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bad body day

I'm having a "where did this body come from?!?" day.  I got up early and did C25k Week 2, Day 1, but then when I was getting dressed after showering I looked in the mirror and the curve in from hip to waist was missing.  I think this is exacerbated by the running, only because I can feel all the muscles working hard, and it's surprising to see so much other stuff layered on top of them.  It's also partly that I was so much lighter less than 6 months ago.  Finally, it's because unlike my friends who have their brains set to "I'm fat,"  mine is set to "I'm athletic!"  Which is good for the self-esteem, except for the occasional day when my body in the mirror doesn't reflect that attitude.

I'll probably get over it in another ten minutes.  I feel better already having eaten some oatmeal and read PV Princess's blog anniversary post.  Go read it!  It's excellent and inspiring.  I'll have to remember to commemorate mine--it's coming up on March 22.


Resource on Supplements

I was overwhelmed by the choices in the vitamin & supplement aisle at Trader Joes yesterday, mostly because I had no idea what some of the stuff was supposed to do.

Here is a gov't site that lists some of the more popular supplements, what they are thought to help with, and whether there have been "good" studies that determine whether the supplements work.  A lot of the lists say studies have been poorly designed or inconclusive, but at least I can tell what is claimed now.  I'm sure there are other resources, and I'm not totally into trusting the gov't with my health, but I figure it has a little more legitimacy than some websites for which I have no idea how to judge accuracy of information.

Bestest Core Brunch Ever

I used to eat this ALL the time when I lived in NY, and just realized it's pretty Core friendly:

2 t. olive oil
1 medium red potato, diced small (<1/4 in. cubes)
seasoned salt or other spice of your choice
2 eggs
Cholula brand hot sauce (or other savory--not super-hot--chili sauce of your choice)
Fresh spinach or leftover steamed veggies or tomato or other veg of your choice

Heat oil in frying pan over low-to-medium heat.  Add potato and season lightly.  Cook, stirring often, until browned and tender (~10 min).  It's easier not to burn them if you cover them for most of the time.  Blend eggs in separate bowl with Cholula, to taste.  When potatoes are done, add eggs and veggies, stirring constantly over higher heat until eggs are cooked. 

I used to put cheese on top too--very good with blue or feta or cheddar, depending on what kind of veggies you put in and which spices you use.


up early

I am hoping for at least 2 lbs lower at WW today!  I know BAN has changed quite a bit but it's not the same as WW scales and I actually try not to get my hopes up too far on Sundays.  I'll post the official results later today.

It's raining in San Francisco and I was up very early today.  Probably because I blew off everything I was supposed to do yesterday (not that much, don't worry) and spent the day playing video games or on the couch or cooking.  Anyway, I went to bed around 11 so at 7 when my alarm went off (too lazy to reset it later last night) I was up and at-em.  I did a 25-min yoga for weight loss video, got back in bed to snuggle with DH for a little while, and now am slowly being driven mad by my cats while trying to catch up with my EP friends.

**cute cat story alert**
I have two cats, siblings almost one year old.  One is very adventurous and cannot wait to go outside every morning, the other knows that when he is gone she gets all the petting and so she only goes out for a few minutes at a time.  This morning, when I finally took pity on the moaning kitty at the back door and opened it, he just looked out at the falling water, very sad and a little frightened, and meowed questioningly at me.  He has since been sitting in my lap, demanding an explanation as to why I won't make the outdoors pretty for him.  Our other little kitty, a scaredy cat if there ever was, is cowering at DH's (sleeping) feet and hoping both the rain and her brother will go away soon.  Aww.

**warning:  question about female bodily function**

(wow, I'm full of warnings today)

This place has thus far provided an impressive range of knowledge on all things medical, so I figured it can't hurt to pose my question.  Which is, do any of my female friends suffer from primary dysmenorrhea?  (That's crippling pain and other icky symptoms at the start of your period, not connected to some larger problem like endometriosis)  If so, have you found any way of dealing with it besides the Pill?  If you're one the pill and have tried a couple, which do you find gives you the most relief with the least amount of depression and weight gain?  I went off the pill several years ago because it was exacerbating my depression, but at the time I also had a prescription to take Vioxx once a month.  Since that's off the market, I am without the one thing that seemed to help significantly without major consequences (though maybe it had consequences I couldn't see since it was pulled).  I'm thinking about going back on the Pill for a number of reasons, but any other options would be nice to have instead or even in addition.  So what do you all do?

