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I get keys today!

I get a new house!  A HOUSE with no downstairs neighbors!  A house with a beautiful kitchen and a big garage!

That's all I've thought about all day, seriously.

My daily log, because it keeps me honest:

  • 30 min. brisk walking to/from the train
  • oatmeal with dried cranberries
  • 2 cups black tea with skim milk
  • 2 c. caesar salad with minimal dressing, no croutons, and 1/2 c. grilled chicken
  • ~1 c. steamed asparagus
  • 1 nectarine

Last night I didn't eat too much bad stuff--the only thing I'd classify as "junk" would be the two butter cookies.  Hummus, tabouli, pita, caesar salad, caprese salad, olives and artichoke hearts, about 2 bites of each.  And only one glass of wine.  I turned down lunch out today because of work, but I was iffy on it anyway since they were going to a burger joint that puts everything on a bun dripping with butter.  I didn't even like that before I decided veggies were delicious.  I also did not go to a going-away cake party in the afternoon, instead sending an email to the departing colleague.  Although the cake is in the dining room right now and my stomach is growling.  Maybe I should go home to avoid it.

I'm pretty proud that I hit all my good health guidelines yesterday and am on track to do the same today.  Oddly, it's milk that's giving me trouble now that I am having oatmeal for breakfast and no coffee.  Maybe I'll have to start making it with milk instead of water.  I think I will get my milk in WW vanilla smoothies with frozen berries for DH and me tonight--yum!

The boring kind of post

Where I write down what I did and ate and not much else:

  • 30 min. elliptical plus 10 min. stretching
  • 1/2 cup dry rolled oats made into oatmeal with 1/8 cup dried cranberries
  • black tea with 1/2 c. milk and Splenda
  • Quizno's small honey bourbon chicken sandwich
  • salad (romaine and tomatoes, really) with red wine vinaigrette
  • WW chocolate smoothie*
  • plum
  • water and Sobe Lean
  • [whatever is at the cruise . . . I have 10 points to burn without going to the weeklies and I'm pretty full as of 4 pm so I'll try to stick to lean protein and a glass or two of wine]

* Not actually very smooth unless you have a blender


I weighed in and bought my monthly pass, so I'm officially committed to giving WW another go.  I have almost exactly 30 lbs to lose to get to the top of the acceptable weight range for them.*  I can't say I'm happy about that, but it's about what I expected.  The leader was very chipper but a little low on content, so my new partner in crime and I are trying the Thursday night meeting next week to see if we like that leader better.  I think at this point the companionship is more important, but I was spoiled by my prior awesome leader so we'll see.  Maybe I'll go back to her after all.

I don't think I can do the swimming.  I'm really broken up about it because it was so glorious to swim yesterday morning, but my sinuses are wonky today and swimming is the only obvious culprit.  I won't join that gym since the pool was the only attraction.  Damn!  On the upside, my running partner from last summer is up for starting Cto5k again (she has recurring health issues and her medication was giving her heart palpitations!  No running if it's going to make your heart explode, says the master of the obvious).  So running it is.  I suppose I could try swimming with nose and ear plugs again, but it just doesn't work the few times I've given it a go.

I had a big lunch out today, planning to get on track tomorrow.  Not that today was a last hurrah--that's not the right way to set a healthy tone--but that today would not have been a good day and the lunch plans predated the WW plans. 

Tomorrow morning I want to take the train in to work, which will necessitate walking about a mile to work from the station.  I also want to get here early enough to hit the elliptical for 40 minutes or so.  Tomorrow night I'm going on a bay cruise (aka booze cruise) with the summer associates so it'll be challenges from day one, but I'm determined.  Tonight I want to cook food to bring for lunch!

*I've given up calling it a "healthy weight range" because I have a suspicion that I was very healthy last summer even 10 lbs over their range, and I need to reevaluate what caused me to slide back up the scale and whether it's better to get a doctor's permission to exist at a healthy 145 instead of struggling to get under 140.

Sunshine on the water

I really hope my sinuses don't go nuts tomorrow morning because my swim this morning was fantastic!  I forgot how much I love swimming, how easy and natural it feels compared to running.  I couldn't swim more than 2 laps without stopping to rest, but I spent about 45 minutes in the pool and probably did around 1000 meters (I stopped counting after 500, since that's my minimum).  Not a fantastic workout as far as cardio goes, but enough to make me really sore, I bet.  I will work up to doing 500 freestyle without stopping and finishing about 2000 meters in an hour, if I am able to start doing this regularly again. 

The pool itself is gorgeous.  It's small--only 3 lanes--but it's 25 meters long, so that's half-olympic length.  This morning I had a lane to myself, which never happens.  I'm afraid it will get more crowded since the gym is relatively new, but this morning was absolutely serene.  Not to warm, not too cold, nobody telling me to hurry or impeding my swim.  It's on the roof, outdoors, so I got a little sun with my workout.  I'm not one for regular tanning, but 30 minutes a day of exposure to light is good for me, and I can't say I'm fond of my current shade of bluish pale.  When I used to take swim as a class at the outdoor pool in college I was a healthy pinky-brown (not tan, but much darker than my no-sun color) year-round.  That would be another really nice side-benefit.

