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Want to loose this extra weight

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  • Name: crittle22
  • City: Yarmouth
  • Region: Nova Scotia
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 154.9cm
Start weight: 212.00lb
Current weight: 210.00lb
Goal weight: 170.00lb
Lost to date: 2.00lb
Remaining: 40.00lb

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Feels Good

To be back in the swing of things, I get up every morning and go for my walk. Then come home and do my thing with the kids and such, and have been going to the gym for an hour each day. I started taking trimspa and i like it so far, its making me feel better, not as moody and i have more energy as well. I actually like going to the gym, its nice to get out and do something for myself.

Back at it again

Wholey its hard to believe the last time i posted was March, things got really hectic around here, the family got the flu in March, then the begining of April we all got a terrible cold, its been 6 weeks and we are still fighting it. My youngest has pneumonia and just found out from the PED as well that theres a huge chance she has asthma , my oldest is currently waiting to see the specilast for tubes in her ears (she's had 5 ear infections just this year) I've got this terrible sinus infection that wont go away. So its been a miserable month and a half. Just when we'd think we were better we would end up with it all over again but each time has been worse then before. Back i'm back and hoping to beable to stick to it this time, i just find it hard with being a SAHM to my two baby girls and trying to find time to myself. But this morning i got up before anyone was up and went for a walk, then came home and got the girls up and out of their rooms, gave them their breakfest, did the dishes and laundry then had playtime with them, fixed them some lunch and when they went down for their afternoon nap a friend of mine and I went for a walk to the mall then walked around out there came home 3 hours later got the girls and hubby ready then went back to the mall to do some more walking after a couple hours came home and now i'm relaxing, i really need some new shoes thou. I bought a couple pairs of work out pants and a couple shirts, also got a exercising ball too. So i'm just praying that i can make it work this time, i really need to loose this weight so i can feel better about myself and set a good example for my girls.

Back on

I've been back to my exercising and eating better for the last 3 days..things have been hectic so i havent been able to get on and post... The last 3 days i have done the ab sculpting workout and i still feel the pain while doing it... I need to get a mat for the floor so i can do the last 6 mins of the work out, i've tried on these hardwood floors and its horrible. I've decided not to push myself beyond my limits and let me take it the best i can.

So upset with myself

I have done so darn bad the last 3 days, i havent been able to get my workouts in, the kids have been really fussy...Kairi had her needles, Shayleighs not feeling well and i havent been able to get my 8 glasses of water in and i just feel miserable and frusterated, So tomarrow i want to get back on track and get into drinking the water again and doing my workouts...and to think its only been a week since i've started and i'm already off track

Bad day!!!

Today was a total  bad day, it started off with totally forgetting about my water and i didnt start drinking that until close to 11, so i knew it would be nearly impossible to get it all down. Threwout the day wasnt too bad, but supper I had homemade rappie pie...there goes the eating good...i felt soooo sick the rest of the night it was too greasy and i had stomach pains all night. I'm not a big greasey food eater anyways so even with eating better for a week it would have made me sick anyways. So needless to say defaintly no left over rappie pie for me today. I'm getting so frusterated with the scale going between 207lbs to 210lbs..my weight i guess has been jumping back and forth between this weight and its driving me absoultly insane. I've been doing hip hop abs cardo fat burning for the last week so tomarrow i'm going to do that one but also ad in another hip hop abs workout as well..to get an hours workout tomarrow instead of just a half hour, can't wait until i have the money to get some of the other work outs like Ballet Booty and Turbo Jam, so that i'll have different selections with work with and rotate my workouts to keep it more interesting. I really wish i had the cash to buy the food to follow the diet plans that the dvds have so i could loose the weight better/quicker...the sucky thing is we arent going to be caught up with our debts until July and i wanted to loose weight before summer anyways thats the update for now


I don't know what is wrong with me, it seems like i have one good day at feeling like i can do this and the next day i feel down and depressed and just like crap, and today is sure one of those days. Today i had a 1/4 cup of Quaker Bran Squares for breakfest with skim milk, hamburger macroni and brocolli casserole for dinner, nothing for supper and for my pm snack i had a package of raisian oatmeal. But i just got done my work out now at 11:30pm, Shay only napped 10 mins today so i wasnt' able to do it this afternoon...at least it got done thou. I'm also totally confused about my scale, when i weighed myself last week im pretty sure it was 212lbs. Well since then its been jumping from between 208lbs to 210.5lbs. So some people were telling me your true weight is in the morning so when i weighed myself this morning it was 208lbs. So i guess that is what i'm going with now. Hopefully they are accurate. I just keep telling myself that this is going to be a life long learning experience and that i have to keep with it...but man its so hard not to pick in food, i find myself always goin to the kitchen, which i think is more a habit than anything. I sure hope tomarrow im in a better mood and not as down. Thats all for today i guess.

Not bad today

Today wasnt too bad, we went out to get groceries and i picked up quite a few healthy snacks and food. Its a start i guess, i did my cardio fat burning workout as well today. The last couple nights I havent been about to do it in the evening, Shayleigh isn't sleeping well and shes been having night terrors. So my evenings have been holding and cuddling her. It turns out that im not going to beable to do the SFL right now for 3 months its 342$ so that is defiantly out of our price range for now. But i'm going to continue eating better/less and doing my dvd work outs and hopefully this will be the jumpstart that i need.


I know this is going to be a long process but its just one of those days and im feeling down and depressed. I totally hate everything about myself, and im dissapointed with myself when i get in those moods and start picking at food. Today i had a bowl of life cereal for breakfest, a carrot for my am snack, a ham sandwich on whole wheat bread for dinner with some macoroni, brocolli and hamburger casserole for dinner, and for supper a ham sandwich on whole wheat bread and beans for supper. I did my half hour work out at 1:45pm. I know that it would be a lot easier if i didnt have this picking problem.

A lot of my problem is also that we can't afford for me to join SFL right now or to buy all the healthy food that i want to, money is so tight now, and we are trying to pay are debts off..so i guess i just have to continue doing what im doing and start off like this and hopefully in a couple months beable to afford to join SFL.

Got to keep at it

Well yesterday we went out to my grandmothers to visit, and we had supper there, i didn't do to bad, i had a couple chicken strips, some rice and veggies. Oh and a bite of Shayleighs apple pie. THEN i got naughty when we came home, i ate half a coup of pistachios nuts, and a few of Shayleighs cheesies. Arghhh why is it so hard not to pick in food, i did drink all 2.2 litres of water thou.

I've been quite a bit of the info that came with the Beachbody work out dvds that i got. It seems doable, im just worried about the cost of buying the food. Its pricey to eat healthy. So i'm hoping that we are able to spend the extra money for me to eat better. I've started a list of all the food it recommends eating for the first 6 days and it is a lot to buy. Curtis is home all day today and i dont feel comfortable doing the exersising infront of him or anyone else for that matter, so hopefully i can have him stay upstairs and do his thing on the computer while i work out lol.

I can do it

Well today has been a week since i started eating less, i've decided that its time to do something about my weight problem and hopefully i will see some progress soon inwhich will make me that much eager to work harder. I've started doing the hip hop abs work out, my goal is to try and do it twice a day, while the kids are napping and when they go to bed at night. I'm also waiting to hear how much it costs to join up for the Simply for life, you sit down with the person whos a nutrition expert and she makes your diets for you, so i'm excited and hoping to beable to go to the that. . I'm tired of being overweight and fat, now that my kiddos are here its time to step up and do something about it