Down 5 lbs at WI!

Almost there!

Two more days and I'll have completed a whole week of Core!  It hasn't been too hard, though last night I ended up having charbroil chicken and steamed veggies wiht no grain, which mean I was getting hungry by the time I went to bed.  Oh well . . . at least I didn't eat DH's fries and call that a potato!  Also we got home very late so no time to make grains to go with lunch.  I don't know what I'll eat now . . . maybe a repeat on sushi?  There are lots of places around here to get salad I like but I know if I don't have my good carbs I won't be satisfied for very long. 

DH wants to do something fun tonight.  Usually "fun" involves: movies, computer games, and/or going out to dinner.  Anyone got ideas on what we can do at night that is more active?  We like to hike but it'll be a little late for that when I get home. 

c25k Day 2, check!

My MIL is a painter, and there's a reception for her tonight in Santa Cruz at the office/gallery where her work is on display.  Ordinarily I would say "gosh, I guess I can't exercise today" but I did better today.  I didn't get up in time for morning yoga yesterday, and I didn't want to skip 2 days, so I got to work 45 min early despite the rain and did c25k Week 1, Day 2.  I can do that because it's only 20 min to start so with warm up/cooldown and stretching it's about 35.  My hair doesn't get that messed up so 10 min is plenty to rinse off.  Today is the first day I have done that--worked out at work in the morning, so that's a big deal.  Things come up in the evening all the time so I'm going to try to do this more often.

Update on the cranberry front:  they taste much better when I put them in after cooking the oatmeal.  I think the oil leached into the oats and made it taste funny when I cooked them all together.  I have been putting flax seeds in my oatmeal (post cooking, so it doesn't destroy the oils) so I'm not sure if I need more good oils in my food, but I can finish the package and thank DH for thinking of me anyway.

BAN was way lower today than on Sunday.  I just have to keep this up over the weekend and I'll be one week down, 5 to go on the all-Core front.  I haven't been counting the "extras" since all the extras have been minimal flavor-additives (like the spicy tuna roll goo) or stuff that's good for me in limited quantities (like 1/8 c. dried cranberries and less than 150 cals-worth of dark chocolate every day).  Since I think that's under 5 points a day and I'm trying really hard not to deviate otherwise, I'm giving myself the opportunity not to count.  If I start eating crap that's not good for me (no!  don't do it!) I'll have to start counting everything non-Core, and that will be a pain.

I'm a little worried about dinner tonight--we will be about 90 min from home at dinnertime and we don't have a game plan yet.  I may violate the rule about brown rice and have it twice since that's easier to find than other grains, but it's also what I had ready to pack for lunch.  That or I'll have to get my good carbs from some kind of legume.  I'm trying to convince myself that I like beans and lentils, but it hasn't happened yet.


Oh! Mega! Three! Food Review

DH and his friend went shopping on Monday and bought me special Omega-3 cranberries instead of the regular kind.  The producers add in oil pressed from cranberry seeds to enrich the berries with a correct balance of omegas.  I had them in my oatmeal this morning and they taste a little weird, but not bad.  I don't think I'd eat them alone, though, as the texture is affected and they feel a little oily. 


I wrote this last night as an update to yesterday's post but decided this morning that the whole thing was too long and I should break it up.  Yeah, I obsess sometimes.

I did c25k Week 1, Day 1 today.  It wasn't too bad, but I got a decent case of itchy legs about halfway through.  I get that a lot if I haven't been religious about running or brisk walking at least 3 times a week--a dr. said it's probably a combination of the lack of circulation (as the link explains) and then me activating surface itching by scratching at my dry and sweaty skin.  Ew, I know, but I couldn't figure out why this happened and, therefore, avoided running like the plague for years. 

If anyone reading this gets a terrible burning/itching sensation inside your legs, butt, and sides (though I've also gotten it in my arms before) when you run or walk in cooler weather, and it gets really red and worse if you scratch, here's what you do:  make sure you shower before and after exercising and put on lotion (after only) because if you are very clean and don't have dry skin you'll get less skin reaction.  Then ramp up your exercise very gradually--it should be significantly better after a few weeks and go away completely after a few months.  But you have to do aerobic exercise that involves those areas of the body several times a week, consistently, or it will come back.

