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  • Name: blondeez
  • City: San Francisco
  • Region: California
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Height: 162.6cm
Start weight: 172.00lb
Current weight: 183.00lb
Goal weight: 160.00lb
Lost to date: -11.00lb
Remaining: 23.00lb

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And another year later...

Here I am.  I'm deeply ambivalent about dieting, but need a place to work on my relationship to my body, which for the last 10 months or so has been not so great.  I haven't gained much since I lost the baby weight, but I haven't lost any to be sure.  I am unhappy with how I look, not because I'm fat but because it's clear I am taking the easy way out, functioning from sugar high to sugar high and not giving my body what it needs to really thrive.  Also talking about my body in the third person, as if I am not the stretch-marked belly and strong but also heavy arms and legs that I see when I look in the mirror.
So I'm going to start posting again, and hope that some of my old friends are back, and hope to make some new friends.  I will probably be pretty anti-diet and anti-weight loss-for-its-own-sake, just to warn you.  I am in favor of making positive changes to food and exercise that result in changes in body composition, yes, but also changes in how it feels to inhabit my body.  I want more energy, more ability, more joy from my physical existence.
To that end, I have started a diet--yes, I just said I'm anti-diet, I'm hypocritical and still figuring out what I want--based on the book Ultrametabolism.  My ExP friend Ashley did it with great success before she had her little girl, what seems like ages ago. 
The first four weeks of the plan is an elimination/detox phase.  This was appealing to me because it's possible that some health stuff (sinus problems, headaches) is food-related so it'll be a big bonus if I can figure out what's causing it.  It's also appealing because my main vice is refined sugar, and I'll learn to live without it.  Not that I'm never eating sugar again, but proving to myself that I can is an interesting challenge.  The detox phase is cooking-intensive and restrictive, and I spent a fortune at 3 different health food stores for the groceries for week one, but so far it tastes good and I feel pretty good.  I'm not limiting calories.  I plan on reintroducing almost everything I've cut out, so long as it doesn't make me feel rotten.  I also plan, though, on eating refined, packaged foods less often long-term.  Diet or not, it's just a good idea if you can swing it. 
Other stuff new people might want to know without going back through my long-neglected blog:
  • I work "part time" but that means 40+ hours per week in my field
  • I'm a lawyer on the perpetual hunt for a job--I like being a litigator but know I'm not interested in doing what it takes to be a partner in my current firm so need a new direction
  • I do triathlons--mostly sprint tris (the short distance) but I'd like to do more
  • I have a toddler whose care and feeding takes up most of my non-working time
  • I have a husband who stays home with the toddler part time and is a writer/artist/homemaker
  • I like yoga but haven't done it in a while
  • I make lists like it's my job

With that, another list: Even when I don't have anything deep to say, I'll try to post something about what I'm doing and eating.

  • Breakfast: banana and 1/2 cup almonds
  • Exercise: swimming was canceled because I overslept and then got an urgent work call
  • Snack: quinoa made with soy milk and peaches
  • Lunch: white bean salad over spring mix
  • Snack: daikon and celery sticks with artichoke dip (not the creamy kind, but it smells good)
  • Dinner: salmon with rosemary, sweet potatoes, and lemon asparagus
  • I've never had daikon before, so that will be interesting.  As a kid, even into young adulthood, I wouldn't eat most anything that anyone would call a vegetable, so the fact that many of my meals are entirely plant-based this month is mind-boggling.  Luckily, so far they mostly taste as good or better than what I ate before.  Except breakfast.  I miss dairy and sugar in the mornings.

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