Now to make my morning oatmeal and get started on work . . .

Feeling a bit better

I have a new house!  We are moving in over the next few weeks, getting keys this Friday.  That's a big stressor out of the way (assuming of course that the move will go well), as is the fact that DH started a new job last week that, thus far, he really really likes.

He is over my spending indiscretion--apparently it wasn't the money, but the fact that I called it a "honeymoon" and it wasn't something he got to plan with me.  So it's now just an extravagant vacation.

I haven't weighed myself in a while, but I'm enlisting a new friend at work who has done WW off and on to go to meetings with me down near work.  To be perfectly honest, I'm embarrassed to go back to my awesome leader and confess that I'm nearly back to where I started in October 2005.  Hopefully we will like one of the leaders who has a meeting in the evening here, and I will have an ally in the lunch room.  If I don't like one of the leaders here, I may crawl back to my old meeting, but it is further away from my new house and Sunday mornings I would like to start going to church.

I have a date tomorrow morning to FINALLY check out the saline pool I've been going on about since March.  Apparently it only opened about a month ago, so I'm not that late.

I have stopped looking for another job for now.  If I stay put till December I will be very close if not finished paying my private educational loans at the end of the calendar year, and that's very important to me since it takes a lot of the pressure off me financially.  Then I'll feel more free to look for jobs that I will love, not jobs that are better than this but still pay a lot.  They may end up being the same jobs, but I will be free to choose them on their merits and not because I am overly worried about money.

I have been doing anusara yoga regularly for quite some time now and I love it.  I know if I can get rid of some of the extra baggage around my waist I will be better able to do some of the poses, so that's an extra incentive.

Whew!  That's a major life update, I guess.  Shorter, to the point, and hopefully regularly posted ramblings to follow . . .

catching up

I didn't really mean to go MIA, but as you can see by my graph I've had no good news on teh diet and exercise front and I was tired of being a bummer.

Oddly, what prompted me to come back today is that I am really frustrated and upset about something and I needed to write it out.  So I'm not really any more positive, but I miss my ExP friends and I need to vent.

Before I get to that, for those restricting themselves to diet and exercise related content:  I have been doing yoga two to three times a week and using the elliptical twice a week lately--yay for me!  I have not been supporting that healthy step with equally healthy eating.  That is a major problem, clearly.  None of my clthes are comfortable, even the bigger stuff DH bought me for Christmas.  So I need to do something positive to change that.

On the rest of life . . . I'm very conflicted about just about everything in my life right now.  I am applying for new jobs but now the current job is not so bad, and I am worried about offending friends by leaving.  I probably should not worry so much, but there are lots of considerations:  do I hurt the firm by leaving while there are summer associates here?  Am I stupid to quit when I've already earned half my December bonus?  Is it really so bad here?  Will it be better anywhere else?  I really don't know.

We are moving.  Hopefully that will go fine but we don't have a new place yet and DH is in charge of finding it, and I think it's overwhelming him.

DH is unemployed for the moment.  I think he is very depressed and I don't know how to help him.

And the kicker of the day, I spent a lot of our money at a charity auction last night on a trip, and I don't think DH is very happy about it.  He says he's okay, but I should have talked to him beforehand or just not bought it (there wasn't really a chance to call him before, but that doesn't mean I should have bought a huge amount of money without him).  It's for a honeymoon, and I was really ecstatic about it last night, but then DH slept on the couch most of the night because he was tossing and turning. 

I don't actually know if his tossing is related to the trip, jobs, houses, or something else entirely, so I really shouldn't be this bent out of shape, but I feel awful today.  I ended up leaving yoga class because I just couldn't concentrate.  I want to talk to him but it wouldn't fix antyhing to call him at 8 am after he's been up all night just to salve my own conscience.  I know it wouldn't help him, which is the point, right?

Any married folk have advice?


So brunch was great, if calorific, and it was really nice to spend time with someone outside work.  I tried to make pan dulce and nearly burned the oven out being stupid, but the only real casualties were a towel and a mixing bowl, aside from the pan dulce it self.  Let's just say I need a warmer house if I'm going to make yeast breads, because I'm done experimenting with heating methods. 

This week my plan was to bring my lunch every day and go vegetarian to the extent possible.  I accomplished the bringing portion of that, but DH made my sandwich this morning and used turkey (he made it without asking and I hadn't really talked to him about the vegetarian experiment yet), and I'm not at the point of wasting food my husband made for me yet.  I will have to tell him about the experiment, though.  I also brought Trader Joe's Eggplant Parmesan for dinner--I hope it's good!  I'm not terribly fond of marinara sauce but everyone says how good it is and it's ridiculously low-cal.

