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  • Name: Bobby
  • City: Peterborough
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 177.8cm
Start weight: 275.00lb
Current weight: 284.00lb
Goal weight: 175.00lb
Lost to date: -9.00lb
Remaining: 109.00lb

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Starting again..

So here I sit, just finished dinner, which was chicken and steamed green and yellow beans and carrots. I have screwed up my weight loss time and time again, and now I am 34 pounds heavier than my highest weight before.. I am so sick of being fat.. There is no other way to say it, I hate being fat. Who ever has said in the past that they were happy being fat is a big liar.. seriously, I can't fit into anything, I have 2 chins and my stomach is getting so big it is folding over... This is it, either I win this battle or I hide away forever.. I have 2 daughters, I can't be a fat ass embarrassment forever.. I don't want them to have the body issues I do.  I will update everyday as that is how I prefer to weigh myself.. Hopefully I won't screw this up..again....*sigh*