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blondeez breaks it down

I've decided that I need to follow Shelley's lead and put my name in the post titles.  I don't like how the recent post list shows the title of the post and not the blog anymore!  Also the "new post" indicator in my admin page doesn't seem to pick up posts that were made since I last visited, only ones in the last day or so.  Oh well.

I gained 2.2 lbs this Friday at WI despite retuning to the gym finally.  Or maybe because of it?  I am hoping my muscles were retaining water because I don't want to believe that I really ate that badly.  We'll see what happens this week I guess.

I skipped formal gym time this weekend because my SIL moved.  So Saturday I helped her move her TV and pack a few things and otherwise rested after 4 days in a row during the week.  Yesterday was moving day.  I probably didn't really burn enough calories to cover the cinnamon bread, pizza, and cookies that I ate, but I am sore today.

I have to go shopping for a new pillow tonight.  Last summer I was having this problem where my left shoulder hurt and my arm was falling asleep, and the doc told me it was probably a pinched nerve from sleeping wrong.  It went away, but now my right arm is having the same problem!  It's driving me nuts.  I think a memory foam pillow might help, so I'm going to buy one of the less expensive versions and try it out.  I have been thinking we need a new bed (hideous frame 7 year old bargain mattress) so maybe that will be the next big purchase.

I'm at work today, so I'll hit the gym before heading home!

yoga envy

I've been trying out a new yoga class that I love love love, but I keep ending up between the mats of local instructors!  It's a mixed-level class so I'm not out of place, but it's hard to remember that when the woman on my right is gracefully kicking into a freestanding handstand and the man to my left is in a bound pose that I can't even approximate when using a strap.  The class really is amazing.  I just need to focus on what it's doing to my body, and not what the bodies around me are doing.

Been eating pretty well, though a bit erratically.  Doing yoga always makes me feel lithe and toned, so it was jarring to remember this morning that my work pants are still rather tight.  One day at a time, blondeez.  We'll get there.

new running shoes!

DH and I went shopping this weekend for accessories for my new bike (you know, like a lock!) and while we were at the giant sports store I got new running shoes.  I hate the giant sports store, but all three of my favorite independent/small chain sport shops have gone out of business over the last year or so.  I had been putting off getting new running shoes because of my hatred for the giant store, but I need to try on many pairs to find the right fit and my old shoes have about twice as many miles on them as is advisable.  So hopefully no more foot pain! 

DH is going to buy a bike so he can ride with me on weekends!  I am a little afraid of my new bike because I've never ridden a bike with gears, nor a racing-style bike where you're leaned forward so much.  But DH is a patient teacher (he also taught me to drive a stick) so he's going to help me.  His last bike was stolen a year ago but he's a pretty seasoned city rider.

I'm going to try out Equinox with YB for a week, then decide between that and the Y.  I need someplace with a pool so I can train at least a little for the swim part of the triathlon, even if regular swimming is off limits for me.

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday but I ate pretty well.  DH's birthday cake is now gone (phew!) so no more cake-for-lunch like I did on Sunday!  It was really good though--from now on I'm making cakes from scratch.  Box cakes are delish, but this was a different level of birthday goodness.

makin' plans

I did not make it out of bed to go to yoga this morning, which was pure laziness as I wasn't even as exhausted as usual when the alarm went off.  But I did go weigh in at WW, with a half-pound loss from two weeks ago.  Considering that I haven't really been doing much other than trying to be a little better than when I am gaining, that's pretty good. 

I'm torn between two gyms, or just yoga, with the exercise.  I have two friends who want me to join gyms with them, which would be great except they are two different gyms!  YMCA or Equinox?  They are totally different experiences, to be sure.  Since my job has a special deal the price isn't all that different, though.  It would be nice to be able to swim once in a while, even if I will have to dig out the dreaded nose plugs.  I also just found out that my job will cover part of my yoga studio fees in lieu of the gym.  So now I'm totally torn.

I also want to go to Bali for a yoga retreat in June, but I'm afraid that's a pipe dream because of timing issues.  Also, DH might be miffed that I would go on a tropical adventure without him, but I haven't asked so maybe he'd be fine.  I should just ask him.

What's everyone's current love in the exercise world, or your motivation for going even though you don't love it?

slow start

Last night I officially started my triathlon training.  I did 10 minutes on the stationary bike in the work gym, 20 minutes on the elliptical, and 10 more walking on the treadmill.  I'm still too congested to consider running, what with the trouble breathing and all, but I slept much better last night because I actually got some activity in.  It always surprises me that exercise makes such a difference in sleep, but it really shouldn't anymore because sports were my pediatrician's answer to my childhood insomnia, too.  While I didn't sleep any longer than usual, there was little tossing and turning once I fell asleep.

I'm feeling better today so I'm debating either hitting the cardio trio again or going to an evening yoga class.  We'll see.  The seat on the stationary bike was Un!Comfortable! but I'm also not used to biking at all so maybe I need to get used to it.  When I buy a bike it will need a comfy seat for sure.

Today I am going to a buffet lunch at a wonderful Indian restaurant, and I will not treat it as "all you can eat."  I will fill my plate once, and I will include vegetables even if all I want is an entire plateful of butter chicken and rice.  And I don't need a lassi.  Right?  Right! 

sick again!

I spent the weekend laid up and bored to death--we had no power, it was raining cats and dogs, and I have a cold again.  I did read The Golden Compass all the way through, but after a while reading while congested gives me quite a headache.

I did make it to the mall (had to go to the pharmacy so once I was out . . . ) and got a haircut for the first time since last January.  So it wasn't a total loss.  But my cold rages on, which makes it hard to work.

