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Height: 154.9cm
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Goal weight: 126.00lb
Lost to date: 5.70lb
Remaining: 12.90lb

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still in contemplation mode

I know where I want to go, I just haven't got the gumption yet. It'll come, perhaps once I get back into a routine. Hubby's been home for 2 weeks, and I always misbehave when he's here. I see all the goodies he snacks on and I can't help myself. But, he'll be heading back out of town possibly within the week, and I'll be back for classes myself, as well as DD being back in school. Maybe once my routine smoothes itself out I can start to be better behaved again.

This weekend I have the challenge of being away for the weekend visiting with the in-laws. Don't know how that will go - maybe not so bad as it won't be my fridge/pantry to raid!

I think I will commit to weigh in on Wed as per normal, no matter how I feel!

No weigh in today

I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I felt so bloated this morning, and I just couldn't face whatever number was going to pop up. Maybe tomorrow, I don't know yet.

I bought a few pairs of jeans in a size 8 - wishful thinking. I haven't tried them on yet though. I did have the exact ones in a 10, but had to take them back as the second time wearing them the button came off. Sounds insulting doesn't it? lol They weren't tight at all though, just not put on properly. and because they weren't tight, that's why I opted to replace them with a size smaller. I do have every intention of wearing them!

Food today was better behaved. Still not tracking, at least not in the sense of writing it down, but I was mentally keeping note. I just had some cracker things I haven't looked up the point value on yet. And I have no idea what a pre-bottled Kahlua Mudslide is worth... probably not so great, but I only had one and it was reaaaallllly yummy!

Aaannnnd, I'm so excited! I signed up to sell lia sophia jewellery and got my kit today! I don't really care if it takes off on the business end or not, there was just so much stuff I wanted I mainly did it to get the discount. heeheehee... bad I know, but I want a deal! But I do have 3 friends that said if I signed up they'd have parties, so who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be a profitable venture. I just don't have high expectations, so I can't get disappointed.

And lastly, I had a super weird dream thing last night. I dreamt I had a big wasp land on my neck and bit me, next thing I know I'm awake flailing in bed to brush it off of me. Then I felt my neck, and there was a lump there that really hurt! It was just one of those painful pimples, but for a while I thought something really did bite me and woke me up. Weird how things incorporate themselves into your dreams...

Yesterday wasn't it...

I didn't track, again. I wasn't great, but not horrible either. Perhaps today will be a good day, I shall do my best! My only downfall that could happen is if we happen to go out for dinner for our anniversary. 13 years today! And there is around 30 lbs less of me today than there was 13 years ago.

Me and hubby 13 years ago...

Me, hubby & DD this past weekend....

Can someone give me a kick in the arse?

I have totally lost all motivation. I haven't been on here in quite some time. I dread the scale. I just don't care. I want to, I've just forgotten how! I really do need a swift kick to get me going again! It could be worse though, I haven't been binging or anything, just not tracking and caving in to small temptations. But it is enough to keep me stuck in my perpetual rut that I've been in since I started blogging on here.

miniscule baby steps

Geez, another whopping 0.2 gone! It's like trying to climb a straight rock wall with no foot holds. There's me, just creeeeeping along....

Camping was ok, very brief, cut short due to rain. Didn't over-indulge too much, but obviously enough to be at a stand still. Such is life, I do it to myself. Let's see if I can kick it up a notch this week.

Hope all is well with everyone. I need to get busy and clean up for my open house for the purses. I feel like the house is in a constant state of chaos, it would be nice to get it tidy and actually have it STAY that way! I have 2 days, wish me luck! hahaha

I feel so random...

I really am not a consistent blogger. Turns out I'm not a consistent dieter either! I didn't track at all last week, and lost a measly .2 lbs. At least I didn't say 'only'. A loss is a loss and I'll take what I can get! Plan to do better this week, at least with tracking. And water, I really need to make an effort to drink more water. I have such a hard time with that. It has been months since I have gone to a WW meeting, not sure when I will start that up again. Maybe September, but I can't say for sure. Right now I have so much to do, I just don't see myself making it in there this month. Also, I really would like to get down a little more before I face their scales. Anyway, I will worry about that once I have other stuff sorted out.

