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The witch muttered to herself 'She will be a mouthful!'

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  • Name: Desilu
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Height: 167.6cm
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Goal weight: 140.00lb
Lost to date: 22.00lb
Remaining: 19.00lb

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I am so amused by this

My friend posted this at a board we are both members of and I wanted to share with you guys.


Well spank my ass and call me Sally

As some of you know I didn't weight last Friday because of Thanksgiving, because really who needs that.  I step on scale all groggy this morning and I'll be damned,  5lbs gone.  So people listen up, pie does indeed equal weightloss.


I haven't a clue how this occured because I've been losing about a pound a week for what seems like forever.  I figure it's like the old saying that 'love finds you when you're not looking' apparently weight loss does too when you are not paying attention.



I really hates mornings.  Mornings you are on notice, I hate you.  I don't know if it's because of my allergies but I am sooo sleepy in the mornings and I'm dragging in the middle of the day.  I need a nightime job, so I'm either going for prostitution or vampirism. 


I am not too confident of any loss this week and am steeling myself for a gain, but I feel so crappy with my stuffed up nose I really can't even begin to be a little bothered.  That is such a suck ass attitude, hee .. but dammit I am spending all my energy on blowing my nose that should shed a few calories.



Not dead!

Many smooches to Glory for checking to make sure I had not run off with the ice cream and the spoon (that was a really bad play on the cow jumped over the moon rhyme, my apologies).

I had a lovely Thanksgiving and some much needed time off from work to do a bunch of nothing.  I was sad to come back on Monday.  I haven't weighed since the 16th because seriously I knew I wasn't going to stick to any diet over the vacation so it's better just to avoid that entire subject.  I'll see what damage was done this Friday.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and didn't fall off the wagon too much.


Sniffly Friday

Gah my allergies are horrible today, one human being should not be able to produce this much mucous.  Sadly no weight loss this week even though I was sick (stupid useless sickness) but also no gain.  I'll get back on track next week.

We are having a spread today at work with about a zillion desserts.  I normally have one cheat day a week, but this may qualify for about the next 3.  Free food though?  Simply cannot turn that down, I am cheap that way.

And on one more note that boosted my spirits this week my friend Roger mailed me my autographed Nathan Fillion picture to add to my collection.  He attended the Serenity convention a few weeks ago.  I really like to get them myself in person but he's gotten some fabulous ones for me that I probably never would have gotten without him.  So big smooch to Roger. 

And thanks to everyone for your well wishes on my last post, much appreciated.  And to Glory for her 'special' message.  Hee.




So I've been sick since Sunday.  Feeling better today but a little lethargic.  I can look at it in a good way and think perhaps I lost an extra pound from moaning on my couch for the past few days, but I know I will make up for all that before Friday.

Not much to post about but I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Another Week

And another pound down.  164.  Woot!


Now is time for confession.  I've already screwed up one of my goals (however since EP lost my goal post does it really doesn't count, when a tree falls in the forest ....).  We are learning a new system at work, so I had to work some overtime at the beginning of the week which of course completely blew my exercising when I got home.  Now my excuse for not doing it later in the week is nothing.  I do wish I was one of these morning people and could start my day with it, but sadly it is enough to drag my lifeless body out of bed when I am supposed to get up.


I keep meaning to look for the Beck book that Glory is reading and using.  I'm hoping to head to the mall after work so I'll have to stop by Barnes and Noble and see if I can find.


And going back to my sad excuse for not exercising this week, there are still 3 days left in the week so not all hope is lost.  So workout Fri, Sat and Sun, I have absolutely no excuse not to!

Have a great weekend everyone!


I'm not so upset that I lost some posts, as I was able to recover those thanks to Glory.  I am more upset to lose some of the wonderful comments I got from ya'll. 

Also I am highly disappointed that we got absolutely no communication from EP regarding this problem.  I had to go and search on other member's blogs to find out what had happened and if it was only me or a site wide problem.  Really poor customer service and doesn't really make me want to become a paying member.


Warm and fuzzy

Such a nice way to end the weekend!  I make handmade jewelry which I sell on Etsy and one of my customers gave me a wonderful write up on her blog, Do Good Design.

I should celebrate with ice cream!  No?  Dammit.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


Gurgle, gurgle

I usually reserve Friday or Saturday night for my 'cheat night'.  Well tonight was my cheat night and I got a lovely cheeseburger ... which is now gurgling away in my tummy.  Blech.  I guess it's a good thing though as I won't be making the mistake of getting another burger again.  My poor stomach is not really pleased.