I managed to injure my foot somehow on Friday--I really can't figure it out since I just woke up on Saturday morning and couldn't put weight on it!  But it's slowly getting better and I did yoga last night regardless, just being extra careful to distribute my weight properly and skipping the poses that caused (or were likely to cause) real pain. 

That's about it in my oh-so-exciting world. 

What's the plan?

 I need a plan for dinners.  And I need to implement the lunch plan.  I've been doing okay eating out or being picky with lunch here, but several times this week I've eaten (small amounts of) ridiculous things for dinner, like sun chips on Tuesday night, and fruit with chocolate fondue last night, because I didn't really have time or a plan.  Things are only going to get busier as we head into summer, so I need to get it in gear.

I did go to yoga 2 more times this week.  We tried to go on Wednesday morning but no one showed up!  So my yoga buddy and I headed across the street to Starbucks and then took a long walk around the neighborhood before heading to work.  Then I went yesterday morning to a hatha class that was maybe a little too intense, but my yoga buddy couldn't make it.  She convinced me to come this morning to vinyasa, which was wonderful.  Which means I got up before 6:30 every day this week!  That's a major accomplishment. 

I do need to add some cardio.  I still haven't joined that gym because the pool still isn't finished (dangit!) and I'm suddenly shy about using the gym at work.  I think because when I was going at night, it was all support staff and jr. associates, but in the morning it's a partnerfest.  Not that they do anything to make me uncomfortable . . . I should really get over myself.

Tonight I'm headed to a happy hour in the city, so again no dinner plan as of yet.  I might get a manicure and pedicure before I head up, to reward myself for getting in the habit of getting up early this week. 


Last night I stopped back at the office to pick some stuff up to work on at home, and my friend said that I was visibly happier and more relaxed.  I hadn't been in at least 2 weeks, and I was feeling very would up and tight, both physically and emotionally, all day.  I felt SO much better afterwards.

I should have bought something to eat on the way home, because I ended up eating pizza, breadsticks, and cookies left over from DH's dinner.  Or else DH needs to have healthier leftovers.    But since I was so wound up all day, even post-pizza and cookies I was under 1500 cals for the day.  Not healthy, but not very many calories anyway.  Must eat more veggies today!  I'm hoping to go out to lunch with another friend from work, sicne I've been antisocial and am realizing that I'm much happier when I make plans and do stuff, even when it cuts into my free time.  Wait, no, that's not quite right:  this is how I like to spend my free time! 

Speaking of, I invited three friends over for brunch on Sunday.  I think I'm going to make healthy-ish omelettes and potatoes, but if I'm feeling inspired I may also make pan dulce or something else sweet and baked.  My yoga buddy has volunteered to bring mimosas.    If that's a success I may try to make it a monthly thing and expand the invite list.  We have DH's friends over all the time, but I always feel like I have to clean up or have an occasion to have people over.  I need to stop thinking like that, and maybe keep the place a little cleaner so I can have people over on a lark!

I wish titles were optional

It's so tiring trying to think up something witty and brief every time I post.  Plus sometimes my posts have no unifying theme, ya know?

Nox is back!  We missed you.

It's been a while . . . I went to a training in LA last week, where I had no time to think, and I gorged myself on every kind of processed or rich food imaginable.  And a lot of alcohol.  It wasn't pretty, but it's over and the training/socializing portions were certainly fun.

My yoga buddy convinced me to join Self's Challenge, so that's my new tracking mechanism since I just can't convince myself to track WW-style anymore.  It's not that there's anything wrong with WW--the more I try to do this by myself the more I realize how great it is--but I'm bored with it and generally fatigued.  I need something new to shake me up.

I was supposed to go to a client pitch today and was cut at the last moment.  I suppose I would have spent all weekend prepping the pitch presentation anyway, but I would have escaped the horror of wearing a suit had I known I wasn't going.  I'm just counting the hours till 5:30 when I can put on my yoga gear and neglect to change back when I come back to work.  Or maybe go home instead.  It's not even that it's uncomfortable so much as that no one here wears a suit unless they're doing something exciting and now I have nothing to say when people ask except that I was deemed superfluous after I'd already dressed for the day.

Did I tell you all that I joined a choir?  My other buddy at work and I are now members of the Menlo Park Chorus.  It's a little less "serious" than we thought it would be, but neither of us ahs sung in a choir in years so this may be a good commitment-level and warm-up to more demanding groups in the future.  Anyway, I am signed up to bring snacks tomorrow night.  I think I'll make a low-fat quickbread (i have a couple mixes in the cupboard) and buy some pita and hummus.  I don't know why we need snacks for a choir anyway, since eating mid-rehearsal is terrible for your voice, but it is from 7 to 9:45 so if I don't get dinner beforehand I'll definitely be peckish.

This has been quite a ramble!  I will try to think of something brilliant or weight-loss related to tell you all in the next day or two.  Sorry for the extended hiatus--I just didn't really have much to say, and still don't except that I miss you and thus am posting the random sorts of things I tell my family on phone calls.