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The hardest part!

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Height: 162.6cm
Start weight: 12st 5.00lb
Current weight: 10st 13.00lb
Goal weight: 10st 5.00lb
Lost to date: 1st 6.00lb
Remaining: 0st 8.00lb

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Been on the missing list!

Not been blogging for a while now, and weight loss has kind of stopped too, funny that eh?!
Now am at 10st 13lb so happy that I am now under 11st although did reach 10st 13.5lb a while ago, but then gained 1.5lb, then lost 1lb, then gained a lb etc! Had my birthday too which resulted ina week long food and drink binge! Anyway, was very well behaved last week and lost 2lb this week, so back on track I hope! Going to do the Wendie plan for this week as need a big shove in the right direction as now have 8lb left to lose till goal and I fully intend on getting there by the end of June!! It also means I can have a super high day on Friday which is always good!!
On Sunday I am doing a 10k walk through central London for Crusaid with my big sis! So far have reached £161, so hope to get more sponsorship by Sunday!
Well, better get my pedometer on and go for a walk I suppose! x

Weigh-in day is here!

Weigh-in tonight! Weekend was nothing compared to previous weekends regarding booze and food, thank god! Ate healthy food even though we did have the in-laws over for bbq's, both Saturday and Sunday (FA cup semi-finals see!) so I won't lie, I did drink, but was more controlled about it and did not drink to excess as I usually do!
So, I'm not going to jinx it and say I am confident for weigh-in tonight, but I am more "hopefull" than I have been the last 6 weeks! But I tell you this...if I have not lost or have stayed the same, I swear I will be trying this Wendi plan I keep hearing so much about!! So, here goes...hope I have lost as my mini goal is to lose the remaining by my birthday which is now 5 weeks away!!

Dreaded Thursday!

Cannot believe its Thursday already, but I suppose the bank holiday Monday must have thrown me off! Anyway, Thursdays are usually the day when the diet gets thrown out of the window, as the weekend seems so near and a visit to the pub garden is quite likely! BUT NOT TODAY!! I am determined that no alcohol should pass my lips today as this leads to the usual repitition of bad choices throughout the weekend and then the eventual guilt!
So, plan for today, ignore the hubby if he suggests an end of the week treat for being so good! He can be so selfish sometimes and because he wants company he'll tempt me into it, instead of helping me reach my goal! Anyway, shall ignore him (don't know why this is hard as find ignoring him quite easy usually!) was planning on a lovely walk over the park with my son, heading to Ikea for nice things for home and a free coffee in the cafe there, but weather has turned rubbish yet again! So I may well get the Wii Fit board out today.  Excercise for me and son seems to think its hilarious seeing mummy wiggling around on the board (By the way, record on the Hula Hoop: 284 turns! I have four stars...shame thats the only one I am good at eh!?).
Then, see what weather is like a go for a light stroll in park!
Feel a lot better than I did at the start of the week...more positive and have more energy.  Been making sure I drink loads of water, have reduced snacking in-between meals and been having 3 good sized meals a day as oppossed to using points to eat junk snacks then having very small dinners! Although this have worked to lose 17lb so far, I have not really felt that satisfied so far!
Only gripe is that yesterday, weather was nice so had to get the spring/summer clothes out from last year...everything is huge now and looks like I am wearing someone elses clothing! Need to go shopping but skint! Even more of  reason not to go to the pub! Money saved = shopping trip to "Primarni" (Primark!)

There IS a god!

Cannot believe it! Went for weigh-in last night and weight has stayed the same!!
Will now be soooo well behaved from now on as so more determined to reach goal by the time my monthly pass expires mid May! So far, been faultless this week and I continue to do so! Trying not too snack mindlessly between meals as this is usually my downfall! Sure I would benefit in meals with higher points values rather than snacks with high points values! Anyway, boring, I know!
Been for long walk with buggy laden with shopping (healthy of course!)
Going to have a curry tonight...made with ww sauce of course!
MINI GOAL: Reach the 10stones next week!

Bad, bad weekend!

