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Height: 167.6cm
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Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: -36.60lb
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(2/5) Update

Just got back from my doctor's office.  Overall, I'm much healthier than when I first showed up at her door pregnant, severely anemic, super low thyroid, super vitamin D deficient.  My blood work was pretty good this time.  No longer anemic and my thyroid isn't as bad as it was, so I can take a lower dose now.  (Surprising since I have been off my medication for months, waiting for new insurance to kick in.)  Still need vitamin D.  Cholesterol and all that is good too.  

I have an adorable nearly 14 month-old now who keeps me running around my apartment and I have joked that I'm on the "kid steals all my food diet" because he literally always wants what I have and ends up eating about half of the portion I set aside for myself.  I make better food choices than I used to.  We hardly eat fast food anymore and I don't miss it really.  You know what I ate yesterday? Eggs, oatmeal with dried apricots and a tiny bit of agave, Whole foods orange chicken and veggies over brown rice.  Oh yeah, and I "splurged" with a Skinny cow ice cream sandwich.

So why do I weigh more than I ever have in my life, including when I was pregnant?

Dr. Chenelle says I need to EAT MORE.  Crazy, huh?  She says that eating as little as I do plus having the hypothyroid is making it impossible to lose weight.  Also, she suspects I might have Hashimoto's and need to be gluten-free.  

But you know what?  That gives me hope and a little bit of validation.  I think most of the skinny people out there figure that all morbidly obese folks are the way they are because they eat entire pizzas and gallons of ice cream every day.  But my joke with my husband is that "I'm the most starvingest fat person." because I know I'm not like that and I have been eating better than a lot of thin people I know.  

Having to switch to gluten-free makes me a little sad, but I'm ready to do what I need to do and stop making food decisions based on emotion.  So what if I grew up with bread and butter at every meal?  It's okay to let go of my addiction to those kind of carbs.  (As soon as I use up the stuff I already have at home, of course.  I'm too thrifty to throw it out!)  I want to feel better and I'm ready to see the best version of me.  I want to be around for my son and I want to be able to keep up with him as he grows up.  

That being said, here's my cal-count for the day:

Breakfast:  1 slice sweet dark whole grain bread w/ 1 Tbsp PB (200 cal, 8.5 g protein)

Snack:  1 med apple (100 cal), 2 hard-boiled eggs (140 cal, 12 g protein)

Lunch:  tuna on crackers (180 cal, 9 g protein)

Snack:  Annie's bunny grahams (65 cal, 1 g protein), dill pickle (0 cal)

Dinner:  zucchini pepperoni pizza bites (400 cal, ? protein)


Vitamins:  D (5,000 IU), DHA Fish oil (500 mg) 


(6/18) I hate calorie counting

It's darn near impossible to consistently count and write down everything I eat in a day with a baby this fussy.  Teething is a nightmare and we are both so sleep deprived it's ridiculous.  

But I'm working with my doctor on solutions.  And despite all the stress, I managed to lose 2 pounds my first week.  Hopefully I'll see similar results at the next weigh-in.  

Just bought "Michael Jackson The Experience" for XBox Kinect and it's a lot of fun!  It will really help on days when I don't have the car and can't make it to the gym. 

(6/8) BL Day 2

Going to a wedding this weekend, so wish me luck!  I hope to make good food decisions...

: string cheese
Snack: string cheese

(No, I don't just LOVE eating nothing but string cheese.  But it's easy to grab and it's one of those fussy days for baby.) 

Lunch: kaiten sushi (seared salmon, shrimp, california roll, among others) with a "nanaimo bar" for dessert (I couldn't resist.  They're delicious and probably a million calories)

Dinner: Ham and swiss sandwich with lettuce and tomato with 8 ounces of barely chocolately milk

Snack: a 90 cal cake-like thing

Water and vitamins:...  ugh.. I'm bad at this.  

(6/7) Here goes... BL day 1

Ok, I did it.  I joined the BL contest that I mentioned in my last post.  I was a little disappointed at the lack of ceremony when I went to the organizer's house for my weigh-in.  I expected all the other participants to be there, but it was just me.  I guess it was just a "drop-in, weigh-in, and get out" kinda thing.  I had hoped there'd be more support, kinda like a weight watchers gathering, but whatever.  Money is money!  And the pot will be over $200.  Earlier last week I asked Terry about incentives for weight loss goals and said I really wanted a Kindle.  Well, if I win this contest, I can buy it myself!  

