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  • Name: celeste210
  • City: Springfield
  • Region: Illinois
  • Country: United States

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Height: 162.6cm
Start weight: 202.20lb
Current weight: 190.60lb
Goal weight: 140.00lb
Lost to date: 11.60lb
Remaining: 50.60lb

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A month since

I started going back to the gym 01/14/2008 and currently I've lost 5.6 lbs.  YAY.  not a lot in numbers, but i do look slimmer now.  My "back boobs" have gone from C to B cup.  hee hee

Have to "kick it up a notch" by adding more cardio and plus eating less, esp. during dinner.  But I haven't eaten white rice and white bread in a month.  My steamer has been used more often for steaming veggies, and well I drink protein shakes daily now, which help out with sweet cravings. 

You guys have to try Jay Robb's Egg White Protein Shakes (they sell at the Vitamin Shoppe)  Try the chocolate flavor; tastes like Nestle Quik.  Yum!!  It's good to have after a workout or when you're craving a dessert after dinner. 

Okay.  Have a great day!


2 weeks

Sharing with you what I will be doing for 2 weeks (hope you do it with me!)

-This is from my trainer:

Meals:  (starting time can be adjusted, but meal gap times should be the same)

7am:  2 c. of fresh fruit OR 3 egg whites w/ 2 T of salsa, 1 slice of whole grain bread or low carb tortilla OR 1 c. of cooked oatmeal w/ protein powder or nonfat milk OR 1 c Kashi cereal with nonfat milk

10am:  1 apple with 1 small handful of raw almonds OR 2 handfuls of baby carrots w/ 1/4 avocado or 2 T hummus dip

1pm:  5 oz lean meat w/ 2 c. raw veggies/lettuce w/ fat free dressing, 1/2 small baked plain potato or 1 low carb tortilla OR protein shake and 2 c raw veggies with fat free dressing

4pm:  protein bar that's w/in 170 cal and no more than 15 g of carbs OR 1 T peanut butter and celery sticks or lowfat string cheese and 5 low fat triscuits

7pm:  5 oz lean protein with 1 c. veggies stir-fried in 1 tsp olive oil and salad with fat free dressing OR  a frozen dinner (lean cuisine, healthy choice or WW) with 2 c. of salad with fat free dressing

Add a multi-vitamin, extra B complex and 1000 mg calcium, drink 64 oz of H2O (crystal light can be used), NO ALCOHOL, and you can have 2 c. coffee daily using nonfat milk and splenda only

DAILY CARDIO is 30-45 mins, before breakfast is best!

I'm starting it tomorrow so let's see what happens.  Follow it with me and let me know your results too. 

Summary of January

Ended up working out 17 days out of 31.  Lost about 4 lbs and kept a daily food log. 

Goal for February is to:

  1. Work out at least 20 days out of 29
  2. Continue with the food log
  3. Lose 8-10 lbs
  4. Drink more water

Everyone, good luck this February!

For a Lifestyle change to work..

You need to be your OWN:














Don't rely on others to boost your confidence or your drive to do better for yourself.  Most likely they won't give you the support you want.  What you should really do is support yourself, because believing that others will give you unconditional support is crazy because people are people..they are flawed.  You have control of your own cheering squad.  you have it in you to be your own support. 

(this is a reminder for me and perhaps for all of you too)

Drive is there again

Hello everyone.  Just letting you all know that everything has been good here.  Food logging is a routine now, which is making me SO AWARE of what i eat!  Met up with my new personal trainer, Mark, and well he's great.  I really thought the previous trainer, Joe, was great but this guy is so much better.  I am glad I went back. 

This is what he wants me to do:

  1. Eat 5 times a day, each meal has to be between 250-350 calories, and should be eaten every 3-4 waking hours.
  2. Avoid anything white-bread, rice, cheese, and potatoes and have no sugars-sweets, soda, desserts. 
  3. No red meat
  4. Exercise 30-60 mins a day at a Fat Burning Zone (mine is between 145-155 bpm)
  5. Meet with him for strength training twice a week
  6. Sleep 7-8 hours a day!
  7. Eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats and fish.

It's very basic, but it's good.  Hope this gives you guys some pointers too. 

Also, ballroom dancing is so much fun.  it's a great workout, a chance to spend time with Hubby, and well it's just fun.  Sometimes I just practice the routines at home and i get a really good sweat, but it never, ever feels like exercise! 

Haven't really lost any weight.  Just 2 lbs, but i did lose an inch off my waist.  And i feel so much better.  I know in about 2 weeks i'll see more results. Mark said I could lose at least 40 lbs before the wedding, so yay! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

How's Everyone Doing?