This coming Sunday will see me out camping for a few days again - hoping I don't blow it with food then. Then when I get back I need to get sorted out for an open house I'm having that weekend for the purses I got into selling. It's an attempt to drum up some business, so hoping I get some new interest and bookings. Then I have to get a heritage album finished for my mom. She wants me to scrapbook a bunch of photos of her parents & family as a gift to her parents for their anniversary. It is a really time consuming project for me - she better appreciate what I'm doing for her! If only I would learn how to say no... Anyway, I have about a month to get it done, and need a good 24 hours to get it done. So now I need to budget my time and try to sneak getting a page done here and there between the many other things that need doing. The story of everyone's lives right? Never enough time!

Garage Sales & Freezers

Finally, a good garage sale day! Lots of people came through, lots of stuff went, all which makes me very happy! My DD has plans for what she wants to buy with the money she gets from the sale of her stuff - I thought that it's only fair to give her that money. Incentive for her to get rid of stuff!

So, because I had to be outside all day again, I finally got that shed sorted out. YaY! lol What a difference, and yes, I am sore and achy again tonight. I was going non-stop for most of the day, and food intake was well behaved again as a result.

On the downside - we had a big rain storm go through last night, and the canopy I had set up outside for part of the sale was destroyed. The rain was too fast and too much for it. The water pooled in the canopy and it sagged down, ripping the canopy, snapping a roof pole, as well as breaking the frame from the weight of the water pooled on the roof. *sigh* now I need to go get a new one - it was a really good set up - easy to put up. Oh well, I have another that is not as good, so I'll wait to see it they go on sale at the end of the season.

I also really need to clean out my deep freeze. A few months ago, the door was left open a bit and a bunch of stuff thawed out, and there's a big mess I stupidly neglected to clean up right away. I just shut the door and let it re-freeze. Ya, really dumb. There's ice cream and whatever else all at the bottom, and I just realized some of it leaked out under the freezer. I am now am on a mission to empty it and thaw it out and give it a proper cleaning. I wish I hadn't restocked it a while ago. But it is getting pretty bare again, so I should do it soon! I've tried to use up a bunch of what is in there for meals, and there were some pretty poor choices in there!

soooo tired

I have not been sleeping all that well lately, don't know why, but it sure is starting to catch up with me. I've been doing a garage sale, so spending most of my time outside the last 2 days. And it's been super hot too. Today to keep busy while waiting for people I emptied out a little shed we have. Hubby has a bad habit of just throwing stuff in there and you can't get inside, never mind try to find anything. So it is gutted and everything is strewn about on my 'lawn' (we had our sewer dug up last year and a new system put in, so what used to be lawn is now dirt, clay and weeds  ). It's even hotter in that little shed let me tell you! UGH. Anyway, I am in the process of sorting through the junk, messy dirty work, and am I ever beat and achy. Can't wait for bed tonight! Maybe this will help me sleep! I still need to put stuff back, but geez, I can't believe the amount of garbage! At least a quarter of it is going to be put out for recycling. Why were we keeping so many empty flipping boxes??? And to top it off - I found all my old garage sale signs. Good thing I didn't make up a bunch! (a neighbor already has a bunch up for theirs). 

Well, I should go make some supper - I've hardly eaten today! Which is a good thing for a change!

Daily Weighing

So it turns out daily weighing isn't for me. I just keep forgetting. And some mornings when I do think about it, it's like, ya, I don't wanna go there! So I'll stick to my weekly and maybe 'peek' every now and then. I forgot to track yesterday - got busy with other things and just didn't do it. Oh well, it's just one day, I will do better today! I am crossing my fingers for a loss tomorrow - any loss will do! I've been all over the place with food this week, and with wandering around the 2 acreages walking the dog from next door I have no idea if that will have any impact or not. My daughter has been great helping with the dog. I am not really a dog person, and she has been playing with him and taking him for all sorts of walks too. So that helps me a lot! Dogs require too much time and attention for me, I am such a cat person!

Still plugging away

Last night was as I expected, I snacked, but not excessively. My friend made brownies, which were pretty good, but there was way too much butter in them as they were pretty greasy. 1 was plenty thanks. I don't know what the points ended up being for what I ate there, but at this point the important thing is I tracked what I ate, even if I don't have a points value beside it. I have been horrible for tracking the past few months. It is so easy to lose perspective when you don't write it down. So, back on track today (she says with fingers crossed).