am not going back there again ever!!!
    So focus, you can do this and remember...Always Remember how you felt in that first post to yourself and you will keep going!!!!

    I just have to say to those of you with all your support and kind words...You will never know how much it means and you keep me going even on the worst days!
    When i see your post and comments i always feel better, so thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you!!!

    You are so Wonderful!!!!!!!

    3 day BLAHS!!!!!

    I can't seem to shake this blah feeling that has hit me the last 3 days, today has been the worst and i am struggling to stick to it

    This is my first real test because i am really not wanting to keep going but know i have to and i am staying on it but have cheated

    I am still biking but my body hurts and i do not want to do it and each turn of the pedal feels like i could just roll of and hit the floor ...What is up with that!!!!!

    Gonna keep trying to stick to it...I can't quit and won't quit...I really need to get focused again!!!!! errrrrr


    I have a goal set for each week but if i don't reach it i am not getting upset. Today was my first goal set on my calendar and I hit it right on the mark 330!!!! Down 22lbs,
    I am so happy

    One more pound and I will be out of the 330's and it has been years since i have been under that. Can't wait for next weeks weigh in and hopefully i can keep on this track


    Blueberries & Coconut Oil

    I am just enjoying this new feeling of being in control and eating healthy. I am eating tons of blueberries and love,love ,love them

    Also I have added coconut oil to my diet and I don't know if it is that or not yet but the fat is melting off my body and let's just say I am not complaining because there is alot of fat that needs to melt spring is coming and i'm ready to thaw lol.

    1st Month Down

    Well yesterday marked my one month on this weight loss journey and i couldn't believe my eyes when i added up my measurements :)
    I have lost a total of 19 pounds and 19 inches off my body in the first month!!!!!
    I am so excited and feel amazing and have energy like i never had in so many years! I feel like this is my time and i don't want to stop...This is so wonderful to finally feel this way, it has been to many years of feeling like there was no hope and just gave up. Not anymore!!!!!!