Hi everyone.  Haven't posted here, but to let you know, I've been good.  Been logging all my food and liquid intake-good and bad-plus I've started to workout.  Not a 100% perfect, but much improved from the lazy version of me from last month. 

Starting monday, the 14th, I'm going to workout with a personal trainer again.  I have to use the remaining 23 sessions i've paid for before April 1st so that means i have to meet with him twice a week starting the 14th.  Also my hubby and I signed up for 15 additional ballroom dance instructions.  So, weekly i will have:

2 hours of personal training at the gym

1 hour of ballroom dance

2 hours of ballroom dance practice

and 3 hours of cardio at home (required by the trainer)

That makes it 8 hours of exercise per week.  My goal is to lose at least 40 lbs before June 10th so I hope all that will help. 

k.  good luck everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend. 

Here It Is...

This is my plan:

Breakfast:  baked egg and vegetable quiche (from South Beach Diet) with 1 slice of whole grain toast, or natural (no sugar) peanut butter with 1 slice of whole grain toast and soymilk
Snacks: sugar-free jello, raw almonds, or fruit
Lunch:  canned reduced sodium soup or homemade lean deli meat sandwich or ½ soup and sandwich or lean cuisine paninis (they’re good and they sell at Costco)
Dinner:  no carbs.  Just meat and salad or roasted/steamed veggies
Dessert:  (lol)  sugar-free jello, whey protein shake with fruit
Pre workout:  soymilk
Post workout:  whey protein shake
The hardest for me is eating breakfast so i will make those egg quiche on Sundays for the week.  This is the recipe:  http://www.recipezaar.com/109385
 I’m going to set up my personal training too.  Still have about 24 sessions.  So using 2 sessions per week, I will be workout out with a trainer for 12weeks/3 months…woohoo! That should really help.
Okay.  Off to the market and the gym!

It's a New Year and I'm ready to lose weight!!

Hi everyone.  I just uploaded a new BEFORE PIC (omg!) and a picture of my wedding dress that I have to wear in 6 months!  I'm nervous, you know, but I have to do it.  Gotta make that dress fit!!! 

All of you know that it's so hard for me to keep a diet.  I could workout (no problem), but being disciplined enough to plan my meals, it's too hard! 

I need your help.  Please give advice on how to plan my meals.  Any recipes for a quick meal, esp. for breakfast please share.  That's my main problem-I skip breakfast, have a tiny lunch, and right when I get home I binge in front of the TV until I can't sit up.  It's a bad cycle and I've done it for so many years now.  I'm lucky (knock on wood) that I'm not diabetic or have heart problems, but I know that's just around the corner if I don't stop. 

I'm asking for your help this time around.  I need a support group.  I will promise to log on more frequently now too.  That's one of my resolutions.

Guys, Happy New Year and I wish everyone success. 

Extra $100 for extra fabric

Hello.  I'm back again. Just to let you all know I'm restarting my diet and exercise today.  Hopped on the scale, took the measuring tape out, and the camera...it's time to workout! 

Well, I've gained weight since I was last here.  Now weigh 203.80 on my new digital scale-that's almost 4 lbs more since last post. 

Now, I have no excuses.  The wedding dress has been ordered and the wedding is only 6 months away.  BTW I had to pay an additional $100 for "extra fabric".  NOW THAT'S JUST WRONG!

But I'm not sad; I am motivated!  The wedding dress is beautiful and it's strapless so I really can't hide in it.  Every little detail of the wedding has been completed and everything is just wonderful.  All I need to do now is to save more money, lose the weight, and make myself ready to wear that dress! 

Here I go....


Hi everyone.  Haven't been online but to let you know, I have been good.  Dropped 3 lbs since I was here, back on the exercise regimen, and have been keeping a food diary for the past 2 weeks.  YAY!  Just haven't dropped by because we've been busier with the wedding plans (just 7 months left!!!) 

This year I am cooking the Thanksgiving turkey.  My first one and I'm FREAKIN' OUT!  Been preparing since Sunday.  Going to follow a recipe from Food Network's GOOD EATS program.  So far I soaked the 20lb-der in a brown sugar brine...

OMG, I just set off the Fire Alarm from roasting the turkey!!  The pan I am using, I guess, is too small for the bird so it wasn't catching all the drippings.  So it was falling on the oven floor and it created so much smoke!!  I guess I'm making Smoked Turkey and I didn't even know it. 


Trick not to overeat today:  HAVE A SALAD OR SOUP BEFORE THE MAIN MEAL!  I'm also avoiding carbs and to insure myself, I'm bringing steamed veggies to my in-laws in case she makes a whole pot of fried rice.