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Hi Ho

It's off to work, another exciting week.  I didn't work out over the weekend, which I have a bad habit of doing.  My back and abs were quite sore from yoga on Friday morning, and I just didn't really make it off the couch except to buy some clothes (desperately needed) and shop for new glasses frames (also very much needed).  I'll hit yoga and, depending on how intense that is and how much work I need to do, maybe also the elliptical so I have an excuse to watch Heroes while I'm at work.  Because the likelihood of me making it home to watch is slim.  But maybe--things have been unpredictable lately.

I ate a lot of cereal this weekend--DH sleeps in very late and I like to spend time with him on weekends so I usually have cereal in the morning, a nig afternoon meal with him, and then cereal or something else smallish for dinner.  On Saturday I made brunch for our big meal--cheddar and veggie sausage omlettes with home fries--and on Sunday I had pizza at Costco.  Not great for me, but two slices of cheese when I had cereal the rest of the day isn't so bad.  I do need to add some more veggies to the diet, of course.

I had something brilliant to write this weekend but that, along with many other things I meant to do, just didn't get done.  And now I can't remember what it was.  Dangit!

The wonders of water

Water retention maybe?  Or maybe my hair really does weigh three pounds when wet.  Anyway, if you take a gander at the graph, which I changed to "last 30 days" to illustrate the insanity, you will see that I "lost" more than 4 pounds this week!  I'm trying to think of it as losing one pound, because clearly the 3 pound gain last week was not all real gain if it came off and then some this week.  Not that I don't love the idea of losing all that in one week, but I can't start expecting to drop more than half or one pound at a time or I'll drive myself crazy.

I fell on my head in yoga today.  I must remember to wipe off my arms and my mat before doing inversions, especially when the room is hot.  TMI probably, but I sweat profusely at yoga.  I was doing a forearm stand (like handstand but with on your forearms) and when I kicked up my left arm just slid right out from under me, and of course the next lowest part of my body was my noggin.  It didn't hurt much at the time but now I have a throbbing bump on the top of my head.  Bummer. 

I stayed home sick on Wed with a headache (at least partially triggered by lack of sleep, bad blondeez!) so I have to work some this weekend, but I also want to find a costume to wear to work on Tuesday and might have a small party on Saturday night.  Woo!

I mentioned to my current WW leader that I was thinking of getting a doctor's note to be at 150 instead of 140 as the top of my lifetime range.  I was a little worried because my last leader was really set on me trying for the WW range.  I loved her in every way except that one little thing.  The current leader looked at me in my (a little tight) yoga clothes and said "no way you are losing 25 pounds.  Go get that note."  Yay!  I know it's silly that I need that validation, and she can't really tell from looking at me now what I will really look like in 10 or 20 lbs., but the old-timers around here will remember how much I struggled to lose anymore once I hit 145 . . . the idea that 145 could be my comfortable end-goal is nice. 

Beautiful morning

I stayed up late last night working (made it to bed aorund 2), but I had promised YB we would walk The Dish so I got up at 6 and dragged my butt down here.  At first I was a little worried--it starts with a fairly steep hill and I got dizzy and had to pause at the top--but once we were trucking along the hills I was glad I got up.  I know I need more sleep than that in general, but I was going to feel kind of tired and crappy today regardless and now at least I had an invigoratng walk.  It's about 3.5 miles and it took us under an hour--not terrible considering there are some very steep bits and I have to slow down on the downhills to protects my knees and ankles.  Another firend of ours used to run it every morning--twice!--and I really don't know how anyone does that. 

I made it onto the elliptical last night and did my usual 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, finishing off another half-mile and a cool-down on the treadmill.  Again, I'm glad I exercised even if work/sleep suffered.  I'm just in such a better mood.  I did get starving around 12:30, and ate a Newman's Own Sweet Dark Orange chocolate bar.  I like those because I can eat the whole bar without feeling super guilty (if I eat half it's a good snack).  Plus it's organic, which also means I don't have to worry about child labor in my chocolate.  I've really cut back my cheap chocolate consumption since I learned that most chocolate producers won't guarantee their sources are ethical employers.  I'm not even talking fair trade--just that there is no slave or child labor involved.  Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth, even though it's chocolate, right?

***Later the same day***

I need to start measuring again, as I ate delicious and healthy lunch and dinner, but too much!  Lunch was spring mix greens with a teensy bit of dressing, one chicken teriyaki skewer, two small shrimp skewers, a handful of roasted potatoes, and fruit.  Dinner was filet mignon kebab, mashed potatoes, green beans almondine, and strawberries.  I had a cookie in teh afternoon, but just one.  I did take another walk before dinner, though, probably about 2 miles.  We'll see on Friday whether the exercise is enough (I'm afraid it probably is not).


I have quite a bit of work tonight; work that has been hanging over my head but not getting done for some time.  I have been taking time to be selfish because there were no immediate deadlines (some might call that procrastination, I suppose, but there is no incentive against such behavior in my job).

I loved the yoga retreat!  If anyone is in the bay area, or wants to visit the bay area for a yoga retreat at a really nice hotel, you have to try the Luxury Yoga Escape at the Four Seasons.  It's expensive but a good deal when you consider how much a room at the hotel costs without the two yoga classes, two snacks/meals and a spa treatment.  My friend (I really need to name her here--how about YB for yoga buddy?) and I were really dragging our feet before heading back to work on Saturday afternoon, because we didn't want it to end.

I ate okay today--another recruiting lunch but I had the tiffin (3 chunks of tandoori halibut with green salad, avocado raita, and two pieces of naan) at Junnoon, with a mint limeade and one-third of the fruit tart.  Since I had just rolled oats for breakfast and haven't muched all afternoon, a reasonably healthy dinner awaits in the form of Lean Cuisine swedish meatballs and some canned pineapple and pear.  I missed yoga because of a meeting but have a pact with YB to hit the in-office gym for some treadmill time tonight.

