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lunch season

It's that time again, when we try to convince summer interns that life is just one long lunch after another.  I'm going on my first today and nervous about making good choices.  There's usually something decent, but not always.  And I don't know what restaurant we're going to.  I try to hit up websites and look over the menus if I can, so I go in knowing what I can eat to stay satisfied but not blow it.

Last night I made the mistake of coming home hungry, just as DH was eating pizza.  So I had a few slices instead of the pollo asado and salad that I'd been planning.  But the rest of the day I was good, and I'm hoping to go running tonight.  This time I'm working on not going to extremes, because I did really well before but I wasn't able to sustain the effort.  Diet fatigue definitely sucks. 

I also visited the Y last night.  I think I'll go back tonight and join so I can swim there.  Better hours than the public pool, and hopefully less crowded.

ETA: I weighed myself tonight and I'm down to 168.4!  Looks like my pound gain on Thursday was ToM related after all.  Gotta keep on, though.  I need to figure out a way to get in a workout tomorrow because, sadly, I will be traveling for a funeral (for one of DH's relatives whom I never met) and not sure when a run/bike/swim will fit. 

delicious breakfast

This morning I ate way too much of the oatmeal that I finally made from a recipe PV Princess shared (search ExP for Irish Oatmeal and it'll be the first return, I think).  It was fantastically creamy and perfect for my nervous stomach.  Now I just need to remember to pack one serving at a time!  I had planned on the container I brought lasting two days, but I ate it all.  There are worse things than an overload of steel cut oats, I suppose.

I made more vegetable risotto because we stopped at the farmer's market again.  I also made the abovementioned yummy oatmeal, and for dinner last night I made steamed artichokes, pollo asado, and grilled corn.  I have leftovers of everything but the artichokes, which were just too good to leave on the plate.  So my plan to bring lunch (and dinner?) all week should be a success.  I certainly can't complain that I have nothing to eat!

This weekend SIL and I did a "brick"--30 min biking and 30 min brisk walking--and our long bike ride (10 miles).  My legs are a little sore but it felt really good to get my workouts in!  Now I need to check the pool schedule and make sure I'm able to swim this week.

No fair!

I weighed myself again, and I gained a pound!  Seems unfair, really.  But there were a few missteps this week that could contribute.  ToM is here, though that doesn't usually have a huge effect.  I ate a lot of salt yesterday, so I could be retaining water.  Monday night I had a work-related dinner that involved splitting a bottle of wine, though I did pass on dessert.  And there's the fact that on Tuesday DH made a pile of ravioli that I inhaled with out really thinking about it, only to discover after the fact that I'd eaten 3 servings--1000 calories of pasta alone!  So if I can eliminate those sorts of things the coming week that'll help.

I did do some things right this week.  I exercised Tuesday, yesterday, and today even though ToM has me feeling more like sleeping 16 hours a day.  I didn't eat much crap, just too much of what I did eat.  Hopefully next week it will show better on the scale. 

Goals for the coming week: 

  • Make lunches every day (except tomorrow--I have a business lunch)
  • Swim once
  • Exercise at least 5 days, 2 running

Biked my butt off

We did about 10 miles yesterday, which was really nice.  I do need to do more outdoor training though--it didn't seem bad while we were on the bikes, but I think the sun takes a huge toll on me because I ended up dozing and cooking all afternoon instead of working.  Which was more pleasant, of course, but might come back to bite me later.

I made asparagus and spinach risotto--yum!  DH hates asparagus but it's my favorite.  So I only made him eat one serving and I have the leftovers for lunches this week.  If I'd been thinking I would have done it with vegetable broth instead of chicken so I could share with YB, who would appreciate it more.  I also made buckwheat groats for breakfasts this week, but I think I overcooked them because they're kind of mushy.  I might just stick with the Kashi pilaf from now on.  It's expensive, but it's pretty hard to do wrong. 

I need to step up the training, dudes.

I weighed myself

For the first time in several months.  I knew I was close to my highest weight again, but it was still a little disappointing to see 172 on the scale.

On the upside, I alternated walking and jogging for 3 miles tonight.  I have plans to bike 8 miles with my SIL on Sunday. 

I bought a triathlon outfit for 50% off at a specialty store, and I can swim, bike, and run in the shorts so there's less clothing to change. That was nice, but here's my question: Where the heck do tall/big women get triathlon clothes?  Because my medium-sized butt barely fit into a size Large.  I'm hoping to drop 10 lbs before the triathlon just so they're a little more comfy.  I can always wear something else, but it's a little crazy that the biggest size they carry (in women's--of course there was a huge range for men) barely fits me.  I'm overweight, but I'm not a large human. 

This is not necessarily a rhetorical question.  I really want to buy my SIL something special for doing this with me and I thought since she can't afford specialized clothing maybe that would be nice, but she wears an 18 or 20, and I can't find anything in her size in the places I am used to looking.  Any help from active ladies around here?

tri training!

Last week I started training in earnest for my triathlon.  I should have started way earlier of course, but we only do the things we are able, and I was not able last month.  Work is still rough going--I billed over 250 hours in March and more people around me are quitting, which means fewer people to do the work that's left to go.  But I can't change any of that, so I'll soldier on. 

