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Why, chocolate, why?

I'm having trouble laying off the sweets.  I was a slug on Monday and Tuesday, and lazy about eating, which showed.  I think those two are related. I also think they can be blamed on ToM.
BUT I got my new training schedule from my coach so I'm headed home at a decent hour tonight to do a hilly 70 minutes on the bike and then make dinner with DH.  I will not feel guilty about the ice cream and chocolate, I will just plan and execute better for the rest of the week.  This morning I was feeling blah about everything, but I reminded myself that two bad days in a whole month won't kill my training or my waistline.
Monday 6/8 (rest/stretch)
B: double fiber english muffin w/ whipped cream cheese and pumpkin butter, Superfood
L: chicken salad (chicken, avocado, mango, onion), grilled asparagus, wild & brown rice pilaf w. celery, almonds, and dried cranberries, 1 cookie
S: nectarine, chocolate coververed almonds
D: 2 hard-boiled eggs, phish food

Tuesday 6/9 (probably should have done something but didn't have training plan yet)
B: steel cut oatmeal
L: small strawberry and green salad w/ champagne vinaigrette, roasted chicken breast over quinoa, zucchini
S: chocolate covered almonds
D: cucumber soup, steamed artichoke

Comments to this post:

I know the feeling

Hey, your post title caught my attention!  Chocolate is my downfall..
Hang in there and have fun on your bike ride and the training and give yourself a break - sounds like you are getting back into things (same here). 


Your meals sound yummy!  I LOVE asparagus!  Have you tried reaching for fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth during TOM?  That helps me.  Or else 150 cal desserts are a nice way if I MUST HAVE something that's an actual dessert.

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