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So I'm taking Alli.  I'm following their diet, mostly, I can't seem to eat as many calories as they recommend.  I eat around 1200 kcal per day as opposed to the 1800kcal they recommend.  I've been taking Alli for over a week.  Absolutely no change in my weight. 

I know their literature says 2 weeks, but shouldn't there be some weightloss before then? 

All I'm looking to lose right now is 6lbs to get me over my plateau. 

I eat a low fat, & low calorie diet and yet I still can't lose weight.  Frustated is my word for the day.  =(

Comments to this post:

Hang in there...

I don't know much about Alli, but my suggestion would be to eat the recommended about of calories each day and see if that helps. I'm on Weight Watchers and you are definitely supposed to consume all of your Points each day, and even then some every now in then.

Any way about it, you can do it! Just hang in there!

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