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still here

hey everyone, just a quick update.  i'm still here, haven't fallen off the wagon (hey miss vee lol).  i'm still losing weight, i've lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks in our biggest loser on the job competition. 

honestly....i'm feeling very blah right now.  i haven't worked out in the past 3 days and i have no desire to.  probably won't start back working out until tuesday....my body needs a break.  if i worked out right now i wouldn't be giving it my all, and even though i have to weigh in tomorrow i am just not motivated to sweat it out right about now.  

i don't know why, but today i have been feeling REALLY down.  actually, i do know why i've been down today i just hate it when it happens.  i've been nursing a heartbreak for a few months now and some days the pain hits me harder than other days.  i guess today was one of those days where all i did was lay around and be sad and think about the big mistake i made in dealing with him and how now it's going to be even harder for the next  man.  i try not to let things get me down, but it's really a tough situation for me because it takes a lot for me to love someone but when i do fall in love i fall hard and you better believe it's the real thing.  so when it comes to an end (and it should have never began anyway), the pain is almost unbearable.  i'm sure a lot of you ladies (and gentlemen if you are reading), know where i'm coming from. 

some say that the only way to get over a man is to get under another one, but i say only time can heal....that's why i've been spending so much time focusing on myself and my weight loss.  it's the one thing that makes me feel good about myself so i'm going to keep on keeping on!

oh i forgot to mention that i'm going to be an aunt for the first time.  my baby sister and fellow ep member mirandat is pregnant!!! 

Week 4 of 12 - 3 lbs lost, 12 total lost

Hey everyone, just wanted to do a quick update before I go to bed because i am TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our 4th weigh in, and I lost 3 lbs.  Color me SHOCKED  !!!! (if you read my previous post you'll know why!!!)  So this brings my total for month one to 12 pounds.  As a team, we lost 4 pounds.  We actually lost 6, i lost 3, another lost 2, another lost 1, but one girl gained 2 pounds (sigh)....so our total team loss is 4 lbs. 

At our group workout tonite, my trainer came up to me and basically told me that he needed me to "carry the team".  I guess he feels like I am the only one motivated enough to push myself on the team.  I do think that most of my teammates lost motivation the past week, and I am certainly no exception because last week I just didn't care.....but I had to check myself and I know that I can do this!  It's not even about winning anymore, I just want to lose this weight!!!  I know my team can get it back on track, and have that motivation that we had when we initially started, but it's hard to keep that motivation up all the time!!

Ok, let me get to bed now, a sista is tired and needs her beauty rest.  No smart comments please, LOL.

Yall play smart this week!!!!


Crash and Burn(ed) Out

Ok, so let me tell yall, this week has been TOUGH!!!!  Blame it on "time of the month", but by Wednesday I began to make some poor food choices.  I started craving salty foods like chips and fries, then I started craving a burger from Sonic (which I did end up getting).  Thursday I had chinese food (general tso's chicken and TWO egg rolls ).  Friday I missed work because I felt so fatigued and burnt out that I couldn't get out of the bed.  I guess all that working out caught up with me and that was my body's way of telling me "FOOL get somewhere and sit down".  LOL.  

When I finally did get up on Friday, I went to KMart and Target in search of new workout videos to switch things up with my workouts cause I am getting bored with doing the same videos over and over.  Target had NOTHING of interest which shocked me considering they used to carry a lot of workout videos.  Kmart is where I lucked up and found some firm DVDs that I didn't have.  I ended up getting Boot Camp Maximum Calorie Burn....which is a BEAST (I tried it out Friday night).   Actually there were three workouts on one DVD for 19.98 which is a steal considering the videos usually sell for 15 bucks each.   So this should tide me over til the Firm released their new videos in March .

As for the biggest loser at work update, our team is now in DEAD LAST.  They posted the results on the intranet at work and although I wasn't surprised I was still very disappointed.  Our team has 2 months to get it together and win this thing.  I am very frustrated with one of the team members who has gained back the three pounds that she lost.  It seems like she doesn't want to make the effort to lose weight while the rest of us are struggling and losing weight.  None of us saw her at the gym this week, and that's not to say she hasn't been working out, but she also hasn't responded to many of our emails.  It really is frustrating and it almost makes me want to just do this thing as an individual.  Matter of fact, this week I am going to be headed to the gym as soon as I get off work...before I had been waiting for my team members to get off work so we could work out together, but not this week.....is that selfish of me?

So now I'm nervous about weighing in tomorrow cause I know that I haven't done my best this week.   I'm going to do 2 workouts today instead of one, even if it kills me!!!!  Maybe I will maintain my weight this week, because if I gain I will be sooo disappointed and not to mention embarassed.

Take care everyone!


