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The Tax Girls Weight Loss Challenge has started. GAME ON!

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It was SO worth it!!!

The risotto I made last night was SO worth the 2 hours I had to stay up after my newly-imposed bed time of 9:00.  It is thick and creamy and oh so flavorful.  It packs a punch calorie-wise, but it is so rich that you don’t need a lot…actually if you eat more than ¾ cup, it gets to be a little sickening because it is so thick and creamy and rich.  And the best part is, after walking to the store and back with the groceries and doing all the chopping and prep work, cook time was probably a total of 20 minutes….for risotto!!!!


Keep in mind that this is all in the pressure cooker, but the butternut squash took 4 minutes (high pressure), the sausage and onions cooked for about 8 minutes (no pressure), the quick sauté of the rice took 2 minutes (no pressure), and the final cook took 6 minutes (high pressure).


My husband dislikes all things squash, but he actually LIKED this!  I have noticed a trend that he likes squash and onions only if they are cooked in dishes made in the pressure cooker.  I may have to increase my repertoire of pressure cooker recipes. 


My goal for tonight is to not only walk my 2 miles, but include 1 mile of running.  My half marathon training schedule has me up to 3 miles in distance, so since I am still kind of getting back to running distance, I will ease into it slowly.  I am going to warm up for 1 mile, run 1 mile, and then cool down for 1 mile.  Nice and easy.  I would normally try to push myself, but whenever I do that, I end up burning out and I DON’T want to do that, especially since I am just beginning training and the half is only 5 months away.


UPDATE:  I actually went a total of 3.51 miles last night.  I couldn't see my GPS last night because it was so dark, but it beeps at every half mile and every 5 minutes, so I started running a little over 1 mile into my route and finished running right around the 2.5 mile mark and then walked the rest of the way home.  The beeps are not very loud and often get drowned out by cars so that is why I am not exactly sure about the mileage when I stopped and started running.  I wish the thing had a backlight.  The only time I can see my distance run is when I pass by someone's porch light.


It was a good run though.  I felt pretty good and the temperature last night was perfect.  I had on a nice long sleeve running shirt and running pants and I was never too hot or too cold. 

UGH up again.

I am up again today.  I keep going up and down within the same 2 pound range.  I know I am not exercising as much as I should be and I am working to correct that, starting with my sleep routine, but I am also doing much better with getting all of my water in.  

One thing I have not been doing so well is tracking what I eat.  I used to keep a written journal that I used to write down everything I ate and log my thoughts and challenges during the day.  Now, this blog has replaced the journaling part, although I don't seem to be doing it every day (i am working on that), but I need to be more consistent with logging my food.  

I am a member of Weight Watchers, so I think the best tool for logging my food will be to log it on their site.  I just need to get myself to do it.

Quote of the day: "If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now.  Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it." - Priscilla Welch

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves….Oh My!

I made some apple scones again this morning.  They are sooo good.  I doubled the amount of apples in the recipe and added cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to the batter.  What a difference!  They are more moist and so yummy right out of the oven!  And only 3 points per scone!!! 


Elaine and I went walking at the mall during lunch today.  It was nice and cool out, breezy too.  We went one lap around the top and one around the bottom.  The most fun part of it was walking by the windows and seeing different outfits that I would like to wear someday.  The clothes look so good in the window displays and I know some day they will look that good on me!

Ok so I walked a total of over 3 miles today!  about 1 mile at lunch and over 2 miles when I got home and walked to the grocery store for some things I needed for a butternut squash recipe!  Woo Hoo!!  Unfortunately, I did not get to bed before 9 (up until 11:00 cooking said recipe) and I did not go to STPT this morning because I was up so late.  Oh well. I hope that butternut squash risotto is worth it!

10/21 post: Hummus

Today was pretty good.  I had some healthy snacks that I picked up at my company’s health fair and for dinner, I dug into some carrots, organic tortilla chips, and hummus.  The hummus was amazing. 


I didn’t walk last night or this night because I got home from work too late both days, but I will be walking tomorrow evening.  I have also not gone to STPT at all this week.  Maybe tomorrow.


One more thing I am working on is getting more sleep.  My goal for sleep is to be in bed every night by 9:00.  So far, on Monday, I was in bed by 9:20 and I will be going to bed tonight in a minute or two at 9:45.  Maybe tomorrow night I will be able to get to bed earlier.

10/20 post: Going Up?

I am up again from last week.  I know why I am though.  Not exercising enough.  I have been pretty good with my food (with the exception of the Indian Festival and a few slices of pizza and cheesesticks for the Virginia Tech game), but to bring it all together, I NEED to exercise more.  And by more, I mean doing something active at least every weekday. 


My goal for the next 2 weeks is to go to STPT 3 days a week, walk every evening for at least 2 miles, and attend one exercise class after work at the gym each week.  I will post my progress at the bottom of my blog each day.

What a week.

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post.  A lot has happened.  I spent most of the week recovering from being sick.  I had a pretty bad head cold that pretty much nixed any hope of physical exercise.  It was hard enough trying to breathe while sitting down...

I am planning on going to the gym tonight after work to get back into exercising in a controlled environment, since my congestion is still hanging around a little bit.  If I don't have to worry about whether it is too humid or too cold for my throat, I think I will be much more likely to start back up again, but I can't wait to start back outside again with STPT.  Maybe tomorrow if the run at the gym goes well.

Joel and I went out to eat for the first time in ages on Friday.  I was so exhausted from work that I couldn't even think about even heating up some food and I really didn't want to do dishes, so Joel flipped a coin - best 3 out of 5...heads was "we go", tails was "we stay."  We got 3 heads in a row, so we went our favorite mexican restaurant.  I don't know what made me do it, but all notions of points flew out the window.  We had the cheese sauce with the chips and I had this amazing burrito with more cheese sauce, sour cream, and guacamole.  It was so good.  It was so salty.  I could barely move my wedding ring the next morning because my hands were so swollen from the salt.  

