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It's a taper week

This Sunday I'll be racing in the Mermaid Triathlon at Quarry Lakes in Fremont--the same race in which I did my first triathlon about a year ago.  This year I'm much better trained and prepared, so my goal is to beat all three times from last year and run the entire run portion.  It's a fast, flat course and much shorter than the race I did last month so it should be a fun day for me.

Since it's the week before a race, I get to do what's called a taper, where I decrease my exercise gradually so by the time Sunday morning rolls around I'm just bursting with energy and want to go!  I had three rest days on schedule this week, which is unheard of--usually I have one rest/stretching day--and three swim/run bricks.  Running is still my least favorite part of triathlon, but I'm getting better at it.  It helps that Coach is a runner and keeps giving me more run workouts so I get more comfortable, no matter how much I whine.

Yesterday was one of my rest/stretch days, so here's my log for the day:

Breakfast: double-fiber wheat english muffin with 1 tbsp. natural peanut butter, banana
Snack: 4 oz. yogurt, hot cocoa
Lunch:  1 cup chilled cucumber soup; 2 cups salad greens with light caesar dressing; 1/2 avocado and 2 slices pepper jack cheese on whole wheat
Snack: ~1 cup cherries
Dinner: 12 pcs spicy tuna roll (w/ cucumber & avocado), 4 oz. edamame in shell
Workout: 30 min easy on elliptical, 20 min stretching
Dessert: 10 chocolate covered almonds

Today I've got my last brick of the week--an easy 1200 yards in the pool (that should take me about 30 min) and then a 25 min run with 6 sprint intervals (20 second sprints followed by 2 min recovery).  I have a meeting for work even though it's my day off, but it shouldn't take long and then I'm meeting my friend M to do the workout together before we go to a farewell party I'm hosting for another friend who is leaving the firm.  M isn't a triathlete (yet!) but she and I trained for and ran a 10k together in the spring, and she's thinking about signing up for a marathon for the end of summer.  She used to be my closest friend at work, but she quit about a year ago so now we are running buddies--just as good for me and better for her sanity. 

I weighed myself this morning--182.3  That means I'm not allowed to weigh myself again until July 3.  Hold me to it, okay?

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cool diet

Man, you must be in some serious shape to do a triathlon!  You go girl!  Your diet looks fantastic!

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