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I am a woman in my late 50's who has been fat most of my life.

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  • Name: Sarah1952
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Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 230.00lb
Current weight: 206.60lb
Goal weight: 150.00lb
Lost to date: 23.40lb
Remaining: 56.60lb

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Life's Trials

Here I am , no loss for 3 days. Things have been so hectic lately. Worry and emotional thoughts do not help when you are trying to lose weight. If you are on a strict protocol like I am , going off protocol does not help either.
Since my husband has been home from the hospital, his mom and aunt have both been hospitalized. It has been up and down and I feel like I am struggling to keep up on protocol. So, I been making my plans in writing. I cannot afford to deviate off my eating plan.
I think I would say it does help to write things out and come up with emergency plans. If you screw up, don't beat yourself up over it, just learn and move on. Today, I will do an apple day, which consists of eating up to 6 apples over the next 24 hours. This usually breaks a stall and gives you a jump start or charges your batteries:)
I am glad I am posting about this stall as my usual thing is to ignore posting it because of my pride.
Come on..let's get started and have a great day..

Back on Track

It has been a few days since I posted. My husband was hospitalized with pancreatitis and things got sort of crazy for me. Most of the time, I statyed on my HCG protocol of 500 calories, but for about 3 days, went way off due to emotional eating.
When we were at the hospital, I could have chosen the salad bar..but instead I had a hamburger with onion rings. I desperately wanted comfort food. That was all I ate that day, but it certainly was enough.
The next day, as we came home (90 mile trip) our daughter pulled over at a truck stop to eat and all they had was a Subway and a Churches Chicken. So, I ate a subway (chciken)
Then the next day (Saturday), I have4 been back on track.
Tonight, we go out with friends and I will make my salad dressing of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, water, stevia and seasonings. I will have  a piece of baked chicken with my salad.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that i still managed a small weight loss. Now, i want to see more weight loss and will strive for that without hurtin g myself of course.
It is very important to listen to your body.
Have a happy day.


Today, I am pleasantly surprised to see my weight dropped again. I feel well as my lifestyle changes to a healthy one. I can see me being able to jump on the trampoline with my children. Only one time before was I able to jump and that was only for a few seconds. It took awhile to be able to even lift my feet off the trampoline. I just figured it was from excess baggage.
I eat a lot of salads and still get my 7 ounces of protein in. The other day, I and my 5 year old daughter had lunch at Denny's. I ordered grilled chicken salad which was good, but pretty pricey. I used lemon wedges and lemon juice and sprinkled sweetner on it. My little girl and I had a wonderful time. She was so good. When I went up to pay my bill, the cashier told me it was paid.  She pointed out a lady who paid it. I walked over to her and said "Thank you for the blessing."  She told me that one time someone else paid for her lunch when she was out with her little boy because her child was quiet and good and she always wanted to pay it forward someday. I just looked at her nd gave her a hug telling her how much her gift meant to me. Now some day, I will pay it forward.
Yesterday, my meats were all chicken. Last night for dinner I tried a new recipe and ecided to try it. It is a recipe for 'fried red potatos'. Now even when i am not dieting, etc., I am not a potato lover. When i was doing Atkin's, the mock food recipes were amazing. My favorite on Atkin's was Mock Potato Salad, in which you use frozen broccoli florettes and bake them in the oven to draw out the moisture. Then you use them as potatos to make your salad. It is very good. I added eggs, mayo, a bit of mustard, easy on the dill, a squeeze of lemon, grated cheese and black olives. Don't forget your seasonings. Tasty..
Now to get back to fried potatos on phase 2 of HCG....You need radishes, the red ones. Yes, I said radishes. Slice them up and saute them in fat free chicken juice till tender. I sauted mine until the liquid ran out then sort of let them brown. Then i added a bit of seasoning. They were so good. One day, I will try them with a bit of onion.
There are a lot of recipes out there. Here is a link to a pdf file on some recipes :
It sure makes 500 calories per day less monotonous.
Have a cheeful day.


