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Love the warm weather

Well it has finally been nice 3 days in a row - that means 3 good bike rides in.  Sat 1 hour, Sun and Mon 1 hour 20 minutes.  Tomorrow I think I am going without the DH and hoping for 20 miles - that usually takes 1 hour 40 min.  Easting has been pretty good, I am down a couple pounds and trying to get a couple more off before the wi on Sat.  My trip to London got cancelled work is really busy for the DH so we are going to go later this year.  Gives me a couple more days to get some good eating and exercise in.  /had my JC turkey chili tonight.  It was really good once I added cumin, chili powder, onion, tomato, and jalapeno.  Now just chillin crocheting a sweater for summer and trying not to eat anything else.  

Bike ride done

It is getting a little warmer but it was not balmy here - I still wore my cold weather gear and my hands were chilly.  But enough complaining I did about 13 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better - upper 60's.  Of course Friday 80's - but guess what I fly to philly at 7 am that day.  I made a Shrimp and Grits casserole from Cooking Light - my SIL and N & N(niece & nephew) stayed for dinner.  It made 6 servings and their original recipe was 340 calories per serving.  I changed a couple of things - used non fat cream cheese and 1 tablespoon of butter instead of 2  so that brought the calories down.  I added chopped jalapeno to half of the recipe.  I was really good too, cut into 6 equal pieces and only ate 1 - the DH had 1.5.  Niece loved it, she is a big shrimp fan.  We also had green beans and a salad of cherry tomato, artichoke hearts, and cucumber with balsamic.  That salad is my favorite easy salad, usually add green onions but left them out for the kiddos.



Nothing too exciting

Just another day of sticking with it, did 1 hour of cardio at the gym today - cold and rainy here.  Eating on plan right at 1300 calories - unless I have the 80 calorie skinny dipper thing.  I had my JC potstickers - added a bunch of fresh veggies that I made red pepper, pea pods, carrots, celery, onion, zuchinni. I do really love veggies.  I don't think I mentioned but Sat night we went out for dinner with some friends at this really good noodle place and I had the spicy eggplant and tofu noodles - they were awesome, I may try to make something similar one night at home.  

A great dinner

Had a little extra time today so made 2 yummy things for dinner that you all may enjoy.  One was the Egg White salad from Hungry girl   http://www.hungry-girl.com/week/weeklydetails.php?isid=1375  I don't have dijonaise so I used dijon and low fat mayo.  I also only used lime juice not both lemon and lime and added green that I did not cook.  The Dh and I split the recipe and there was plenty very tasty, the DH really liked it.  I also had cauliflower puree - aka faux mashed potato.  Yum - made enough so there are leftovers.  I had both of those and my JC chicken parmesean  all that for around 420 calories plus I got my veggie servings in for the day.  I had a big bowl of broccoli at lunch and also a salad with dinner.  I did forget to have any fruit today except a few raisins in my breakfast yogurt.  It is still cold here and rainy today I made it to the gym and looks like I will be back there tomorrow but there is hope for Wednesday that it may be warm enough for a bike ride.   The trip to Disney was good but exhausting, not that I thought it would be much of a vaca for me.  

1 day til sun, extra gloom in Chicago

The weather here is really awful, last night rain, this morning rain plus windy and feels like it is in the 20's - It is April.  Well I am really going to appreciate all the sun and 80's in Florida, leaving tomorrow.  This has still been a really good week for me yesterday I was runninga round so much I only ate about 500 calories between Brekfast and Lunch - I had a great dinner to get me up to 1300 calories.  All healthy stuff too, lots of veg.  I love brussel sprouts, roasted them last night.  Went to an all raw restaurant for lunch yesterday - good salad just an ok soup - it was basically almond milk with peeled grapes and cilantro on top - it wasn't cold and it wasn't hot - needed seasoning, it took me a minute to remember I was in the raw place - oh well of course it wasn't hot.  The killer was that the cup of soup was 8 dollars - that is a lot for just basically putting the 3 things in a bowl, I could have done that at home for abut 50 cents I think, alas live and learn.  Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend too!!

