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And another year later...

Here I am.  I'm deeply ambivalent about dieting, but need a place to work on my relationship to my body, which for the last 10 months or so has been not so great.  I haven't gained much since I lost the baby weight, but I haven't lost any to be sure.  I am unhappy with how I look, not because I'm fat but because it's clear I am taking the easy way out, functioning from sugar high to sugar high and not giving my body what it needs to really thrive.  Also talking about my body in the third person, as if I am not the stretch-marked belly and strong but also heavy arms and legs that I see when I look in the mirror.
So I'm going to start posting again, and hope that some of my old friends are back, and hope to make some new friends.  I will probably be pretty anti-diet and anti-weight loss-for-its-own-sake, just to warn you.  I am in favor of making positive changes to food and exercise that result in changes in body composition, yes, but also changes in how it feels to inhabit my body.  I want more energy, more ability, more joy from my physical existence.
To that end, I have started a diet--yes, I just said I'm anti-diet, I'm hypocritical and still figuring out what I want--based on the book Ultrametabolism.  My ExP friend Ashley did it with great success before she had her little girl, what seems like ages ago. 
The first four weeks of the plan is an elimination/detox phase.  This was appealing to me because it's possible that some health stuff (sinus problems, headaches) is food-related so it'll be a big bonus if I can figure out what's causing it.  It's also appealing because my main vice is refined sugar, and I'll learn to live without it.  Not that I'm never eating sugar again, but proving to myself that I can is an interesting challenge.  The detox phase is cooking-intensive and restrictive, and I spent a fortune at 3 different health food stores for the groceries for week one, but so far it tastes good and I feel pretty good.  I'm not limiting calories.  I plan on reintroducing almost everything I've cut out, so long as it doesn't make me feel rotten.  I also plan, though, on eating refined, packaged foods less often long-term.  Diet or not, it's just a good idea if you can swing it. 
Other stuff new people might want to know without going back through my long-neglected blog:
  • I work "part time" but that means 40+ hours per week in my field
  • I'm a lawyer on the perpetual hunt for a job--I like being a litigator but know I'm not interested in doing what it takes to be a partner in my current firm so need a new direction
  • I do triathlons--mostly sprint tris (the short distance) but I'd like to do more
  • I have a toddler whose care and feeding takes up most of my non-working time
  • I have a husband who stays home with the toddler part time and is a writer/artist/homemaker
  • I like yoga but haven't done it in a while
  • I make lists like it's my job

With that, another list: Even when I don't have anything deep to say, I'll try to post something about what I'm doing and eating.

  • Breakfast: banana and 1/2 cup almonds
  • Exercise: swimming was canceled because I overslept and then got an urgent work call
  • Snack: quinoa made with soy milk and peaches
  • Lunch: white bean salad over spring mix
  • Snack: daikon and celery sticks with artichoke dip (not the creamy kind, but it smells good)
  • Dinner: salmon with rosemary, sweet potatoes, and lemon asparagus
  • I've never had daikon before, so that will be interesting.  As a kid, even into young adulthood, I wouldn't eat most anything that anyone would call a vegetable, so the fact that many of my meals are entirely plant-based this month is mind-boggling.  Luckily, so far they mostly taste as good or better than what I ate before.  Except breakfast.  I miss dairy and sugar in the mornings.

    Buenos dias, Extrapounds

    So, a lot happened since last summer.  For one thing, I did a half-iron distance Aquabike in August 2009.  For another, I had a baby in April!  Now that she is 3 months old I am thinking that eating more veggies and getting out of the mindset of "I'm breastfeeding, I can eat whatever I want" is necessary, if only for the sake of my knees/hips/other weight-bearing joints.  

    I'm back to triathlon training, even going to team workouts since I'm on maternity leave and don't have to worry about getting there in time from work.  I've done a few splash & dashes but no actual tris this summer because I'm just now contemplating getting on my bike--TMI for sure but other women who have given birth will understand that I wasn't so sure about sitting on anything hard and narrow for any length of time until now.  Plus my feet grew a little and necessitated new bike shoes.  

    I don't know how much I'll keep this up but I noticed a few other friends posting so wanted to put up a quick update for them. :)

    Why, chocolate, why?

    I'm having trouble laying off the sweets.  I was a slug on Monday and Tuesday, and lazy about eating, which showed.  I think those two are related. I also think they can be blamed on ToM.
    BUT I got my new training schedule from my coach so I'm headed home at a decent hour tonight to do a hilly 70 minutes on the bike and then make dinner with DH.  I will not feel guilty about the ice cream and chocolate, I will just plan and execute better for the rest of the week.  This morning I was feeling blah about everything, but I reminded myself that two bad days in a whole month won't kill my training or my waistline.
    Monday 6/8 (rest/stretch)
    B: double fiber english muffin w/ whipped cream cheese and pumpkin butter, Superfood
    L: chicken salad (chicken, avocado, mango, onion), grilled asparagus, wild & brown rice pilaf w. celery, almonds, and dried cranberries, 1 cookie
    S: nectarine, chocolate coververed almonds
    D: 2 hard-boiled eggs, phish food

    Tuesday 6/9 (probably should have done something but didn't have training plan yet)
    B: steel cut oatmeal
    L: small strawberry and green salad w/ champagne vinaigrette, roasted chicken breast over quinoa, zucchini
    S: chocolate covered almonds
    D: cucumber soup, steamed artichoke

    Race Report!

