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Height: 162.6cm
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Lost to date: 67.00lb
Remaining: 33.00lb

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down some poundage

So weighed myself this morning and I am down to 205 so I have taken 4.5 lbs off so far.  I feel better when I am exercising so that is good.  Going to do some shopping with my niece today, she is turning 18 tomorrow.  Gosh that makes me feel so old, I remember when she was just a baby.  Where oh where does time go.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Things have been alittle crazy lately.  My best friends daughter was in the hospital and I spent alot of time up there with her so I needed to cram alot of homework in a short time so things have been really crazy as far as eating and exercising goes.  I have been trying to be good but sometimes there wasn't time to be good.  I am losing but not as fast as I would like. 

Will try to post more soon.  Work is calling and afterwards I have homework to do.

week one down

Well tomorrow I will weigh myself after one week and I hope the scale is good to me.  I have been a really good girl this week and I actually can feel my stomach tighten back up.  I am going to measure tomorrow as well.

Went to the chiropractor today and boy did I need that.  My neck cracked like a chicken bone but it released my headache a lot so I am glad I had an appointment.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start of the week. 

weekend almost done

I am happy to post that I have made it through the weekend doing very well for myself for a change.  We went to the movie "Wild Hogs" yesterday and boy was that funny.  If your looking for just a mindless funny movie this is it.  We went to dinner at Applebee's with friends after the movie.  It was tough for me at dinner but I tried to enjoy the company and not focus on the food as much.  I ordered off of their WW choices and I picked the mushroom chicken sandwich with fruit.  All I can say is that I probably wouldn't order that again because it was very bland and left me hungry. 

I have been struggling this weekend with a tension headache that I just can not get rid of.  I have tried to just ignore it but last night I had an anxiety attack along with the pounding of my headache.  I was able to talk myself down from the attack but gosh I feel terrible after they happen.  I felt like I could have spent the whole day in bed feeling sorry for myself today but decided that didn't help anything.  So I got up and did some exercising and then went upstairs to go through years of pictures that I have put off putting in photo albums.  That is a huge project that I at least started now, I worked for four hours on it. 

I decided to post my starting picture as well yesterday to remind myself how far I have come and how far I don't want to go back.  Also I was shocked at some of the pictures I went through today from years past.  Good gosh it was bad.  I never thought I looked great in the pictures but boy I didn't realize how bad I looked.

Hard to believe my cruise is only a little more than three months away.  I am actually getting pretty excited for it to come.  I am hoping to be around fifteen to twenty pounds less than I am right now.  That is my goal for June 14th, to be 185-190lbs. and wearing XL in regular women's clothes rather than plus sizes.

decided to look back

I decided to go back and take a long look at how far I have come and how many changes I have made in the last year.  Sometimes I forget how heavy I actually was when I started this journey because I have not felt good about myself these last few months and I feel like I have gone all the way back to who I was.  I am no longer that person who got tired walking to the corner or for five minutes on my treadmill.  I am no longer that person who sounds out of breathe walking around the mall.  I no longer am the person buying the largest size at the store and only wearing it for two or three times because when it shrinks it is too tight.  Nor am I still the person buying a 30-32 out of the Lane Bryant mail order book because then it hid my body. 

I may not be where I want to be but I am not where I began and I need to recognize how far I have come.  I have come along way.  So today being mindful I feel good, my clothes feel good on me and I feel pretty.

I hope everyone remembers where they started whether it is 2lbs or 100lbs off, that is less our bodies are carrying.  Feel good about your progress whether big or small.  Love yourself today!!!


Just checking in and let you all know I am doing well still.  I have done really well the last four days.  I was able to workout all four days and have really watched my eating so that is great.  I had therapy this afternoon and one of the topics was trying to live a more mindful life.  I have a tendency to be anxious about the future due to my past.  I spent alot of the time in the day thinking about what could or might happen as well as what I am going to eat for the next day.  So I am going to try to learn some mindful skills over the next few weeks.  Try to live in the moment and enjoy every second.  Does anyone have any advice how to accomplish this??

another day

I made it through another day of good eating and did my exercising yesterday.  Today has started off well also, I just finished my exercise and so far have ate good.  I feel good with my progress so far even though it has only been two full days.  lol

I have an ear infection so my head is just throbbing.  I am trying to ignore it.  I wish I had more of a warning sign that I am getting an infection but since my head surgery it doesn't let me know until it is really bad.  Matter a fact it was actually bleeding it was so bad but hopefully the antibiotics will kick butt soon.

I am anxious for the weekend to come because we are going to go see Wild Hogs with John Travolta.  I just love him, he is one guy who can come over to my house and play cards.  Yummy!!  He was on Ellen yesterday and was cute when he danced.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Going to go checking...

New Day and New Start

OK I have started anew today and decided to be brutally honest and say I weighed myself this morning when I started and I am 209.5 which isn't good but not the end of the world either.  I have decided this time around I am not going to be so obsessed with the number on the scale and more on the daily progress.  I am going to celebrate my daily successes such as today I was able to stay on plan all day and also spent time on the treadmill and did some other exercises.  That is a good day and tonight when I go to bed I will feel good about today and tomorrow will be a new day.

Hope everyone else is having a great day.  Remember to take this process one day at a time.


I am so full of excuses that even I am sick of them.  I am not sure what is going on with me for quite some time now, I can not get back into my groove.  I have always suffered from seasonal depression but this winter has really taken it's toll on me.  I am in such a funk right now that I feel like I have eaten my way back to the old me emotionally and physically.  The scale doesn't reflect this but I feel it in my clothes and in my emotions. 

So tomorrow is Monday February 26th and I am finding that mojo deep down inside of me and am going to kick myself out of this depression.  It is time to stop making excuses about being to busy, to stressed, to tired, to everything!!

Send those prayers my way to help me find my path.

movie weekend

Well just have to clean the house today and a couple of doctor's appointments this afternoon.  DH and I are planning a fun movie weekend with some friends (post Valentines celebration).  We are going to watch The Guardian and The Punisher on Saturday and then on Sunday we are going to watch Flicka and Broken Bridges or we may go to one on Sunday.  There are a lot of movies out right now I would love to see.  It is funny how good movies all come out at the same time and then there are some times when there is nothing out worth seeing.

Things have been going well on the food front but not the exercise front.  My back and headache have slowed that progress down greatly.  I am planning on Monday to kick into gear in a big way.  It is time for some changes in this house.  I want to get back into shape before my cruise this summer especially in the exercise area.  I am sure we are going to be doing a lot of walking and I don't want to be the one slowing the group down.  So I need to focus on the exercise over the next few months.