Food for today...
Breakfast:  skipped (slept late, bad night with the baby)

Snack:  6 pieces (1 serv) of pepperoni sticks, 1.5 string cheeses, maybe 6 crackers, (later) 3 bite-sized pieces of dark chocolate 

Lunch:  Basmati rice, 1/2 packet of paneer masala, maybe 1/2 cup of peas, 1 piece of naan bread
Snack: Yoplait Coconut Greek yogurt (110 cal) - so yummy!  
1 sweet pickle

Dinner:  Sirloin steak, roasted brussel sprouts, bread (sandwich thins) and butter, a thin slice of cheddar (I always end up making sandwiches out of my steak.)

Snack:    3 more pieces of chocolate and a 1/4 cup of rice pudding

Water: 2 x 27 oz water bottle = not enough :( 
Vitamins:  darnit, forgot!

Activity:  Treadmill 20 minutes, Back Extension, Triceps Extension, Shoulder Press, Bike 10 minutes

(6/1) Local Biggest Loser?

So I just joined a mommy meetup group and the first event I see is a local Biggest Loser contest.  $10 to join and $1 each week after for 12 weeks.  Winner gets 75% of the pot and 2nd place gets 25%.  It's in the evening, which kinda sucks because that's my husband time and it's not an event he can join (girls only).  But this is the first time I've seen an opportunity like this and I wonder how I would do if I just went for it.  I'm a little self-conscious - I just joined this group and I don't know anyone there and if I joined this contest, my first interaction with them is "Hi, I'm Autumn and I'm 300 pounds!"  So that's kinda scary... I don't even know what the other women look like.  I might be the heaviest!  But then, I could stand to lose the most and be the big winner...  What to do?

Anyway, I'm going to try logging my food on here again.  Seems to be the only thing that keeps me conscious of all my food choices throughout the day.

Breakfast:  Banana Chocolate Chip Vitatop (100 cal), 8 oz. Simply Orange with Pineapple juice (110 cal), Strawberry Chobani Greek yogurt (140 cal)

Snack: Piece of cheese (120 cal), small apple (55 cal)

(Later that day.)
Aww.. heck.  We went out for Indian food and it all went to hell from there.  This is going to be more challenging than I thought.  And making time for logging my food is, well, I'm going to have to find a way to do it faster.  I think I'll have to start out with just writing it down without posting caloric content and just try to make sensible choices.  I can't measure everything either.  Have to eyeball it.  Because when you're counting every calorie exactly, making a sandwich takes way too long.  By the time I'm done, I may not have time to eat it and then my little lovebug will need me.  

(5/12) A lot has changed in a year!

So, I'm not in school right now.  My goals have changed.  I now have a darling 5 month-old little boy (Wolfie) - even though a previous doctor told me that because of my weight I probably would need the help of fertility drugs!  Well I showed her!  LOL

It hadn't been my goal to get pregnant, but it's been such a blessing.  I'm 30 now and emotionally, I was ready.  Physically, I had a few hurdles to overcome (like gestational diabetes), but I ate pretty healthy while pregnant and gained only about 30 pounds.  In the first month after Wolfie was born, I lost it all.  Then somehow it crept back up.  I'm just around 300 now and it's an all-time high for me.  I'm breastfeeding, which does burn calories, and Wolfie keeps me pretty busy, but I'm really neglecting myself in the food department - eating sporadically and usually convenience foods.  

Goals this week:  

1) Join a meetup group for moms and select a couple events to go to.  
2) Go to the gym (and make use of their child care) at least twice.  
3) I don't care what I eat as long as it's NOT fast food.  I'm sick of it anyway.


(3/8) New school session began yesterday

I'm now taking 3 condensed classes for the next 8 weeks and it's going to be tough!  My food blog will be intermittent, but I plan to make good choices every day whether or not you see it here. 