This morning as I awoke, I was very tired and drained. My left foot has been sore and puffy for a few days now and I am thinking that today I will take some flaxseed oil caps to get it down. The bone in my foot hurts as it bends and twists in the aftermath of RA.
As the wee hours of the morning passed I began to feel very blessed and renewed. Praise music softly plays in the background penetrating the house and perhaps the ears of my sleeping family. I FINALLY DECIDED TO WEIGH MYSELF AND WAS SURPRISED THAT i FINALLY WENT BELOW 220 AND HAVE HAD A LOSS OF 11.6 SINCE 12/26! I have also started doing some low impact exercises the past couple of days and feel invigoratated.
Yesterday, my menu consisted of apples. Throughout the day, I consumed up to 6 apples throughout my day. It was great as a colon cleanse. Because of high sugar, I will not do this often. To break up the monotony of plain apples, I sliced them thin, placed on plate, sprinkled with cinnamon and splenda and nuked for 2 1/2 minutes. That is my version of baked apples. They were quite tasty. I did not manage to get through all my apples as my daughter Sarita tasted them and then began devouring them. I just wish I could get my autistic son to try them..but he won't because of the brown cinnamon. He will not eat anything brown lol.
Also yesterday, my daughter wanted to make a cake. We made it and I ddi not lick my fingers even 1 time (even though I was licking my lips:). The canned frosting was gone. The family enjoyed the cake plain even though I am a master buttercream frosting maker.
Today, I will enjoy chicken and veggies for lunch and shrimp salad for dinner. Of course, I will drink up to 1 gallon of nice refreshing water also.
Have a great day and do something nice for yourself today:)

Feeling Challenged Today

Today has been a challenging day for me. I made the family spaghetti and of course pasta is a weakness for me..and NO, I did not indulge in even 1 lick! The smell is getting to me a bit right now and I will ask hubby to put it up:) I did go off protocol with 3 bites of low fat pineapple cottage cheese though:(
The last couple of days, I am feeling a bit cold. The weather has been really cold though or maybe from  lack of fat ingested. I think if I break protocol, I would do it with protein though. I feel I am doing well and still feel good. Ten pounds gone is alright with me, even though the weight in water has been fluctuating a bit.
Yesterday, I met a friend at McDonalds and I ordered a grilled chicken salad or rather a SouthWest salad with grilled chicken. When i opened it up and saw broken tortilla shells on it and covered with a sauce, I took it back and exchanged it for a side salad. My hubby wolfed down a double cheese burger and a fish sandwich to which i was probably openly licking my lips and drooling. Still, I did not succumb to the desire. Passing up the chocolate cupcakes i brought for my freind was not a temptation as chocolate cake is not anything I really care for. However; the frosting is the thing I really wanted to put my fingers in, but I did not. Then last night, the kids brought home a candy train they made at grandma's house to which surprisingly did not tempt me either.
I am grateful for everything in my life and so happy that I have made 1 good friend from this site who is so sweet and dear.
Be kind to one another. You never know how a smile at someone or a kind word can change a life.

A New Year

I hope all had a safe and great celebration at the start of a new year...2011.
Time seems to go by so fast.
Yesterday, I left thr house without eating..huge mistake. We were headed to hubby's moms. By the time we got there, my head was in a fog and all she had available was a dish of miniature peppermint patties, so I took one of them, which helped. Normally, I would not have stopped there as when my sugars are running low, I have tendancy to over do trying to feel right. So, I decided not to beat myself up over it and make sure I at least take an orange with me next time. I need to have a good plan. It is during these times, i should also have a piece of melba toast handy.
Yesterday, I tried to find a food scale and did not have any luck. Guess I'll go to Walmart today and look. I want to be as precise and close to protocol as possible. Yesterday, I had a nice shrimp salad for dinner with vinegar and lemon juice over it.
Todays lunch will bring me an orange, round steak and I think I
ll do spinach as my veggie. I always keep cucumbers around to munch also.
I feel like the past couple of days, I am having a bit of battle with water weight. I need to get out my magnifying glass and look at the label of my container of lemon pepper. I am wondering if there is a salt product in it.
I have been upset over the weight fluctuation. The thing is that I need to remember that with my kidneys working at 60%, I need to live with it and the important thing is that my weight and measurements have been coming down. Hopefully, I will soon see below 200 mark which to me will be an accomplishment.
I wish you all health and happiness for 2011..remember to be kind and encourage others.