Sunshine update

Well - I am leaving the dreary Chicago behind this coming Saturday.  I am going with my SIL, nephew, and niece to Orlando to do the Disney thing.  Totally last minute but now that it is booked and the weather forecast here is so ugly I am really happy about the sun.  Staying at a place that has what appears to be a great pool, water slide area.  Getting into Orlando about 3 on Sat and then flying back out at 8pm on Wed - strange time but you try finding cheap fares for 4. 

 This has been a good week so far and the weekend was too.  My JC consultant is back on Sat and my appt is at 7:40 but my flight is at 9:30 so I am going to have to call and change it - maybe to Friday morning or otherwise after I come back.  I am down about a pound from my last wi so I am excited about that and hoping for another pound by Sat.  Went to the gym again today - more eliptical and treadmill.  I actually had a doctors appt yesterday just the reg checkup but asked him about my knee and he said it could be a torn miniscus and I need an MRI or can try physical therapy.  Trying to figure out which one to do - not looking forward to paying that $500 deductible and lord knows an MRI would do that.  But I really want this knee to be better I am tired of not being able to really run, no rowing machine and very little kettleball.   Just finished dinner - I have eaten all my Jenny food and actually get to eat some of my own food.  I made a new fish thing I had bought - Gortons herb and something tilapia - each filet had 80 calories and only 150 mg of sodium - I ate 2 and then spinach and a sweet potato that I "baked" in the micro - I topped it with greek yogurt, curry, and cinamon.  Yum!  I even weighed the potato and it was 180 calories.    I was busy running all day and ended up grabbing a 50 calorie La Tortilla and turkey wrap that I ate in the car so my lunch was a whopping 200 calories - I am telling you this because I am psyched that I have enough calories to make a strawberry smoothie in a few minutes.  Just sitting here watching the Biggest Loser - the Nicole girl just returned and lost 87 pounds - wow  She looks great.  That is where I need to be down 87 pounds down instead of the 65 that I have lost.  

OK Picture posted now

Trying from a different computer
OK it worked, sometimes I just laugh when they try to tell how easy it is to use Apple computers - just so not true a lot of the time  but anyway as you can see he looks great and yes is one of those people that looks better in person. I also took a picture with John Besh - all you foodies will know him, a famous chef from N Orleans, he was just on the Martha Stewart show last week - I love MS.  Tyler Florence was there - ho hum, Gayle from Food and Wine was there she looks great, she has really lost some weight I think I have some pics of them talking, will look for them later or tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a great day, I have to get going so I can run a few errands before it is time to pick up the DH from work.  The munchkins are coming over after school today so I have to concoct a snack for them. 

All that and a bag of chips

Well I went to a benefit for a Chicago charity last night.  Common Threads is a charity that works on educating kids about good nutrition, they have programs in many of the public schools in Chicago.  The event was at the MCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, we have been to quite a few events there a wedding too.  But the point of my post tonight is that I met - got my picture taken with Curtis Stone - the Take Home Chef.  OK he is really hot in person, tall - in really good shape.  Well I took a picture but it seems they changed the thing to insert pics and now I cannot get it to work - of course.  I am going to try to work on this for a few minutes but if it doesn't work then it will be tomorrow.  