    I got up at 5 this morning and drove down to Quarry Lakes in Fremont so that I could do the Mermaid Sprint Triathlon.  This is the same race that I did for my first triathlon last year, so it was exciting to see what has changed since then!

    My times:
    1/4 mile Swim: 10:04 (last year 13:38)
    11 mile Bike: 36:38 (41:07)
    2.5 mile Run: 34:34 (38:31)
    Total: 1:27:55 (1:39:03)

    More than 11 minutes faster!  That makes me really excited, anyway. 

    I got a pretty good kick to the chest at the beginning of the swim.  I don't care if people want to breaststroke as long as they stay to the sides/back of the pack, but swimming in a huge tangle is difficult enough when it's freestyle and there are no explosive kicks involved!  I managed not to suck up any water, though, so it was more of an annoyance than anything. 

    The bike was awesome.  I maintained 16.4 mph the whole time, which is not amazing considering it's a relatively flat course, but there are a lot of turns and one overpass that isn't so bad until you realize that it's a looped course and you have to cross it 3 times in each direction!

    The run... always the run is difficult.  At this point, it has to be psychological.  I know I can run 2.5 miles in 30 minutes.  I do it all the time.  But I walked a little, which slowed me down considerably. 

    But it didn't slow me down too much!  Much to my own shock and amazement, I placed 3rd among the Athena group 29 and younger (Athenas are women over 150 lbs--you can opt into this group instead of the regular age groups, which are in increments of 5 years.  Athena isn't necessarily less competitive, but it's usually a smaller field). 

    I really had a great day, and now I'm going to do a bunch of cooking and some laundry so I'm ready for the week ahead...

    Yesterday's log:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 veggie sausage links, double-fiber wheat english muffin with butter
    Lunch: turkey meatballs with chow mein noodles and veggies (1/2 serving)
    Snacks @ packet pickup: 100 cal. Pringles, hummus and baby carrots, yogurt, grapes
    Dinner: banana, steamed artichoke w/ lemon butter (light on the butter), baked sweet potato fries, broiled tilapia
    Exercise:  20 min spin on bike

    Quick check-in

    I'm helping with packet pick-up so I'm getting my Saturday lazyness in this morning.  I had a lot of fun at the party last night but this morning am feeling like less alcohol would have been good.  I alternated with water and had less than 1 drink an hour--I was there from 5 till almost 11.  Idunno, not worth feeling guilty about it.

    I'm looking at a lease for a new place, closer to work!  I am not really ready to move, but is anyone really ready, ever?  I need to be closer to work, and we need to have lower rent, so it's time.  It's a great place, plenty of room and wood floors, which I love.  I know, more sweeping of cat hair, but whatevs dude.  I love them.

    Yesterday's log:
    Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal, Superfood, banana
    Lunch: 2 fried eggs, 3 cups salad greens with 1/2 cup salsa and 1/2 avocado, nectarine
    Snack: 1 brownie bite
    Workout: Swim/Run was: pretty good.  Felt strong on the swim.
    Snack: grapes, yogurt
    Dinner: 3 hard ciders, 1.5 beers, 1/2 chicken quesadilla with guacamole, peanuts

    It's a taper week

    This Sunday I'll be racing in the Mermaid Triathlon at Quarry Lakes in Fremont--the same race in which I did my first triathlon about a year ago.  This year I'm much better trained and prepared, so my goal is to beat all three times from last year and run the entire run portion.  It's a fast, flat course and much shorter than the race I did last month so it should be a fun day for me.

    Since it's the week before a race, I get to do what's called a taper, where I decrease my exercise gradually so by the time Sunday morning rolls around I'm just bursting with energy and want to go!  I had three rest days on schedule this week, which is unheard of--usually I have one rest/stretching day--and three swim/run bricks.  Running is still my least favorite part of triathlon, but I'm getting better at it.  It helps that Coach is a runner and keeps giving me more run workouts so I get more comfortable, no matter how much I whine.