So far today, I've eaten one veggie burrito stuffed with potatoes, onions, green bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, a little bit of Morning Star maple sausage, some shredded cheese, and lots of Sriracha hot sauce in a Mission tortilla.  The tortilla and cheese are really the only bad things, but I don't feel so bad considering all the veggies I ate.  (Summer, I highly suggest you give this a try since it's a good way to use up a lot of fresh veggies and it's super easy to make.  Just requires a lot of chopping!)

Oh yeah, I had a big glass of my favorite pineapple orange juice.  And yes, I took my vitamin today, and I'm still working on my water consumption.  Lots of school work today, so I'll try to get back on here and account for later meals, but no promises... 

(3/4) Spring break is almost over! Waaaaaah!

Today I tried a Kashi dark chocolate coconut fruit & grain bar (120 cal) and it was so super delicious!  Also, I recommend giving this a try with some plain instant oats (It's very filling):

PB&J Oatmeal
140 cal - oatmeal
  50 cal - strawberry jam
100 cal - reduced fat creamy PB
+30 cal - half cup sliced strawberries
320 cal total

Life seems to be getting in the way of me posting daily, but I'm eating lots more veggies these days and I feel good.  I'll post a log of my food when I can, but some days will just have to be brief. 

(3/3) Weight Lifting articles

I'm doing well, but I forgot to blog my food for the last few days.  I have been really good about making healthier choices though.  Missed a couple days in the gym because I was so sore, but had a really good workout yesterday:

12 min. - 0.5 mile on treadmill
20 min. - 3.4 miles on the stationary bike
30 reps @ 40 lbs Chest Press
30 reps @ 30 lbs Tricep Extension
50 reps @ 115 lbs Hip Abduction
50 reps @ 115 lbs Hip Adduction
40 reps @ 115 lbs Horizontal Calf
50 reps @ 70 lbs Back Extension
30 reps @ 40 lbs Lat Pulldown

Until now, I've generally just tried to pick a weight that feels challenging but not so much that I can't do at least 50 of them.  But now, I'm thinking about changing that strategy.  I think I can work my muscles harder in a smaller amount of time based on this article I read.  It says to figure out what my 1 rep max is on any given exercise and then figure out what 60-80% of that is.  That's how much I should be able to lift for 8-16 reps.  This article here is also helpful.  It talks about the same principle, combined with lifting slowly

"Instead of lifting a weight for 5 or 7 seconds, lift it steadily in a 10 to 14 second movement, then down in 5 to 10 seconds.  The difference is that the muscles are exhausted - brought to momentary muscle failure - in fewer repetitions (reps) - as low as 5 per set. The result - 50% more strength (muscle) built in 8-10 weeks."

Very interesting stuff!  I'm going to have to try this out tomorrow when I do weights again!

Anyway, onto the food blog!

Breakfast:  Jimmy Dean D-Lights Canadian Bacon Honey Wheat Muffin (230 cal), 8 oz. Simply Orange with Pineapple juice (110 cal), Yoplait Delights Chocolate Eclaire yogurt (100 cal)

: Burger:
  90 cal - 9 grain bun
  60 cal - Lite mayo
  50 cal - lowfat cheddar
150 cal - Jennie-o 99% fat-free turkey
+50 cal - (guess) for the marinade that Terry used on it
400 cal total
Dinner:  Lean Cuisine Sesame chicken (330 cal) with added steamed veggies (80 cal)

Snack:    1 slice of Papa Murphy's Garlic Chicken pizza (290 cal) and 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies (55 cal ea? = 165 cal)

Water: 6 (8 oz) glasses
: 1 NatureMade Liquid Softgel Multi Complete +iron & calcium


0 cal
- didn't get to the gym today  :(
SUBTOTAL: 1705  

BURNED:     - 0
TOTAL:        1705

Daily Calorie Allowance: 1800

*Food Calories estimated with:
*Calories Burned Calculator
used is: 
(I use this and round down because the generalized metrics used in most cardio machines do not take into account that obese people have to work much harder to achieve the same goal as healthy person.)

(2/27) My triceps hurt like heck!

Breakfast:  Jimmy Dean D-Lights Turkey Sausage Reduced Fat Croissant
(290 cal), blueberry oatmeal (150 cal)


I did take my vitamin and was within my calorie range today, but forgot to blog.