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LOSING Weight to GAIN a New Healthy Life After Having My Daughte

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  • Name: ArmyWifeMLS
  • City: Raeford
  • Region: North Carolina
  • Country: United States

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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 170.00lb
Current weight: 129.20lb
Goal weight: 133.00lb
Lost to date: 40.80lb
Remaining: -3.80lb

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Chalean Extreme

I am loving CLX. I am on week 2 and I can already see such a difference in my body. I am looking forward to burn intervals tomorrow!!! I love the pain and the gratification afterwards.

Reached Goals

I haven't updated in a while so I decided to make a quick entry. I am enjoying life so much right now. I am down to 131 pounds with TurboFire Advanced and I am excited to start Chalean Extreme after I finish. My body is amazing and I have so much energy. If you dedicate 1 hour a day to exercise your whole life could change! I know mine did. That extra hour of sleep that I gave up each day before my daughter wakes up was not worth low self esteem!

I only have a few more months to get as toned as I can before my hubby and I start trying to have our second! We should be starting in February! I'm a little excited but also a little sad to have to start all over again after the baby is born. I VOW to not gain the 70+ that I did with my daughter though. I def learned my lesson!

I hope everyone is having success with your goals. Stay happy and healthy!

Ahhh. 3 Pounds in 7 Days. :(

Ahhh. So I had a minor surgery done last Monday and had to take a week of exercise off. I had just completed Turbo Fire the day of my surgery and didn't think a week off before starting the Advanced would be so bad. Unfortunately, the weather turned colder and my cravings skyrocketed. This happens every winter. I start to crave hot chocolate, chocolate, bagels with cream cheese, and pretty much anything warm and sugary. I allowed myself to indulge is WAY TOO much of these things in the last 7 days.

Today however I started TurboFire Advanced and it was amazing to sweat and feel healthy again. I stepped on the scale to get my starting weight for this program and was so sad to see that I had gained a little over 3 pounds in 7 days. I knew that I was being destructive but that is a lot of hard work gone to waste. However I am vowing to not let this set me back and to continue on my way to break bad habits and be as healthy as I can be.

I started to think what I could do differently and I came up with some solutions. I'm not bringing junk into my house anymore. No more hot chocolate, instead green tea! No more chocolate and cheezeits! Instead I will have fresh fruit and veggies chopped up like I used to. I am also going to use the amazing food/exercise journal that came with my Turbo Fire Advanced program to journal everything I do and eat!!!! I started this morning and already have stopped myself from making a big mug of hot chocolate and opted for green tea instead. I am also going to blog more. It really helped me two years ago when I wanted to get in shape and I think that it holds me accountable.

Here is to the numbers on the scale going back down!

What a Week

So I don't have much time to blog anymore with my little one keeping me busy as well as all my household duties. My daughter is napping now and I am caught up on everything so I thought I would check in.

I am at the lowest weight I have ever been officially. I finally feel like I look great and I no longer worry about clothes (except that they are too loose sometimes.) TurboFire changed my life and I am so grateful that it helped me get the weight off soooo quickly and was sooo much fun. I would recommend it to anyone!

My daughter had her 6 month appointment today and is doing wonderful. The doctor couldn't beleive how strong she is and said she looks perfect! :)

I however am a nervous wreck about my own health. I have always had abnormal Paps and this time was no surprise that it was abnormal again. I had to get a biopsy and am just waiting until later today or Monday to find out how bad. I have to get a part of my cervix cut out in order to prevent it from worsening and I am really not looking forward to that. It will be during the week that was supposed to be my last week of TurboFire. :( I guess I'll have to delay everything for a week since I won't be allowed to exercise for a week.

Praying that the tests come back moderate and not severe.

I hope everyone else is doing great and being happy and healthy!

Woohoo Hard Work Pays Off

I woke up this morning feeling great. I looked down at my stomach and was excited to see definition. I decided after my Turbo Fire Workout I would weigh in. I haven't weighed in for a half of a month because things got too crazy in my life and I just didn't have time.