How do you all fit exercise into your busy schedules?


Don't look at that graph.  I swear, I had wet hair adn had just gotten off the elliptical and drank a ton of water because I just could wait and and and--and then there were the cookies, and the wine, etc.

I think I'm going to try Core again.  I need a reason why the crap food is totally off limits, because I'm clearly not doing well with moderation.  Never really have.

I got a gazillion emails from ExP last night--all the notifications of comments from the last 3 weeks.  I hope that means I'll start getting them regularly again.

Spa and Yoga weekend this weekend!  I will have to work late Saturday and Sunday, but I am SO excited!

One day at a time

I did not do very well this weekend or so far today.  I had to settle for walking around an outdoor mall as my outdoor activity, as DH and I each procrastinated too long to do it together and I didn't want to do it alone.  I did not get much work done.  I did not make a whole grain.  I did eat things I should not have eaten.

But I am okay, and I am back on track this afternoon, on my way to yoga.  I can only do my life one day at a time.

WI day, and TGIF

I'm down .8 today!  I was a little disappointed at the scales but I have been telling myself that .8 is totally normal weight loss.  It's 1/2 %, in fact, which is what you're supposed to lose--half to one percent a week, right?  Or maybe it's half to two percent, I can't be bothered to look it up right now.

I have an unexpected lunch interview today but it's at a vietnamese restaurant with excellent spring rolls and vegetarian noodle soups so I'm going to make a healthy choice and stick with it.

My yoga buddy and I signed up for a yoga retreat next weekend!  It's completely indulgent:  a night at the Four Seasons, two yoga classes, a continental breakfast, and a spa treatment.  I'm so excited!  The instructor is one of our regular favorites, so it will be lovely to spend the evening and morning with her.  And my yoga buddy and I will have fun to hanging out and hopefully not thinking about work at all!

This weekend I have a ton of work to do, but I also have four goals:

  • One outdoor activity--a hike or even a long walk around the neighborhood
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking a whole grain that I can take to work
  • Go to a craft party at a new friend's house

That last one probably sounds out of place, but it's really hard for me to make new friends who aren't from work or school, and I need friends who don't work with me/aren't lawyers.  It gives me better perspective on my somewhat insane job.  In fact, all four of those things will make me more relaxed and happy, but I rarely take time out to do them.

I made support groups

Just for fun, because I looked through and there weren't any for two groups I figured would already exist: yoga and lawyers.  If either one applies to you, join up!

Food is decent today:  granola bar and sugar-free chai for breakfast, pesto-turkey half sandwich and salad for lunch (and split an iced mocha with a friend), and since lunch was so big I only had water in the afternoon.  I'm waiting for word from my yoga buddy on whether we will hit the gym before or after dinner.  I'm so not hungry that I might have a different granola bar or cereal for dinner, honestly.  So again, low on veggies, but I'm good on how much I ate.

ProductWatch (I'm thinking this might be a semi-regular feature)
I tried Dasani plus, a "Vitamin Enhanced Flavored Water Beverage" because I did, indeed, hit the drugstore this morning and I was hungry.  better designer water than donuts, right?  I tried the "defend protect" and the "cleanse restore" versions and they both tasted okay, but the defend protect have me a stomachache.  So it's another rejected product under my belt.  At this rate I won't be buying packaged anything, will I?

Dag and Nabit

I made another date to do the hike near here and again my would-be workout partners were up till all hours for work.  I went home earlier than they did (I wrote early, until I realized I got home at 11:30!)  since I wasn't feeling so hot, and I'm still not well but I made it out of bed.  Maybe I will pay a visit to the drugstore instead of the hike? 

I did spend 30 minutes on the elliptical last night, but when I tried to switch to the treadmill to finish out 3.5 miles, my legs were not cooperating.  I forget that even head colds can take it out of me sometimes. 

Work will be hard today, and then tomorrow I want to make it to yoga and WW in the morning.  Will add food here once I've eaten it.

Curses! Foiled again!

I woke up with a killer sore throat and stuffy nose this morning, so no yoga.  I did eat relatively healthy, if a little low on veggies:  a granola bar and tea for breakfast, half of a massive turkey-on-wheat sandwich with an apple and unsweetened iced tea for lunch, the second half of the sandwich, some baked kettle chips, and 1 oz. of dark chocolate for dinner. 

I walked to the store and back for the sandwich (~1 mile) so that's something, and if I don't feel too bad I'll hit the gym with my yoga buddy later tonight.  Tomorrow morning we're planning to hike the nearby 3.5 mile loop, like I did with my WW buddy last week. 

When we were walking back from getting our lunch, my yoga buddy and I talked about how hard it is to eat healthy without a lot of preparation.  Both of us eat too many processed foods, like many others we know, and we both tend to be at a healthier weight and more satisfied with our eating when we make food at home.  To put it bluntly, I can eat a lot more volume and more things that I like when I'm not eating frozen dinners.  Not to mention it's less salt, otehr preservatives, and saturated fat.  So I'm inspired to get cooking again.  If only it were the weekend!  For now I'm stuck at work late as usual.

What whole foods do you all like to eat when you're in a hurry?  I am also interested in going meatless (maybe even vegan?) several meals a week, so veggie meal ideas are welcome.

BTW: I was disappointed by the Kettle brand Bakes (aged white cheddar favor).  They weren't terrible, but they just weren't that great.  I guess I'll just have to give up potato chips since I really don't like the fried original versions enough to justify the calories and fat.  I do like baked Lays, but again with the artificial foods . . . Sun Chips and reduced fat tortilla chips will suffice in the crunchy carb category.