DH and I made a quiche while we were stuck inside (luckily the gas oven still worked)--chicken and pesto with roasted red peppers--and I'm in love.  I have to try the lower calorie crust and custard recipes though, because there was a lot of butter, shortening, and whipping cream in this one.  I know how to make healthy quiche fillings and I want to try phyllo crust, but DH really wanted to follow the recipe to the T the first time we tried it.  It's so good!  I don't even usually like red peppers.

Needless to say, the exercise is not going as planned.  I have been too exhausted just being upright with insufficient oxygen (that's how stuffy I am).  I'm going to try to rest this one out and then hit th egym once I'm fully recovered.


It's so hard to go to the gym and avoid fattening foods when I'm at work.  For example, today I brought my food but a lot of people are still on vacation, which means there were cookies and brownies left over from lunch in the kitchen when I got tea at 3:30.  And I ate 3, not half of one.  My usual rule is that I can have one if I want at 3, because they're almost always gone by that time.  Hmmm.  And now that it's gym time, my usual gym partner is MIA and I have a headache.  I have a big day tomorrow so I really should get more done today, but all I want to do is go home and make a healthy dinner.  Maybe do some yoga before bed. 

Take care of yourselves, and go read Citycat's blog from yesterday.  It's the message I needed to hear today.

Happy weekend!

Even when I have to work on the weekend, I usually get to sleep in a little.  It feels very different from weekdays, anyway.  Today I got up late and am having a leisurely breakfast before heading out to the East Bay to wander around with friends who live there.  Lunch there will not likely be healthy, but there are all kinds of healthy foods in the fridge for dinner so we'll just play it by ear.

Tomorrow I think I will go in to work for a little while, which means I can also go to yoga in the morning (yay!) and to a movie with my SIL in the South Bay in the afternoon (yay!!) if I am a good worker bee and get stuff done.

Do other people have 4-day weekends?  I wish I did!


I did weigh in this morning, and reset my goals.  I'm at 167.3, which was to be expected.  I gained less than 5 lbs since the last time I went, well over a month ago, so I will not pout about it. 

WW has a new program for the new year, with lots of quizzes.  Apparently, according to the Week 3 quiz, I am an emotional eater.  That's no big surprise, but it does explain why it is so important for me to keep going to WW during busy and hard times, and why I gain quickly when things are otherwise rough in my life.

Things are still a little rough, but I can't use that as an excuse.

I did not make it to the gym last night, some work stuff came up.   I did sign up for the triathlon this morning, and DH and I are going to get me fitted for an inexpensive bike, maybe this weekend!

Today (planned but not eaten in italics):

  • Kashi Pilaf with raisins and 1% milk (much better today with more milk!  It was hard to chew yesterday.)
  • small latte with sugar-free syrup
  • brown rice sushi (tuna & avocado)
  • edamame
  • FiberOne granola bar
  • small apple
  • israeli couscous with baby garbanzos
  • pan grilled chicken cutlet
  • steamed veggies
  • date pudding with custard sauce (the last of Christmas leftovers!)

I need a new water glass.  I always drink a lot of water at work (really, like a gallon) but my beautiful large glass broke just before Christmas and now I'm having trouble remembering to drink. 

The yoga studio was closed yesterday and today so I'll restart my yoga routine on Monday, unless I have to work in the office on Sunday in which case I will do a morning yoga class to ease me into the day.  I am buying a gift certificate for a friend, too, and my yoga buddy will be back from vacation after New Year's.

New day, new beginning?

I prefer to think I'm just picking up where I left off.  I have no idea how much I weigh, but my clothes are tight.  DH decided on Christmas that as of December 26 he is on a diet, so it's a good place for me to get back to basics as well.  It's been a long season of (unsuccessful, so far) job hunting and late nights, and after a few days of vacation I am determined to live sanely, which includes reintroducing my body to healthy food, yoga, and running.

My sister-in-law and I are signing up for a sprint triathlon, which is exciting.  It's not till June and it's very short (400 meter swim, 11 mile bike, 2.5 mile run) but still--right now I don't swim, don't own a bike, and haven't run since October.  I'm planning on doing Couch to 5k again to ramp up my running, looking out for a decent used bike to ride on weekends, and crossing my fingers that the swim will be okay if I'm otherwise in good shape.  I still don't have a saline lap pool anywhere nearby, so chlorine sensitivity is still thwarting my hopes to swim. 

Here are the first two days back on track:


  • 2 slices cardamom bread, no butter
  • 1 serving thai peanut noodles with chicken breast
  • 5 small broiled falafel with lettuce, cucumbers, and lowfat greek yogurt
  • small skim chai
  • 4 small candies from my stocking
  • lots of cleaning house and running errands


  • 1/2 cup Kashi Seven Grain Pilaf with raisins and agave nectar
  • small skim latte
  • leftover falafel and salad
  • fruit
  • 2 small cookies
  • salad with balsamic dressing
  • prawns in wine sauce with roasted veggies
  • one Nut Goodie (candy) from my stocking
  • 30 minutes elliptical (not done yet, once my dinner settles I'm there though)

I'm planning to hit WW tomorrow morning, but I don't know if I'll weigh in.  If I'm back over 170 I'll just be mad at myself, so if I give it a week or two I might do better with motivation.

Looking back at that list above, it is clear that I need to reinstate the "no cookies at lunch" policy.  Le sigh.  They're not even great cookies, so it's completely psychological.  That psychological need for cookies, though, is strong.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!