I recently was in PA for a little over a week to see family and to help out with my best friend and her son while she started her first chemo treatments for breast cancer. I continued to do my turbo fire every day and sort of watch what I ate. I did however stop at my favorite gas station (that they don't have here in NC) and get a vanilla cap mixed with hot chocolate EVERYDAY! Some days I got two! I love them!!! I also ate DQ a few times (but got the banana split blizzard*small or the mini). I didn't have access to all my fruits and veggies but tried my best. Whenever I did have to eat out I stopped at Subway!

Well this morning it looks like it payed of. I am at 136. The lowest I have ever been is 135.8! I feel great and its not even hard anymore! I do an hour of turbo fire every day, eat healthy, and play with my daughter! I'm sooo happy this morning. I have way to many other things to worry about now other than my health/weight! I'm very proud of myself though!!!


Tired is my theme today. A dear friend of mines husband was kill in action yesterday in Afghanistan. I didn't find out until after 11pm last night which resulted in my mind going crazy and not allowing myself to actually sleep (along with the baby being up on and off all night.) My heart breaks for her. I went and visited her today and she is just exhausted and destroyed. :(

I'm so tired of bad things happening to my friends. :(

I was so tired that when the alarm did go off at 6:30 I ignored it. I slept until almost 9 and did my Turbo Fire workout after I woke up. Exercise is about the only thing that relaxes me and clears my mind for about an hour.

My daughter has a really bad cold and I am sad that she's miserable. Staying home for the rest of the day and hopefully resting. What a day. Hoping tomorrow is better.

1 Month Down of Turbo Fire: Results

Today I did my day 25 workout and I weighed myself officially. I am so happy to say that I finally broke out of the 140's. At my lowest ever last year when I was at my fittest I was 135.8. It's crazy to think that I am less than 5 pounds away from that after having my daughter 5 months ago. Especially since I weighed give or take a few pounds 200+ at the end of my pregnancy. The scale read 139.4 today. When I started Turbo Fire I was 147. I would say that is pretty good results for a month. And I sweat my muscles look great as well. :)It feels great to have my body back.

I've been worried that the weight was going to stick on me with so much stress I have put my body/mind through these past weeks. My best friend was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with a really aggressive form of breast cancer, our car broke down, we had to give our cat up for adoption yesterday to our vet because she had a incurable skin disease that we just couldn't maintain, and my daughter has had a cold on and off and giving me very little sleep. Sigh. I'm mostly worried about my best friend. She truly is sooo special to me and she has sooo much to live for.

Soooo much on my mind. It is nice to workout out in the mornings and channel all my stress into a great workout. I guess it has been paying off! I love that my healthy/body image isn't something that I have to worry about. Now I just have to find clothes that fit again! I shouldn't complain but I really need all new clothes again. I'm not sure where my "skinny" clothes went and I'm wearing clothes that are a size or two too large. Maybe the husband will approve a shopping trip today. I'm so glad he's off work to help with Mady and maybe allow me to get a nap! Let's hope.

Have a happy and healthy day! (with no bad news)

A Crazy Trip Home

Sorry I was away for so long but I was in PA all last week. Just a quick summary:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Spent a very healthy time at my in laws with my daughter. I did my Turbo Fire Workouts every day in their basement at my usual morning time (even though Mady was up a lot at night.) I ate healthy and got to visit with them and Mady got to meet her other great grandparents and my aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Wednesday: Visited with my grandma, dad, and my mom and her fiance. There wasn't a lot of good food choices so I made sure that my portion sizes were okay and I had tons of water.

Thursday and Friday were crazy: My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she's only 28. It's a very aggressive fast moving cancer and we spent Thursday and Friday at consultations with two different hospitals. We'll know more about exactly what the treatment plan is by this Wednesday. If you pray please pray that it hasn't gotten to her lymph nodes yet. I still exercised in the mornings at her house but food again wasn't the greatest.

