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So I'm taking Alli.  I'm following their diet, mostly, I can't seem to eat as many calories as they recommend.  I eat around 1200 kcal per day as opposed to the 1800kcal they recommend.  I've been taking Alli for over a week.  Absolutely no change in my weight. 

I know their literature says 2 weeks, but shouldn't there be some weightloss before then? 

All I'm looking to lose right now is 6lbs to get me over my plateau. 

I eat a low fat, & low calorie diet and yet I still can't lose weight.  Frustated is my word for the day.  =(

Day 1

Today was day 1 on Alli.  No "treatment effects", keeping my fingers crossed that it continues.

I'm having a difficult time consuming the amount of calories I'm "supposed" to be taking in.  They recommend 1800, I'm lucky if I can consume 1300 calories a day.  Youd think I'd be tiny by now. LOL

Of course I'm also PMSing.  So I'm craving chocolate.

I'm debating a big cup of low fat hot chocolate.

I'm desperate

So today I bought Alli.  I've done my research.  I'm prepared for the side effects.  I need something to jump start me to lose this last 30lbs. 

I bought the small starter pack I figure in 20 days I'll know if it works for me or not. 

Wish me luck.

Do or do not. There is no try!

It's been a while since I've written in this thing.

So I've plateaued again, which seems to be something I do every few months. I've decided to try Alli for a month & see if that doesn't kick start some loss.

I'm so close to my goal I can taste it. Really, 30lbs isn't that much when I've already lost 70 & kept it off.

I have to do this. I need to be in the 130's (at least 139) by Thanksgiving. I will be in the 130's by Thanksgiving. Anything else is unacceptable!

I will be at my goal by New Years.

I refuse to fail. I will lose this weight.


Stress is not my friend. 

Stomach flu is a great weightloss jumpstart. LOL


Trying this again.

This time last year I swore I'd be done with this journey & I'd only be maintaing. :(  Yet here I am still on the path with 30 more pounds still to lose.

I'm finally offically (according to BMI) no longer overweight.  I'm at the top end of the "acceptable" weight for my height.  But I'm still not comfortable with my size or my body.

I really want to lose this weight but I'm still not working at it as hard as I could be. 

Exercise & water need to be my priorities.  Then I'll worry about my food intake.

My caloric intake, even on my bad days, is almost always under 1500 calories.  I rarely go over 1200 unless I'm just having an atrocious day.

I will lose at least 6lbs before Oct. 9th.  That's less than 2lbs per week.

Then I will lose another 10lbs before New Years.  That will be  less than 1lb per week.

My final step will be 14lbs by March 17th.  That's a little more than 1lb per week. 

Then I will be at my goal.  Then by Sept. 17th I can set up my appt for augmentation.  Then I will set up my surgery date & start saving.  WOOHOO!

I will be a MILF by The end of 2008!

I suck at this stuff

Ok today is a new day.  I actually went to the gym tonight.  That's something.  Now I have to keep it up.  I have  31 days to lose 17lbs to reach my minimum goal.  I'm screwed. 

I want to be in the  140's (no more than 148) by my family reunion in June.  If I'm below 153 ( my lowest weight in the last 2 years) I'll be content.  Not happy but content.  I can do this I just have to concentrate on it.

Day 1


Ok I'm re-introducing vitamins into my diet.  I'm also adding cayenne & ginko/ginseng supplements.  I will be below my goal weight by my birthday.  I lost 20lbs in a month before losing 35lbs in 3 months is completely doable. 



I'm trying this again.  We did the medical tests they all came back within normal ranges.  I just don't know why I can't lose this weight.  The only thing I can guess at is that being aneorexic as a teenager fucked up my metabolism.  

I weigh 163.5 today.  I have to lose at least 30 lbs.  My goal is to weigh 125 or less, that's 38lbs to lose.  I've already lost 64lbs from my highest weight & kept most of it off for over 2 years.  I know once I lose the weight I can keep it off.  It's just getting it off that's so damn hard.


I'm beyond frustrated with my body.  I hate it!  I'm trying to do everything right.  I'm eating better, watching my calories & exercising everyday.  And nothing is changing.  Ok.  That's a lie, things are changing but so fucking slowly.  I fustrated & feel like giving up.