Had a salad and tabouli from a new Lebanese place--salad was romaine, cucumber, tomato, and onion with calamata olives and oil & vinegar.  I ate all the olives because I love them and it's good fat.  I did not eat much of the tabouli because it was all parsley and hardly any bulgur--boo!  But I'm pretty full so I'll probably have some leftover brown rice later if I feel grain-deprived. 

Night all!

Happy Mardi Gras!

I have always observed Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and given something up for Lent.  I figured this year I would try something else.

One thing that many people don't do for Lent is commit to something.  It's really the same as giving other things up, but I like to frame my actions in a positive way.  So this year I am committing to 40 days of Core for Lent.  That means I am giving up habitual consumption of breads, refined sugar, fatty meats, dairy that contains fat, and anything I identify as a trigger food.  That does not mean that Core is over for me after Easter, but it does mean that I'm not going to half-ass it the way I did over the last three weeks, and I'm going to try to use my 35 points for things that are not core but are still good for me, rather than on the stuff Core is not supposed to include. 

I started early this year since my WW week starts on Sunday--maybe I should have had pancakes on Saturday!  I just got an e-card from my mom asking if I was making them tonight, but nope.  Unless I can find that awesome whey-protein and banana pancake recipe I had when I tried South Beach.  I miss that recipe and I can't find it anymore.  Does anyone else eat pancakes for Mardi Gras?  My family always has but the WW group looked at me like I was nuts when I said that's what Mardi Gras reminded me of. 

Yoga was awesome last night--we have been doing preparatory poses for back bend and I love it because 1) I have terrible problems with posture and closing my chest and 2) I was really good at them when I was a kid so I knew I had the muscle memory somewhere deep in there.  Last night she let people who felt ready try a full bend against the wall--you use a rolled blanket along the baseboard to grip so you don't have to worry about hand/wrist strain while you're getting the rest of the pose right.  And I did it 3 times, for several breaths each time, for the first time since I was about 10, probably!  Funny thing is that today guess what is sore?  Not my back, or my chest, or even my arms.  Just my inner thighs.  Anyway, that was a triumph.  I will feel even more triumphant when I can do even one balancing pose without threatening a whole row of people with my wobbly, oft-toppling failures to launch.  But it was good to do something I knew my body *should* enjoy. 

I want to start Couch to 5k today.  Remind me that I said that at 5:30 tonight! 

happy 3-day weekend!

I went to WW yesterday a.m. and, post-vacation and with not-so-awesome eating Thurs-through-Sat, gained .6.  Which is okay because I am going to LOSE this week.  Really, no excuses time. 

Next weekend I'm going to have to shop for a bridesmaid's dress for my friend's wedding.  I didn't end up altering my wedding dress except the hem (bought it at my then-current size, lost 10 lbs, gained 8 back) so it will be strange buying this one knowing I will probably need to have it altered.  Because even though I plan on being at 145 by September, even the best-laid plans get derailed, so I will buy a dress that fits me when I order it in about a month.

Other news . . . I spent Saturday with DH's fam at SIL's house, which was very nice.  Did our taxes yesterday morning and am happy to say in about 14 days I will pay off another large chunk of student loan.  Played computer games and fixed things around the house, and made purple barley for the first time to go with some chicken cutlets for dinner.  I will definitely soak them overnight next time, because they really did take 90 minutes and a lot of supervision on my overpowered gas stove--the water kept evaporating away and I used about 10 cups of water rather than the 2.5 the package suggested. 

Today I am at work, catching up on a few things and getting ready for yoga at 5:30.  I had brown rice sushi for lunch--if I get to the grocery store when the sushi chefs are working they will make me spicy tuna with whole pieces of tuna, not the mashed up mayo gunk, avocado and minimal spicy goo, which I refuse to count because there's so little of it.  That plus edamame are perfect.  I bought a peach and a nectarine to eat later, and a dark chocolate bar that I have a goal for--make it last all week.  DH is shopping for other things at the store closer to home (the sushi place is by work) and we will probably have leftover barley and extra-lean teriyaki pork loin for dinner, with some steamed veggies.  I am planning to make tabouli and maybe some spelt farroto tonight if I have time, so I have ready-to-eat grains around. 

This post, upon review, is not very interesting.  I'll try to think of something more exciting for tomorrow.  Maybe I'll start addressing cool topics like whether dieting is "un-feminist" instead of just cataloguing my mostly-ordinary life.