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uh-oh... i was kinda slacking for 2 days now...worked midnights wed night so i didnt walk thurs b/c when i got up it was already dark out...and i got called into work and just got home...time for bed in a few....need to make up for it tomorrow...maybe 2 walks each day this weekend? any feedback??

.... today i sat on my butt all day during a training...not much good. after dinner in a few my goal is to walk my dog with one of my neighbors and see how that goes...hmmm...

the start....

ok, here goes nothing. i have tired all that i can do at home, done all the diet plans i can afford, and am tired....very tired of being 340+ lbs....its time to change not only for me but also for my 3 kids and wonderful hubby....its time. but where do i start? how do i start???? hmmmm....need to pray and think for a few....