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I am a Triathlete!

Too long gone from here, I know.  Things are still unsettled professionally and personally, as we will probably be moving again to a smaller place (roommate can't afford the rent anymore and we can't without his contribution) and I've been unhappy at work.  I am hoping it's just a slump, but it's been a long slump. 

The good news is I did my sprint triathlon on Saturday!  I finished in just under 100 minutes, alternating walking and jogging for the run portion.  I hadn't trained as much as I wanted, but I did it and had a lot of fun.  I want to do another one, and DH is interested in doing one with me so I am looking into a coed sprint race later this summer.  Times are below:

Swim    00:13:38.0 (400 M)
T1         00:04:39.2 
Bike      00:41:07.4  (11 miles)
T2         00:01:12.4 
Run      00:38:31.8  (2.5 miles)
Finish   01:39:08.8 

I'll update my weight later this week--I'm afraid it won't have changed much, or even went up.  Cest la vie, I need to concentrate on getting my head straight so I have the energy to focus on eating better.

Comments to this post:


Totally cool - congratulations..

Ironman next? ;)

I'm impressed

Not only that you're a triathlete, but that you're still here on EP after all your ups and downs. You and I are in it for the long haul, right? Shoot me an email and tell me about your work woes. I promise to respond. I've missed you!


You totally rock!

First of all - amazing job at just getting through it!  I bet that felt awesome!!  Even better that you might have yourself a buddy for the next one! That has to help a little at making it easier to keep up with your training.

It also sounds like you still have a lot on your plate, and even more so now with the housing situation.  I really feel bad for you.  Being unhappy at work is so hard - especially with no real semblance of a light at the end of the tunnel

Anyways, the big thing here is you totally rock, and you've accomplished something huge!  I know I could never do it!

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