Week 3 of 12 - Down 1 lb - 9 lbs loss total

Ugh.  I am very frustrated that I only lost a pound this week.  I know, I know....a loss is a loss is a loss, but I just wanted more.  Funny thing is deep down I KNEW my body wouldn't let me lose another 4 lbs this week.   So I'll stop my complaining and carry on .  Sigh...

Even worse news, as a team we GAINED a pound this week.  I lost one pound, another teammate lost a pound, one person stayed the same, and the other teammate gained three pounds .  So we've definitely got our work cut out for us for the next weigh in and I wouldn't be surprised if we fall to third (last) place amongst the three teams.  Not cool.

You know, I'm trying to be positive about things, but I can't help but be frustrated that as a team we're really not losing much weight.  I understand everyone has a different lifestyle than I do (I am single with no kids), so to a certain extent I have a definite advantage.  However, it just seems as though some people are just not making as much of an effort, I just can't see myself gaining 3 lbs in one week on this competition.   Even if you have to cook for someone else or you go out to eat more often you can still make good choices. right?? Let me hush before I jinx myself LOL. 

And to add injury to insult, OUR TRAINER REALLY BEAT US DOWN TONITE.  We went outside and jogged, then came back in and did some circuit training, then he had us climbing up and down on this table (kind of reminded me of the tall box climbs on the firm so I did pretty good with that).  The kicker was the treadmill though....he had us inclined so high I thought I was gonna fall off, then we jogged on the treadmill....oh my goodness my chest still hurts from breathing so hard.  I thought I was gonna die.... and I think our trainer wanted us to die considering we gained as a team this week.

So for the rest of this week I'm going to have to make sure that I am eating the right kinds of foods and not do so much nibbling like I have done the past few days. More fruits and veggies, good lean protein, easy on the bread, keep on with the water, keep my exercise routine going and add some new workouts to the mix and all should be right with the world (and with the scale when I hop on it next Monday).  Right?

Yall pray for me!!!


carbohydrate overload - yuck!

ok so today hasn't been the best of days for me...my eating has kind of been off base.  i've eaten wayyyy to many carbohydrates today and not nearly enough protein.  and i don't know if it's a mind thing or not, but i feel yucky from all the carbs that i have eaten today. i started off with a bagel and lite cream cheese, then i had some combos for a snack (not a good choice but i was STARVING with limited options), lunch was 2 sammies from Quiznos (they were SOOOOOOOO GOOD), and for dinner i had a small fry from mcdonalds).  yes you read right, i had an order of small fries from mcdonalds.  actually i had gotten a grilled chicken sammidge from there to go with it, but the sandwich just didn't taste done so i trashed it and ate the fries.  sigh....i mean i know i could have made better HEALTHIER choices today, but oh well.....can't cry over spilt milk right?   i'm bored with my food choices right now, but hopefully this will pass. 

i did venture out of town for a little while this afternoon and spent the afternoon with my sister and fellow EP member MirandaT. I love spending time with sis, she always brings out the worst in me, LOL.  i wanted to stay for dinner, but decided not too because i LOVES ME some sloppy joes and i know i would have eaten 3 or 4 of them.  so i had to remove myself from that situation stat.    By the way Miranda, you were looking mightly slim in dem jeans girl, keep up the good work!!!

I also attempted to work out today, but i only did like 15 minutes of cardio.  I was just not up for it.  today feels like a bust, but i think it was my body's way of telling me to take a break.

there are other things i want to talk about on this blog, but it seems like when i sit down to write about things i lose focus and end up writing blogs like this one.  one day im going to get deep on yall, just consider this a warning. ha ha.

hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend .


Week 2 of 12 - Down 4 lbs, 8 lbs total lost

At our second weigh in for the biggest loser challenge at work yesterday I lost another 4 lbs.  So that brings my total to 8 pounds in 2 weeks!!!!  I really wasn't expecting it because I know how my body likes to hold on to weight.  But I was soooo excited to see that I had dropped another four pounds.  Our team lost a total of 9 pounds this week so almost half of that was me :)  I was so proud of myself, but I am definitely not trying to get cocky because we have 10 weeks left and I really need to stay focused on losing as much weight as I possibly can.  I also can't wait to see what the other two teams lose this week, our team is currently in 2nd place. We also lost one of our team members to an injury so we are down to 4 teammates instead of 5.  I think our trainer was slighly disappointed in us considering 2 of our teammates lost 1 pound each.....I think he was expecting more from everyone...but oh well, maybe next week we'll do better.....

Ok enough rambling now, I must get to the gym to get my workout on :)  Until next time....

Pimp My Salad

I had a totally pimped out salad today for lunch.  I took a basic 99 cent side salad from wendy's and hooked it up with some diced turkey, diced onion, garlic flavored croutons, bacon bits, and topped it off with some reduced fat honey mustard dressing.  It was yummy, I kid you not.  It was so handsome that I even took a picture of it, but it came out all blurry (crappy phone camera ) and I won't share it with you since it just wouldn't do it justice. LOL.