I took days off this week so on Thursday and Friday I will not be working (yay!) and I'll go camping this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm getting a massage on Thursday (yes!) and I want to maybe call a counselor to help me with my general bummed-outness.  I need coping strategies for stress and anger even if she or he decides I'm not clinically depressed. 

Eating is okay, not great.  I still eat too many sweets, but this month I've been bringing lunch from home so that's generally better for me than eating at work or going out.

So the tri training thus far:

Mon 3/31: elliptical 30 min, walk 10 min (2.75 mi)
Tue 4/1: walk 75 min outdoors (5 miles)
Wed 4/2: yoga 90 min
Thu 4/3: elliptical 30 min, walk 10 min (2.75 mi)
Fri 4/4: walk 75 min outdoors (5 miles)
Sat 4/5: ride bike 5 miles
Sun 4/6: rest
Mon 4/7: walk 60 min outdoors (4 miles); yoga 90 min

Tomorrow I'll bring my bike to work and hopefully ride 6 miles with my SIL (who is also doing the tri).  I want to incorporate swimming once a week, but that'll probably have to wait until Thursday.  I also want to start jogging parts of my outdoor walk.  My SIL won't be running due to a bad knee, but she'll smoke me in the swim so it wouldn't be so bad to run a little.  I might need to if I want to catch up!

Still alive

And still drifting healthwise because I'm letting work get in the way.  Work is doing its damnedest to give me excuses not to exercise, and to eat crap as a reward for not collapsing altogether.  And I'm taking those excuses and running with them.

I went to yoga for the first time since January yesterday, and it felt really good. 

I've been having all kinds of stomach problems that are undoubtedly stress-related (I have an iron stomach when it comes to what I eat) so I've cut out artificial sweeteners and other stuff that can exacerbate IBS-type symptoms.  YB is a vegetarian, and I've decided that I won't eat meat at work anymore in solidarity.  Not that she needs me to help her stay vegetarian, but the catered lunches often leave a lot to be desired for non-carnivores, so if there are more of us eating vegetarian or vegan hopefully we can change that.

I'm also mulling over Ultrametabolism again.  It's planning-intensive, and I'm not sure I can commit to a food plan that requires that kind of foresight.  It would undoubtedly be very good for me, as my allergies have been acting up and I feel headachey and bloated.

Happy Friday!

Positivity is the new mantra for me.  My day will go smoother, feel better, and be more productive if I can banish teh negative thoughts and the blahs. 

Thursday food:

Kashi granola bar sf ff latte 1/2 chicken & avocado sandiwch small portion of pesto pasta salad 2 chocolate almond cookies glass of milk and peanut butter cookie orange caesar salad 3 small falafels 1 oz. dark chocolate

I also did Day 2 of the C25K, so I'm on track with that.


sesame bagel w/ light veggie cream cheese sf ff latte

Goals for today:

no cookies at work (it's a major problem, as you can see from Thursday) sign up at the Y so I can use a pool again!


I fell off the wagon again for a while, partly because of recurring infections that kept me out of the gym and only interested in comfort foods.  I have no idea how much I weigh, but for the sake of my sanity it may stay that way for a while. Right now I'm super full, but because I drank a ton of water as opposed to ate too many cookies.  An improvement!

Work is . . . tough right now.  I'm having serious motivation issues.  Hopefully will have good news on that front soon, or a new plan to get back on track.  So until I have something good I can talk about, I want to get back to posting my food and exercise, as a way to track my training for the triathlon. 

This past weekend I took my first ride on my new road bike (yay!) and yesterday I started Couch to 5k.  I'm joining the Y again, this time an area-wide membership so I have access to a pool.  I probably can't swim often because of my sinuses, but I need to be sure I can do the 1/4 mile!  This weekend I also stopped in a Lucy store out of curiosity and got 2 new pairs of shorts, a top, pants, and a gym bag on clearance for less than $100 total.  I'm quite proud of myself!


sf/ff vanilla latte TLC pumpkin flax granola bar spicy tuna brown rice sushi edamame Newman's Own organic pb cups LOTS of water

Hopefully will make it to yoga tonight, otherwise there's always C25K Day 2.

Blondeez's Monday blues

I haven't withered away to nothing yet, I just didn't make it to weigh-in on Friday.  Call me crazy but if it's raining cats and dogs and I'm too injured to go to yoga, and too busy to stay for the meeting, it's just better to hit up Starbucks for a nonfat, sugar-free latte (I refuse to call it Skinny because that already means nonfat in normal coffee shops) and some low-fat blueberry coffeecake. 

DH made me buy bigger jeans over the weekend because I was complaining that none of mine fit.  I'm glad he did because I'm MUCH more comfortable.  I can get back into the skinny jeans later.  I kept enough of my bigger business attire that work clothes haven't been a problem, but the jeans were killing me.  We also bought gear for my new bike so we can ride together on weekends if it ever stops raining, so I was happy with our purchases. 

I did okay with food today and am now on my way to the gym, so it's a good day.