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  • Name: MrsCookii
  • City: Arlington
  • Region: Texas
  • Country: United States

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Height: 170.2cm
Start weight: 247.00lb
Current weight: 247.00lb
Goal weight: 190.00lb
Lost to date: -0.00lb
Remaining: 57.00lb

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Hi everyone, My name is Tyisha aka MrsCookii I'm on here looking for advice, motivation, and support from women that can relate to what I'am saying or going through. Someone that can just try to be a friend and motivate me a little more. My boyfriend tries his best to motivate me but he is skinny and can lose weight when he wants with no problem(its not fare LOL). I just rather a women that is struggling or was struggling like me! So if you believe you can help me then keep reading to hear my story. Two years ago my boyfriend got shot trying to protect me when someone broke into our house in the middle of the night. He damn near lost his life and suffered in pain for months in the hospital only because he was protecting me. So I blamed myself and that's when I started to gain alot of weight. At the beginning I weighed only 160 and now I weigh almost 250 pounds and I tried just about everything doctors, exercise, diets pills(like cleansers, fat burner, and appetite pills), and all kinds of diets. The doctors just keep saying its because I have post traumatic stress disorder and I'm like Duh tell me something I don't know. So just to sum this all up I'm currently on diet that consist with me taking phentermine once a day, me drinking 3-4 chike nutrition meal replacement shakes a day, and 1 frozen dinner(smart ones) a day and so far so good. If someone can please give me some advice on things that worked for them please post it, motivation and support as well please! Thanks everyone!

Introduction and Goals!

Hi Everyone, My name is Tyisha aka MrsCookii I'm 22 and i live in Texas. My weight lost goal is to lose 57 pounds by June or July I weigh 247 and I atleast wanna get done to 190 for my beginning goal. My current diet consists of taking phentermine once a day, drinking 3-4 chike nutrition meal replacement shakes a day, and one frozen dinner(smart ones). I will be weighing myself every Sunday so I will be keeping you informed. Ttyl8r!