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  • Name: berniezaire
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Height: 180.3cm
Start weight: 226.00lb
Current weight: 219.60lb
Goal weight: 185.00lb
Lost to date: 6.40lb
Remaining: 34.60lb

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Having a Hard time....

But I'm still here still alive.  Trying to get through the holidays without gaining anymore.  I seldom get on the scale, but when I do I'm am not feeling what I see....  But I am not discouraged.
My mantra is still 39 and FINE 40 and FABULOUS.
My stomach doesn't seem like it's working like it should.. I think there are some diogestion issues going on and quite frankly if I'd just listen to my stomach I would be ALOT better off.
I miss you all.  You can find me on Facebook too...Shawne Marshall

So.....Enough is Enough?

I feel like have a blog with that title already.  Soon I will brave enough to post what I've gained.  But I'm kinda lurking around here and there.  Don't really know where everyone is anymore, but I'm still alive at least.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Not Good!


It's been a minute huh?  Ofcourse it has......Why?  Who knows.  What I do know is I'm not doing great at all.  I haven't lost a pound.  I started back excercising intermittently...something always happens when I try to gain the kiddo gets sick or childcare times at the Y don't agree with my schedule etc etc.
So, presently I am just taking stock of Who, What, When, Where and Why?
Remembering everything that I have tried to use as incentive.  All the smoke I blew up my own ass and where I am at today.  Fastly approaching the current state of affairs.
I think I am honestly addicted to POST Raisin Bran---no other.  And I refuse to only pour out the recommended serving size.  I will fill up my bowl and I was actually fooling myself as to how many points it really was.  I did calculations today and that one bowl of cereal/including milk is approximately 15 points. 
I had to quit Weight Watchers, I don't even remember if I put that in my last post or not.  New house----other priorities---I may re-join after things have settled but only online. 
What I do know is I am getting uncomfortable again.  I know I need to get control or I may lose all my hard work.  And I need to find out what is wrong with me.
Last night alone after getting off work and after eating my dinner at work I
1) Sampled the babysitters stuffed pork chops.
2) Had 2 small squares of the babysitters brownies
3) Left--- went home---grabbed a halloween pack of m&m's
4)then grabbed a halloween reeses
5)then had 2 ff jello cups with whip
6)glass of wine
7)tsp of peanut butter
I was not hungry----WTH!
Pray for me please!

I'm gearing up

To get back on the wagon.  I've fallen off for so long and I'm done moving in getting everything in order and I'm ready to begin again.  They have started another weight loss challenge here at work and I'm not gonna make any promises, but there's not gonna be too much more giving up $20.00 bucks for nothing stuff.  I do know that. So I am participating.

I don't know how much I way but I do not believe it is more than when I first started over after surgery.  I know we shouldn't avoid the scale, but I have been. 


I'm going to try and add a picture.




Talk to you soon.

2 Months.

That is a record!  I'm still around.  Just got moved into our new home.  I don't like moving very much.  Now I need to get rid of alot of stuff.  Didn't have a refirdgerator for almost 12 days so needless to say didn't worry too much about eating healthy with all the other stress that is involved with this.  Didn't win the "biggest loser challenge at work.  The results weren't terribly impressive so I don't feel horible and they are already getting ready to start another so all is not lost.

I hope everyone is doing the best they can.  Just keep on the grind people.

Back Up!

Bleeck.  It never lasts.....most times.  But I know exactly what I did and there's no point in trying to justify it.  But I do know that when I start getting close to that somewhat comfortable 215 I start getting comfortable.  Nuff said.  I'm not gonna stop. Note to self......NEVER get too comfortable unless your on a cruise or in the Bahamas or any other tropical other than Texas destination!

Hugs and Kisses to ALL!


No Change.

This week has been weird.  Due to some laziness on my part with BC ---- TOM has somewhat begun---then stalled then begun again.  So , I'm almost positive I'm holding onto some water.

But no worries.  I'm staying somewhat focused.  I can't stress out too much or I will go overboard.  I have that kind of personality "*F* it"  alot.  or "oh well".....  This week a haircut beat out working out.  And on top of all that trying to get my daughter well is a weekly chore.  She's constantly got a runny nose or cough.  I hear this happens most times when you put babies in daycare but it has been 5 months now.  I think she should be over it.  But I will continue to nurse her and pray on it.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!  I'll be at work....

Another Month?!?!?

Well, almost anyway.  But honestly not alot is going on.  The same struggles at this point.  It's going down albeit still as slow as molasses and for the exact same reasons. 

I have come up with some extra motivation.  There are only 12 weeks left in our challenge at work.  I have decided to push it on out because not only can we win a nice pot of money but if I do win that $500.00 can be used to pay off 2 bills.  And since we are smack dab in the middle of purchasing a new house I definitely need that more than any new wardrobe. 

So I will continue to press forward.  Wish me luck on the next weigh-in I can get back to my original halfway point, and then its nothing but down hill from there.  I hope everyone is doing fine.  I'm gonna check in on a few people.  Have a great Sunday!


Trying to Wrap my head back around getting BACK into the GAME.

That's a long title huh?  I couldn't think of anything witty.  But who really cares.

I've been having conversations with myself these last couple of days as to why I let myself teeter around this weight.  I got on the scale this morning and mt BAN was 221 and some change.  And then I said to myself, well it's NOT that the plan isn't working it's just that you aren't putting in the required effort. (this is me talking to myself)  So....I decided to come back and attempt to be more present. 

I've revitalized my friends list.  And no I didn't delete, I just hid thoses that haven't been around in months.  (many months).  Now there is one that I left visible because I know through other sources what is going on with, he stays Because he's awesome! 

I forget when our biggest loser challenge ends but I know I need to get my act together and from what I'm seeing I still very much so have a chance even though I only made the TOP 5 once in 10 weeks. Grrrr!

I've checked on almost everyone.  Keep up the good work guys!  And if you're down in the dumps like me, just keep your head up, maybe will come around together.

What it boils down to IS........

My dedication is just not there.  Why?  I don't know.  Last week though I did 3 days of 60 mins water aerobics and weight training though.  But my eating was rather careless. 

We went to an eatery called Craig-O's.  I had never been there before BUT I indulged in an eggplant parmesan hot sub.  OMG! Absolutely divine.  Oh, and holy moly I DID NOT turn down my husband when he said he wanted Golden Chick.  So, yes, I've been a bad girl.  Well, not necessarily bad.  Just not mindful.  But it was good.  Oh and for my birthday we had Catfish Parlour my absolute favorite fried fish and I had dessert.  So, there you have it.  I've fessed up to the worst of my indiscretions.

Now what eerks me is that I am on week 14 with WW's.  And mind you I haven't been 100% OP obviously.  And a grand total of what 6 pds /- only loss.  But what is one to expect? 

I'm just being real with myself.  I'm going to keep pressing on.  I'm not going to be unrealistic.  This week I will again say that I am aiming for 216 BAN and 217 with WI clothes. 

Rose I will see you on Saturday the 12th.  Let me know if y'all are still at the 0930 meeting.