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I am so glad to know even though I have not blogged for about a month, I have good support here!  I am so thankful for those of you who showed concern that I had not been blogging and sent me a note of concern.  Thanks!

I have been busy with so many other things that I have not had any time to write about my days, so here goes my updates.  I have been attending Wednesday night prayer meetings, and also meet on Saturday nights for the Dave Ramsey financial university seminars at church for about 2 hours for 13 weeks, so this will go through the end of November.  He teaches you how to live debt free!  And I really have learned so much, I wish I would have taken this class 2 years ago!

Well, now my workouts have been great as usual, maybe because I’m a workout junkie!  I love working out, and have so many different ones.  I need to have so many for the hours I spend at the gym on average 2 hours.  So I do get bored of them rather quickly, but I do stick to a certain routine for at least 2 weeks at a time.  I always combine weight training w/ some cardio, or mix both up together for fat burning blast!

Since the last time logging my weight here, I have lost about 4 more pounds, praise God!!

I’ve hit the new bracket; I was so excited this morning!!  I want to lose 14 more pounds and I will have to work even harder the closer I get to my goal the more my body resist.  The slang word  I call my weight success is “PEE” I now that sounds bad, but it means P is for Pray…I pray to God for His strength daily, E is for Eat…our bodies are like a car you must fuel it to keep it running, I eat about 1500-2000 calories a day, and burn about 2100-2500 and on an amazing day I have even burned up to 2900 calories. 

Workout for 2 hours has its advantages, because I am burning a good amount of those calories at the end of the day I am always in deficit.  And it is also important to fuel up on good healthy foods and always measure your portions!!! And finally E is for Exercise…burning fat and building muscles with cardio and weight training.  Exercise give you energy, makes you feel good about yourself, it lowers cholesterol, good for the heart and makes you feel strong inside and out.  Oh, and not to mention nice sculpted & toning it does for your body!

So remember  P  E   E    

                         R  A   X

                         A  T   E

                         Y       R










Thank God for a new day!  I have finally have broken my plateau. This week I have lost 2lbs, and I feel good I have 18lbs to go to hit my goal weight.  

Although I don't get hung up with scale numbers, it does feel good to see it go down.
I had a short, but good workout, for some reason I have not been getting up so early?  I am waking up, but not getting out of bed until 7:00am.  I  do have a lot going on in my life right now, and getting to bed late is my downfall.

But I designed a new circuit, and I am loving circuit training and would hight recommend it if you have to lose and tone!  It really works my heart and strength!

I will be sharing this with you in my next blog : ) 

Getting to bed too late!

Today Monday, I ran on treadmill and walked w/ interval inclines for 1 hr. short workout for me but worked up a good sweat burned 500 cal. 

I have been getting to bed late, I will try to get up early tomorrow, that will allow me to do more.

Feeling heavy laden the second part of my day.



I have been a Blog Slacker this past week or so...

But I have been very good with my workouts, this week was back on the Cardio circuit. 

Today, I was on the treadmill  and my intervals were synced with a t.v. show.  I would run at a steady pace and when a commercial would come on I would increase the speed.  I did this for the entire hour, and had a great workout while I watched my favorite daytime show "The Doctor's".  And worked up a good sweat, and burned calories. I was so into the show, that I felt I could go for a long time.

I will keep this workout!

TRY THIS...Good Calorie Burn!

Ok, no planned workout today like I said I was going to do. So, when all else fails...CARDIO, CARDIO,CARDIO…YOU CAN NEVER DO TOO MUCH CARDIO!!

So here is the breakdown of my cardio workout today:

Arc machine 35 min., calories burned 500, level 8, setting hill intervals, miles 1.39

Treadmill 17 min, calories burned 149, inclined 12-15, side running, speed 2.5-2.7mph, Sets 1x20,1x30,1x50

Eliptical 29min., calories burned 251, level 3,  setting random intervals, miles 2.22

Arc machine 9.06 min, calories burned 100, level 4, setting hill intervals, miles .44

My goal was to burn 1,000 calories!  Mission accomplished : ) It is an amazing feeling to be in control of your body, and it not control you! To complete this task there is a sense of power... Very Thankful to God, because He gives me the strength to do it!!!



Finally... Done with "feel the Burn" Circuit!

Well today was my last week of my cardio circuit training, phew!  I am looking forward to a week off that training.  And tonight I will be designing a new workout for this week, yikes!!  I am thinking along the lines of plyo-metrics, bosu ball workouts.  I’m wondering If anyone has any good ideas along those lines?

I am feeling a little bored of my routines, I would like to attend some aerobic classes but at the gym I attend they do not offer any classes. That’s why I must be very creative with my workouts.