Seriously though, tomorrow is weigh in number 2 for our biggest loser competition at work.  I am confident that I have lost some weight, but at the same time I won't get too excited because I know how the scale is sometimes....so stay tuned and pray for some good results for me :) .  I need all the encouragement I can get. 

So let's see.....I worked out 6 out of 7 days this week.  We had another torturous group workout with our trainer on Thursday that consisted of more running, jogging, running up hills, and light weight training.  Eating has been GOOD!  I am finding that all this water drinking is really making me crave food less.  This is a good thing I guess and believe it or not lately I am having to MAKE myself eat, strange aint it, LOL.

You know what really ticks me off sometimes? Those hidden calories and fat in foods that you really don't expect.  Case in point, I had a regular chicken sammidge from chick fil a this week and decided to get me some polynesian sauce to put on it instead of mayonnaise.  MAN THAT WAS THE BEST SAMMIDGE EVER.   So later on when I logged on to the chick fil a website I found out that this delicious sauce contains 110 calories and  6 GRAMS OF FAT per container!!!!  I was sooooooo irritated to find that I had added 110 calories to that sandhich.   I shoulda stuck with the reduced fat mayo huh? 

Well, wish me luck tomorrow and hope everyone had  a great weekend :)

Week 1 of 12 - Down 4 lbs :)

Yeahhhh....at our first official weigh in yesterday (Monday), I lost 4 pounds!   I was very excited about this, even though I was aiming for 20 lbs (just kidding!!!).  LOL.  Our team lost a total of 13 pounds which we were all excited about and our trainer was excited for us too. 

We had our first group workout yesterday.   Let me tell you......that was the toughest workout I've ever been through in my entire life.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I'm still hurting right now.  First he made us go outside...we started off walking around the parking lot for 2 laps, then he would blow the whistle and we'd have to jog.  Then he would blow the whistle and we'd fast walk.  Then he would blow the whistle and we'd jog.  We did this for 25 minutes.

I think I amazed my trainer, because, not only did I finish second, but I lapped the rest of my teammates, all of whom are smaller than me.  By the time I was finished, my tshirt had become soaked through with sweat and I felt like I was about to pass out.  Then after we jogged, we went back inside to do pushups, arm work, planks, and squats.  I felt like I had been working out for 2 hours instead of the 40 minutes he had us doing.  I mean WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....I woke up this morning and could barely get ready to work I was aching so badly!

I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a trainer.  He is TOUGH but that's only because he wants to help us.  It's really helping me to have this type of support, especially since I stay by myself and other than my sister, and she stays too far away for us to work out together,  it's really hard to have a good support system.

The plan for tomorrow is to eat on plan, but I will probably not work out tomorrow.  Then for the rest of the week it's ON. We have yet another group training session on Thursday and I know it's going to kill me.  But I'm strong and I can do this! 

Hope every is having a great week :)

Monica T.

Real Talk

I'm going to be giving it 200% for the next 3 months on this biggest loser challenge we have going on at work.  Monday is our first weigh in so I'm going to be working extra hard this weekend so I can have a good weigh in on Monday.  No matter what the number on the scale says I will NOT give up. 

There are six people in all on my team.  Like I mentioned before we are the green team :)  We have one trainer assigned to all of us, and on Mondays he will be working with us as we do our group workouts.  Our trainer is a guy and he seems pretty tough and straightforward, yet friendly at the same time.  He kind of intimidates me, but I think he's going to be great trainer.  The other day while I was on the treadmill, he showed me how to do interval training and I burned over 350 calories in 30 minutes .  I was sweatin like a madwoman.  It was not a pretty sight either. Needless to say I almost dropped dead after getting off of it, LOL. 

As far as my eating goes, I have been doing really really good this week.  I haven't had a diet soda or any soda at all since Monday, I've drank soooo much water, and I've been writing down everything I've eaten (our trainer is making us write things down).  This has really been helpful because it's helping me see where I might need to improve or where I might be going wrong. 

This is going to be a tough week for me.  On Monday we are having pizza and salad for my boss's birthday.  I'm skipping out on the pizza all together and will just be sticking with a salad.  Then on Thursday we're going out to eat as a going away party for a cowoker, so I will definitely be choosing my meal VERY CAREFULLY.  This is a competition for me, so I'm definitely going to be strict on myself as far as eating and working out.  I WANT TO WIN!!!!

I'll be back Monday evening (late), with an update on my weigh in.  Ya'll be good this weekend .

I'm GREEN but yet i'm still BLUE

I'm GREEN because that's the our biggest loser at work team color :) YAYYY! 

But yet i'm STILL BLUE because I found out my weight is 251.  Ouch.  It hurts to type that and I am so depressed to even think about how far I have to go.  I haven't been this big in years. 

That is all.