    Yesterday was one of my rest/stretch days, so here's my log for the day:

    Breakfast: double-fiber wheat english muffin with 1 tbsp. natural peanut butter, banana
    Snack: 4 oz. yogurt, hot cocoa
    Lunch:  1 cup chilled cucumber soup; 2 cups salad greens with light caesar dressing; 1/2 avocado and 2 slices pepper jack cheese on whole wheat
    Snack: ~1 cup cherries
    Dinner: 12 pcs spicy tuna roll (w/ cucumber & avocado), 4 oz. edamame in shell
    Workout: 30 min easy on elliptical, 20 min stretching
    Dessert: 10 chocolate covered almonds

    Today I've got my last brick of the week--an easy 1200 yards in the pool (that should take me about 30 min) and then a 25 min run with 6 sprint intervals (20 second sprints followed by 2 min recovery).  I have a meeting for work even though it's my day off, but it shouldn't take long and then I'm meeting my friend M to do the workout together before we go to a farewell party I'm hosting for another friend who is leaving the firm.  M isn't a triathlete (yet!) but she and I trained for and ran a 10k together in the spring, and she's thinking about signing up for a marathon for the end of summer.  She used to be my closest friend at work, but she quit about a year ago so now we are running buddies--just as good for me and better for her sanity. 

    I weighed myself this morning--182.3  That means I'm not allowed to weigh myself again until July 3.  Hold me to it, okay?

    Coming back for a minute

    I weigh more than I ever have--something over 180--but I feel better than I have in a long time.  What's the difference?
    I stopped worrying about gaining weight.  Not to say I've managed to be perfectly happy about my size right now, but being unhappy and going on bouts of dieting/binging was not helping anything.  So I'm not weighing or measuring or saying anything is off-limits anymore.
    I went part-time at my job.  I know that's a huge luxury, and I don't know how long I'll be able to do it, but it's saving my sanity. 
    I signed up for at least one race every month through September.  Racing gives me something to train for, something to look forward to, and a sense of accomplishment.  Look what my body can do!
    I hired a coach for triathlon training.  Again, I'm lucky to be able to do this.  She tells me what to do, so I don't have the option of slacking. 
    She also has me send a food log, which so far has netted an "eat more overall, more veggies, more protein.  less pasta and cake."  Eating more during the day has diminished the feeling of "OMG must eat cake now or die" that I used to get around 3 every afternoon. 
    I've been toying with the idea of restarting this blog and weighing myself once a month, just to see.  No judgment, just observation.  Ashley's return to the land of the bloggers has given me the push that I needed.  So hi everyone, I'm back!  I'm planning to post my food and training log and race reports here, maybe also some recipes as I figure out how to fit in all these vegetables and things into my diet.  We'll see how it goes.

    New blog

    Well, I'm outta here.  I know I haven't been around in a while but I do think of my ExP buddies often, so if any of you want to join me on Blogger, my new blog is called "Why Not?" and it's at

    This blog has been awesome, but since my main focus is definitely not dieting these days, I needed a more general forum.  Or maybe I just got bored with dieting, though certainly not with you all.



    aw, crud

    So maybe I ate a little ice cream this weekend.  It was really hot.  There's still no call for me to be up four pounds from a week ago!  I really hate it when the scale does not reflect my efforts. 

    I am 3 for 3 on exercise this week--yoga Monday, bike 14 miles yesterday, elliptical 3 miles today.  The power was out at yoga on Monday and I think I wasn't careful enough not to overstretch in the warm studio.  About 10 minutes into my run on the treadmill today my legs started cramping and no amount of stretching was helping.  For some reason the elliptical felt better, so for now I'm saying any cardio is good cardio. 

    I want to keep running outdoors--on the one hand it's tough on me, on the other it's more interesting than the gym and it's toughening up my feet for the next triathlon.  But the fires around here mean we're being advised not to exercise outdoors, so I'll stay in for now. 

    I didn't get around to making lunch today so I had 2 slices of pizza at work, but then had yogurt and fruit for dinner.  Overall not too bad, and I've been really good all week.  I'm blaming the 4 pounds on ToM.  Time will tell if I'm right, and hopefully the weight will take its leave soon either way.

    I am a Triathlete!

    Too long gone from here, I know.  Things are still unsettled professionally and personally, as we will probably be moving again to a smaller place (roommate can't afford the rent anymore and we can't without his contribution) and I've been unhappy at work.  I am hoping it's just a slump, but it's been a long slump. 

    The good news is I did my sprint triathlon on Saturday!  I finished in just under 100 minutes, alternating walking and jogging for the run portion.  I hadn't trained as much as I wanted, but I did it and had a lot of fun.  I want to do another one, and DH is interested in doing one with me so I am looking into a coed sprint race later this summer.  Times are below:

    Swim    00:13:38.0 (400 M)
    T1         00:04:39.2 
    Bike      00:41:07.4  (11 miles)
    T2         00:01:12.4 
    Run      00:38:31.8  (2.5 miles)
    Finish   01:39:08.8 

    I'll update my weight later this week--I'm afraid it won't have changed much, or even went up.  Cest la vie, I need to concentrate on getting my head straight so I have the energy to focus on eating better.