The good thing is, my hands are back to normal and my weight is again tied with my lowest weight in this challenge so far, so now that I have had my little lapse in eating habits and satisfied some nagging cravings, I can get down to business and lose some more!  

Quote of the day: "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." - Beverly Sills

Weigh-in day

Ok so today is the first weigh-in day for the challenge.  I weighed in this morning on the scale at work and I was shocked to see that it only had me down a little bit.  My home scale this morning had me down during these 2 weeks 4 times that much.  I hope things go better during these next 2 weeks.  

Contrats to everyone who lost weight!  You guys are doing amazingly well.  I hope to catch up to you soon!  

Blue (and not so blue anymore) jeans

WOW.  Unbelievable.  I am actually down some more this morning!  If only I had weighed in today at WW, I would be able to reduce my points that I have to eat by 1.  Yesterday when I weighed in at the meeting, I was 0.2 lbs above the next “0” weight.  Every time you pass a “0” like 240 lbs, 230 lbs, 220 lbs, your points that you have to eat go down by a point.  I was SO looking forward to reducing my points because I have been stuck at this amount for a very long time.  BUT I am happy that I am where I am.


Today is Jeans Day at work (a $10 donation buys you the opportunity to wear jeans to work).  I would have participated, but I had 2 things holding me back.  The first one is…I still don’t fit into my next size down jeans and the ones that do fit are waaaaaay too ratty to wear to work.  I mean…these jeans are threadbare in some areas and they used to be really dark blue - not so much anymore.  The good thing is, I am SO CLOSE to being able to wear the smaller jeans.  I tried them on last night and I can barely button them if I cross my fingers, suck it in, turn around 3 times, and pray a little bit.  Maybe another week or so until they fit! 


The second reason why I am not participating today is I am on a very tight budget.  $10 is 2/3 of my dining out budget for the month and I just can’t justify spending that much money just to wear jeans that I don’t like.  I do contribute to charity though.  I make a monthly contribution to  I feel a lot better about donating there than anywhere else because 100% of the money goes to help the people in need and you actually get to send your money where you feel it is needed most.  It is really neat to get the e-mails from the people you help after their request is funded.


Anyway, I am really looking forward to this weekend.  I think I will do a good job of staying on track.  We are planning a trip to Carter Mountain Orchard on Sunday to pick apples.  I can’t wait!!!  I will make sure to pick enough so I can bring some in to the office next week!

Going down?

YAY!!!!  I am down another .4 lbs from yesterday!!!!  This feels so good!  I thought I would be up because of the dinner I had last night (a really hearty and soul-satisfying vegetable stew), but I am down!  I am for sure going to exercise tonight.  I have been saying that I will exercise, but I haven’t been doing it.


Joel and I went shopping last night at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  We got a whole bunch of really good, really healthy food for a lot less $$$ than I thought we would be spending at these 2 places.  We got a huge butternut squash, a sweet potato, 1 onion, 5 lbs of potatoes, a bag of carrots, 3 boxes of their organic soup, 1 lb of salmon, a bag of frozen shrimp, 1 gallon of soymilk, a dozen eggs, and a hunk of parmesan…for under $40.  I can’t believe it!!!! 


At Trader Joe’s we were more reserved with what we got – we picked up some frozen broccoli, some non-sorbate pitted prunes, and a bottle of 4 Buck Chuck.  The wine was a splurge, but we thought $4 for a bottle of wine was pretty good and everyone says this wine is amazing so we just had to give it a try. 


I made some great stew last night with a lot of the veggies I got a Whole Foods and it tastes amazing.  I love my pressure cooker.  It took a while to prep the veggies for cooking, but once I got everything in the pot and up to pressure, it only took 4 minutes to cook!  It yielded between 6-8 servings, so it is around 6 points per serving.


I was a little surprised when I entered all my planned food for the day into the Weight Watchers website to make sure I am within my points for the day.  I have so many things on my food plan, but I am still 3 points under for the day.  I had 1 apple, 5 pretzel rods, ½ serving mac and cheese, 1 serving veggie stew, 1 cup cooked broccoli with grated parmesan on top, honey roasted salmon, roasted butternut squash, and roasted red pepper soup with ramen noodles.  All that is only 25 points.  I don’t believe it.  I must be doing something wrong, so I am going to make sure I get some extra exercise points in today to make up for whatever I am doing wrong.


I think the rest of the week is going to be great.  I know I will stay within my points and I will make healthy choices. 

Trending Down

Woo Hoo!!!!  I am finally past that weight I could never pass!!!  I don't know how I did it, but I am 0.2 lbs below it this morning!  

Now, I just need to figure out how to stay on this side of that number.  I haven't been exercising because I pretty much felt like crap over the weekend and the past few days, but I am going to try to go on a run tonight.

Joel and I are going to try something different this month.  Even though he is in school 3 nights a week, we are going to try to eat dinner together on the days he is not in school.  And not just us eating separate things and just sitting together like we sometimes used to do....  This time we are actually going to eat the same thing.  I don't think we have ever done it, but I have given him the task of looking through a few cookbooks to see if he likes any of the recipes.  His tastes are so narrow that it is difficult to find something that he will eat and have it still be healthy, but I think we can work through it.  The good thing is, he likes veggies, so I think some steamed broccoli and vegetable stew is in our future!!!

My goal for today is to drink 6 glasses of water.

Today's quote is: "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."  - T.S. Eliot