Oh dear! Was so relieved when mother in-law took the kids for the weekend, that went out for a few drinks with the hubby on Friday, which kind of escalated into a food and drink binge all bank holiday weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed it, but has done nothing for my waste-line and I know I have def gained this week! I'm really annoyed at myself as I start every week with the best intentions, then I just royally screw it up at the weekends!
After gaining that 1/2 lb last week I was quite positive that It would be a good thing and would give the kick up the backside, but I just feel as if my confidence has gone in myself and that I can't do it! I really look forward to getting to goal as well, so its not as though I'm happy the way I currently am!
Right, this is the week!  I am going to do it now! I've already got my plan ready to get jogging every other weekend, and no matter what the weather is like I WILL NOT be drinking at all this weekend, and if hubby tries to get me out with him, I shall tell him where to go!
So far today have eaten a bowl of cornflakes and 3 rice cakes, oh and an apple...hoping I can make a last ditch attempt to lose 1/2lb before weigh-in tonight! NOT looking forward to it, thats for sure!! Wish me luck (again!)

Fat days

Feeling a bit rubbish since around lunchtime yesterday for some reason.  Been good since the last wi but feel really bloated and fat!  I've even been saving points but still feel massive!
The weathers been really rubbish too, which never helps my moods, and also means that I am not going for as many walks as I would like to, and I also have my step-kids staying at the moment so I have them sitting around, eating easter eggs and argueing over the bloody playstation 2!
I think I might just be feeling a bit low at the moment and maybe not as positive as I could do.  Will have to get some sort of motivation today! Maybe when hubby gets home will go for a long walk, no matter what the weather! Maybe that should perk me up a bit!
Oh well, better break up the most recent Playstation fight....give me strength!!


Has not happened yet since I started ww but have gained this week, although not suprised in the slightest after shamefull weekend of boozing!  Only gained a 1/2 lb but its enough to give me the kick up the jacksy I needed! Think I was so chuffed after losing 3lb last week, thought I deserved the odd drinky/ meal out, so lost sight of what I am actually trying to achieve here!
Anyway, now getting back on track! Monday, had a couple of Penguins (the biscuits, of course) but apart from that all good and did not go over my points allowence! Yesterday, saved three points overall which will go towards the hot date with hubby on Saturday!
Have now also moved my weigh-in to the Tuesday group instead of Monday.  As well as it being a bit closer to home and a bit earlier in the day so can put son to bed, it also gives me an extra day after the weekend to make up for any mistakes! Ha ha! Not that there should be any of course this weekend!
So, shall keep on track this week and shall keep on blogging!
Mini goal for week= 2 1/2 lb to shift so I can get into the 10 stones!

Oh well, good behaviour didn't last then!

Had such a bad weekend! Got trollied almost every day, did not eat very much and then to top it all off, missed Weigh-in last night! Couldn't face it! Was so tired, but also could not face having put on anything!
I'm in two minds about attending another meeting tonight.  Have not ever missed one before, but am tempted to go and get weighed in Boots, at least then machine can not give me the look of failure!
Feel very cheesed off with myself as had been quite good last week, apart from lunch with mum, anyway! Kept to my points allowence too yesterday, even though did have chocolate! But very hard not to have the chocolate when you have 5 kids staying over stuffing their faces with easter eggs! Plus, was feeling down and did the worst thing and turned to the chocolate for comfort!
Oh well, maybe will bite the bullet and head to ww tonight! Need a telling off anyway, might keep me on track!

Not guilty!

Had a very nice meal with the "old dear" (wouldn't call that to her face though!) yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Had an aubergine bake (like a lasagne but with out the meat....or the pasta!) which I think was 8 points, then had some olive bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, yummy! Was so stuffed I passed on the pudding and didn't even cane my boys ice cream like I would have in December 2008!
Scared a couple of bottles of Rose too, which usually sends me scatty because its total LOON-JUICE! Anyway, I would usually be feeling guilty and like a failure today as I used an extra 8 points for the day, but I don't! Because I am finally getting to grips with this ww thing now and I KNOW I can make up for it, and I KNOW I can have the odd bad day! Its only taken 12 weeks, but I shall not beat myself over the odd point hear and there! Anyway, some of my best weeks have been when I've misbehaved once or twice through the week!
Today, going to Ikea, so shall resist the swedish meatballs! Salad Claire, think SALAD!!!

Wedding dress

Just a quick one! I'm about to meet my mum for lunch, so better be quick! Yesterday was ever so chuffed at losing that 10% off my original weight that I had a wardrobe experiment...tried on last years dresses and none of them fit me! But the icing on the cake was my wedding dress! I wore in 3 and a half years ago now and thought I looked ok in it, I had done 6 weeks on the atkins prior to my wedding too, anyway! The dress is MASSIVE! Its just hanging off of me and does not look like it belongs to me! Such a great motivational tool! Will keep the dress hanging up and if I ever feel I am not progressing, will jump into it and remind myself how much I have achieved!
Better go! There's a bottle of plonk at a restaurant somewhere with my name on it! x