Newport RI recap

Well I got back from my quick weekend get away on Monday and it has taken me until Thurs night to tell you about it.  Very nice little trip, pretty much what I always envisioned New England to look like.  I have been to Boston before though.  No warm weather but no snow either.  We stayed at the Castle Hill Inn  http://www.castlehillinn.com/   and it was very nice, we had one of the little rooms in a cottage overlooking the water small but really nice and it had everything we needed.  We had tea at the main hotel on Sat afternoon and also dinner Sat night.  Breakfast was included but we got up too late on Sunday morning and we left at 4:45 Mon morning to catch our flight.  Dinner was really tasty we had the 5 course tasting menu this is what I remember the first course was a soup poured around duck confit with a crispy piece of pancetta on top, I loved the soup but passed on the duck the dh only ate half of my duck it was so rich, the next course was 2 grilled scallops on top of something, another was toasted brioche with foie gras and a cherry spread, I had cod for my main course and then we split a cheese course and then a chocolate dessert.  We split a bottle of Saviennieres which was very tasty.  Our other meals were really nice also, lots of seafood which I love, I had oysters twice. Yum - I had thought they might be cheaper there being close to the source but no so not the case but they were very tasty, they are so low in calories too it is nice to splurge on something that is totally not off the healthy eating plan.  I had lobster also and a crab salad.  

We toured 2 of the really awesome old "summer cottages" - They are mansions.  One was Marble House which was owned by the Vanderbilts, amazing so hard to even describe and this place was only used 6-8 weeks a year in the summer.  We also went to the Breakers which was even larger and I think also started out as a Vanderbilt residence but sold.  Anyway no pics allowed inside but we took some outside.  The Marble House tour guide was really nice and knowledgeable the Breakers lady was a little off.  We did a little shopping on Sunday and that was about it.  The weather here was nice enough Mon-Wed that I did get to ride outside for 3 days in a row but it was back to the gym this morning.  I have really messed up my knee again, hoping it will feel better in the morning.  Luckily today was a weight day anyway but I need to do more cardio tomorrow.  I have had a good eating week since I have been back from RI but the scale isn't really moving I hadn't weighed myself since I flew back  - I have a thing about the scale after flying.  Anyway hopefully it will be down tomorrow.  No plans to go out on Fri and only have to meet some friends for drinks on Sat so high hopes for a good on plan weekend.  Hope everyone is ready for a nice weekend.

Wet weekend

Well the bad news is that it rained all weekend the good news is that it was nice enough for bike rides outside Wed and Thurs.  I had my wi at Jenny Craig on Saturday morning and it has been 2 weeks since I was in but I was down 4.6 which is good but less than the 6.8 pounds I somehow had gained in one week for the last wi.  This weekend was a good one though, we went to my cousins' son's confirmation on Saturday so ended up going to the gym then eating breakfast and then nothing til dinner and I was starving but ordered a salad with the dressing on the side and used my lowfat packets of dressing.  I did have 2 glasses of wine but overall way low on calories and the scale was down this morning so I am holding my breath to say what the scale says tomorrow.  

Today was a planned no workout day but did walk to the restaurant that we met some friends for brunch, I had the fruit, granola, yogurt thing I am sure the granola had plenty of fat in it and the yogurt was full fat too but given my choices - biscuits and gravy, pork shoulder cilaquiles, eggs benedict, bbq goat, with beans, a sweet fried cornbread thing, huckleberry scone with lemon curd etc you get the idea.  Then since we ate at 11:30 and the time change the dh and I ended up eating dinner about 6 so once again only 2 meals and no real snacking.  I had made this pizza dough a couple of days ago so we rolled that out really thin and topped it with canadian bacon, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, and cheese of course.  It was really good, very crispy.  I had bought a new baking stone to bake my bread on and used that so maybe that I what made it so tasty.  I had some key lime sorbet later and baked up 2 loaves of bread that I have been making over the last 3 days.  By the time I baked it and it cooled it was late and not hungry so I just tasted it and it did turn out well.  I will pass one loaf off to my SIL tomorrow not sure about the other loaf.  Going to the gym tomorrow morning.  Oh and we have been on a travel planning whirlwind.  Booked tickets to go to Providence RI on Saturday and coming back Monday morning.  One of those netsaver fares.  Then booked tickets to Philly to go to another cousins' daughther's confirmation at the end of April.  We are probably going to London May 8th and trying to find a long weekend to go to Portland OR.