Saturday: Bridal Shower (I stuck to the fruit and veggie tray) and the rest of the night was chatting and trying to get our minds off the cancer. I did have a DQ blizzard but we needed it haha.

Today I drove back to NC (10 hours). I left  at 2am and arrived back around 12pm. It sucked but I was glad to have time at home to unpack, grocery shop, clean, etc. I am not exhausted and heading to bed. I also made sure I did my Turbo Fire workout before dinner tonight since I coudlnt' do it this morning. It felt great but I know I could have done better if I wasn't soooo tired.

Trying to get my mind off of Ang's appointment Tuesday so I'm going to keep busy with my normal routine tomorrow. I did jump on the scale tonight and it was .2 lbs up from when I left. *however I always weigh myself in the am after I workout so I have a feeling it will have dropped when I weigh in officially after my workout tomorrow.

Have a happy and healthy night.

In PA with Goals

So yesterday Madelyn and I drove the 10 hours to PA. I did my Turbo Fire Sunday workout the night before and arrived at my in laws around 2pm. We had a great day visiting with the family and I made sure to eat good portion sizes and not help myself to my MIL's delicious banana bread too much. 

I went to bed early and got up at 6am to do my Turbo Fire workout for today! It felt amazing! I sweated sooooo much!!! It was an INTENSE 45 minute workout. I then ate a healthy breakfast and turkey burger for lunch with my 0% fage yogurt with strawberries! I have a goal to not gain ANY weight while I am home this week. So far so good! Turbo Fire really does motivate me to stay on track. 

I hope everyone else is happy adn healthy! 

Amazing Birthday Yesterday: Scared Day Today

Hello. So yesterday was my 28th birthday and I had a great time. In the morning I completed day 11 of 90 on Turbo Fire! I loved it. It was a 15 minutes extreme workout and then a sculpting 25 minute follow up. Sooo amazing. My sister and nieces sent me a 25 dollar gift card for Amazon so I bought my Turbo Fire weighted gloves. They come today!!! I love Amazon Prime. Free shipping and FAST shipping. I can't wait to use them tomorrow.

We had an army function later where the only food we could eat from 11:30-5:00 was not all that healthy. I had a hamburger and a bag of baked sunchips. I then drank a TON of water the rest of the time. Later I snacked on a turkey hot dog. I met a lot of army people but was glad to be leaving with my family at 5. Instead of cake I told my husband I wanted a DQ SMALL banana split blizzard. It was fabulous. I made sure to eat a very healthy dinner and was pretty full before the blizzard but still ate it all. haha.

I then hung out with my husband and daughter until bedtime rolled around. It was all in all a great day! Today however has not been so good.

My best friend found a lump in her breast that she thought was just a clogged duct (she breastfeeds too.) After going to the doctors yesterday they ended up having her do a mamogram and ultrasound because it didn't drain. They then did a biopsy because they didn't like the looks of the scans. I am soooo scared. She is my BEST friend and I just pray she doesn't have to go through cancer. My heart hurts today. I am mad also becasue she wouldn't call me to tell me yesterday becasue she didn't want to ruin my birthday. (She lives in PA and I live in NC.) Sigh...She's always thinking of others but I would have wanted to be there for her. I leave for PA on Sunday and she finds out her test results Monday. It's going to be a long weekend. Prayers are appreciated.

Well today I did am amazing 55 minutes sweat/heart pumping turbo fire workout and have been very busy all day with the little one. Our cat has issues and peed in our hallway a few times and I have gone crazy trying to get the stain out. I ended up buying a carpet scrubber today and have had my arm workout there too. haha.

Well now I just ate a very healthy lunch and am relaxing while Madelyn naps. My husband will be home soon from work and we plan on eating a healthy dinner. I was so shocked to see 142. 4 on my scale after my workout this morning. I know some was water weight that I sweated out but it felt great to see 142. My goal is 140. :) So close.

Have a happy and healthy day!