Day 1 and 2

My first two days trying to lose weight

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  • Name: bowlergirl
  • City: Peterborough
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 170.2cm
Start weight: 240.00lb
Current weight: 236.00lb
Goal weight: 160.00lb
Lost to date: 4.00lb
Remaining: 76.00lb

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My Day 1 and Day 2

Yesterday was the first time I actually spent anytime on this website. I have noticed that there are a lot of supportive people out there. I am 24 and I want to lose around 90 pounds this year. I have been trying to do Weight Watchers but I can't get my hands on the new material so I am just trying to do it on my own. I also would like some people I can talk to daily on here about everyday things like workouts, weigh ins, food you have eaten thats good, and new.. or other things to. Feel free to add me and message me anytime. I am going to try and blog everyday...  not sure if this one is even going to work.

Like I said before in this blog, I have been doing Weight Watchers, I lost about 3 pounds in 3 weeks, but over the Christmas holiday, I fell down stairs on glare ice and I messed up my elbow, so its been a while since I went to the gym.. I am aiming to go most of next week.. But I did have a little success, I fit into a pair of jeans that were really extremely tight on me about a year ago. I wore them all day today:D yay.. but its just the beginning.