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aw, crud

So maybe I ate a little ice cream this weekend.  It was really hot.  There's still no call for me to be up four pounds from a week ago!  I really hate it when the scale does not reflect my efforts. 

I am 3 for 3 on exercise this week--yoga Monday, bike 14 miles yesterday, elliptical 3 miles today.  The power was out at yoga on Monday and I think I wasn't careful enough not to overstretch in the warm studio.  About 10 minutes into my run on the treadmill today my legs started cramping and no amount of stretching was helping.  For some reason the elliptical felt better, so for now I'm saying any cardio is good cardio. 

I want to keep running outdoors--on the one hand it's tough on me, on the other it's more interesting than the gym and it's toughening up my feet for the next triathlon.  But the fires around here mean we're being advised not to exercise outdoors, so I'll stay in for now. 

I didn't get around to making lunch today so I had 2 slices of pizza at work, but then had yogurt and fruit for dinner.  Overall not too bad, and I've been really good all week.  I'm blaming the 4 pounds on ToM.  Time will tell if I'm right, and hopefully the weight will take its leave soon either way.

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Blasted TOM!

Maybe it's a combo of heat/dehydration/TOM water retention.  I hope it was all TOM's fault and those pounds have started to fall off as quickly as they appeared.

I think you did a great job balancing out your food for the day with a simple little calorie shuffle rather than just throwing in the towel altogether.

Sorry for being an absolutely horrible blog buddy :(

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