 I am looking forward to Tuesday night Biggest Loser premiere, I am not really a t.v. person, but that show is worth watching. 




I have been very busy the last few days, I have not blogged.  But today I am off from work and having some me time.

As usual I got to the gym 6:45am and I am on my third week of my cardio circuit training, I was there until 10am, I decided to add some extra cardio today, since I will not be going to the gym on Saturday.  I added the arc machine for 30 minutes, and treadmill another 30.  I feel sore everywhere!! By the time I left the gym I was so fatigued I had stomach cramps from hunger.  I drank a protein shake and a protein bar, there goes those extra calories burned on the arch & treadmill, and I felt great after breakfast!  This workout has really made a difference, I can feel my clothes getting loser.

imagine jump roping for 1000 times within 1.5 hrs.  That only will wipe you out!!   I only have one more day of this circuit this Sunday and then I will change my routine for this coming week.   Then I will resume this one again, but for every other week for 3 weeks. 

If you’re curious to know what circuit I am talking about check out my blog dated8/30/09 “What a Burn”.  Feel free to try it out!

I have been burning an average of 2600-2750 calories in a day, this includes 24 hours.  You’re wondering how do I know this??  Well I have a gadget called “GO-WEAR FIT” it’s an arm band just like the one they wear on Biggest Loser (Body Bug).  It counts all calories you burn in a day; walking, sitting, exercising, sleeping, running, weight lifting, etc. anything you do or not do in a day.  It’s a great way of knowing how your body works even while you’re sleeping you still are burning calories.  Love it!!

My calorie consumed daily is on average of 1700-2000 calories a day.  I know that sounds like a lot, but with the high activity level of exercising, I need to consume this much to put out all those hours of exercise.  As much as that sounds, after burning between 2600-2750 calories if you subtract that from my consumed calories I’m in the negative, so it’s like I haven’t eaten anything…nice!  And I eat pretty good selections of food; Lean protein, high fiber veggies, low carb high fiber breads, no refine sugars at all!!  So my calories are good calories!  My body is my vehicle and I must take care of it, if I don’t it won’t run for too long!  I have learned to love this body and it needs to be challenged consistently. 

So for today I am good, my work is done : )  I may practice a little volley ball with my daughter later today, she’s been taking classes at a local park.  So anything else is just gravy!




I can't wait till the premiere starts on  Sept. 15!  I am so addicted to this show.  When this starts Tues. nights I am glued to the tv, that's my only tv night.  I'm all snuggled up on my papason chair, watching this show.
I think what I love the most about this show is the training. 

I met Heba & Ed at the mall, and she said they train about 8 hours a day!  

Wow, can you imagine that!  The most I have done in a day was 4 hours straight.  I know I am crazy that way  

But I love to see the workouts, and the transformations, I would have loved to have been on that show when I weighed 245lbs.

I saw a preview of this new season and the trainers Bob & Jillian will be working together, they will not have seperate teams, that will be interesting

I'm still the Jillian kind of trainer, no pain no gain, workout till you see the pounds dropping off your body!

STORMS...of Life!

When the storms of my life become over whelming, too heavy to handle, I know that God is with me in that storm, He may not calm the storm right away, but He calms my soul, and I know that all things come together for those who love the Lord.

 Are you experiencing a storm in your life today? I encourage you to seek Him, He is awake 24 hours a day!

  I know that I need God more than ever, and I am so glad I can take ALL things to Him and He cares about every little detail of my life.


I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.



I did not get to blog the last couple of nights, it got late and I was too sleepy!  This week has gone by so quick, I’m glad it’s a holiday weekend, I’m hoping the weather will be as pleasant as it has been all week.  I have opened my windows and felt like I am at the beach, nice breeze in the evenings mid 60’s. Lovin it!!

I got on the scale, yes I know I said I wasn’t but I did, and was surprised to see I shed 2 lbs, Wow for me that’s amazing!!  I really have to work hard, and I think my new “cardio circuit training”, remember I posted that in my 8/30/09 Blog Titled “What a burn” It will keep you burning all day!  Interval training is a great way to keep you burning calories the whole day.  And it’s on my schedule for today, I’m doing this workout 3 days a week along with my regular cardio on the other 4 days. I will continue this specific workout 3 weeks and this is my second week.  One more week to go!  Then I will change it up, you have to confuse the body, to keep it revved up!

I have to really push hard on my last 18 lbs to reach my goal weight.

Each routine must be more intense than the previous one.  I must, I must…I will, I will!!!  I must remember one day at a time sweet Jesus!