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In this blog I will be writing about my daily frustrations invol

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  • Name: Rachiepoo
  • City: Visalia
  • Region: California
  • Country: United States

My Weight Loss

Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 150.00lb
Current weight: 147.00lb
Goal weight: 120.00lb
Lost to date: 3.00lb
Remaining: 27.00lb

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New Plan

I want to try and loose ten pounds in two weeks (a little unhealthy I know). That will take me to the end of October, so technically a little longer than two weeks. From there I want to loose two pounds a week until I reach my goal of one hundred and twenty pounds. I will feel very accomplished. I will have accomplished a really big goal for myself. It's going to be really hard. This I can do to loose ten pounds are...

-Work out two times a day for six days (Bike, elliptical, swim, class, walk, jog, video)
-No eating past seven pm
-Chocolate or a "treat" one day a week
-Keeping outside
-Continue using this website and blogging
-Talk openly about it with my dad and brother
-ALWAYS take home leftovers 
-Try eating only with other people 
-Drink a glass of water before a meal, also more water in general
-Have a positive mental attitude


I eat when I'm stressed. I'm addicted to the feeling of being full. I like the heavy feeling. My arms feel like there inflated. I can feel them roll back and forth. I can't tell people about this. I feel too pathetic and ashamed. I'm embarassed. I feel like the need to tell people. But why? What would be the point. Would talking about it really help me? I guess thats why I'm here. I put my weight and health on the back burner. I put myself on the back burner. I'm sick of it. I don't know how not too. I just don't understand...

My first day

Welp. Like it says in the title this is my first day keeping track of my weight on the internet. I really hope it helps. I have always had trouble with my weight, nothing too serious, but have always had a little chub. In the last year I have gained about 20 pounds. After everything I have done and accomplished, all the hard work I put into my work, friends, family, and school (in that order) the only person I have been forgetting about is myself. This is my one body for my life. I need to put everyone else aside for a while and focus on ME. I deserve it. It's going to be hard and I'm not ready to give up my habits, but if not now, when?