Oh UGH! As you can see, I had a weight gain. Now, I suppose I am fighting water..
Last night was a hard night as far as cravings for fat, etc. I guess it could be worse, so I will be grateful.
This fat ole lady is going out tonight with a couple of friends (no alcohol). Hubby will watch the kids as he does not want to go out. No soft drinks for me..just water:)
My stomach is a bit crampy this morning, perhaps from the beef broth I drank a bit ago.
I still like the simplicity of this plan. The only thing that makes it difficult is my family members all eat so different. If it was not for the sodium in tv dinners, that is what I would buy them and not have to cook:) 
I am eating my breakfast of an orange as I just took insulin. This way of eating has an effect on the blood sugars , so do be careful and monitor carefully if you are prone to such things.
Lunch for me today will be some succulant shrimp and a big bowl of greens. Dinner is not planned yet..
Whether you are on a plan or not, you need to make sure you drink water to flush your system and kidneys. You may think that drinking anything liquid is ok, but I think you are fooling yourself and in time your body will tell on you. I have a 2.1 liter bottle I fill every day, which is 8 cups water. I also use a 64 ounce jug for water.
I also take vitamins such as B Complex, B12 sublingual, antioxidant, calcium, magnesium citrate, D3, Biotin and a general multivitamin. Because I have RA, I use flaxseed for swelling. A couple of months ago, I came across Alpha Lipoic Acid and did a research on it. That stuff is good for so many things (as well as lowering blood sugar). I been taking it and have different things that have improved. Main reason I even started taking it was for neuropathy (nerve pain). You should take it with B1..Wow, what a difference. My mother is also taking it and is so relieved.
I have also found by limiting meats (red) that my RA does not have flares.
If you are on restricted calories Biotin will be helpful for thinning hair from your diet. Yeah and my hair is thin enough so I make sure I take it. Don't worry, i have heard reports that your hair will come back, but being like me, you can't afford to lose any either. Guess I'll have to make sure I have hats or a wig around in case. To me, I would rather have to wear a hat or wig, than have all this extra unhealthy weight.
Well, that is enough for today. I will be back on tomorrow..HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and be safe tonight.      SarahM

On My Way...Day 7 of HHCG

Well, here we are in the last 2 days of 2010. I sure am excited for 2011 and am anticipating better days in health and fun and play:)
I started out with my weight blooming up to 254 pounds and it was shocking to me. In March of 2010, I embarked on a loss using low carbs and high protein. I lost down to 220 in a few short months.
 I did this with the help of phentermine which really warded off the hunger. No, I did not buy the phentermine online. I had a scrip from my doctor and he only gave me 90 of them over a 60 day period. One thing about the phentermine is tht somehow you have the desire to eat healthier. I was finding out that 1 30mg capsule was keeping my appetite down for 2 days. Some days I am sure I did not even eat 500 calories per day.  Costco had a decent price that was much better than Walmart.
After I got down to 220 and from size 24 to 18..I was ok and stayed at the weight for a few more months. Even though I was doing low carb, my weight wasn't going down anymore. I started about the same time as my neighbor and as of now..she has lost more than 75 pounds..Yeeks! I need to catch up with her. I have gotten some really cool hand me downs from her and now, I need to catch up with her...she is looking so very good and my oh my..does she look different.  I think I am jealous :)
Now, the catch is this: I love Atkins plans and am a big fan basically of especially low carb. But, you see I am a diabetic and have been on insulin over 20 years. I have kidney damage (from riding my motorcycle into the ditch) and kidney disease. My concern is an overload of protein and the high fats on Atkins.
Now, I am a great researcher online and have traveled to many diet forums, etc.  I want to know what others are doing.
Well, a few weeks ago, my sister called me up from  Arizona and told me about 2 diets she had recently heard of. One was HCG and the other was Total Protein.  I honed in on HCG and did some research on it and was so impressed with the plan and all of the results. My sister is an RN and also wanted to drop a few pounds. She does not have as much as me to lose..but I was pleased to hear she was getting up there:) (a little sister rivalry)  So, she told me she was expecting me to do the researcha nd tell her about it. ..
I liked the idea of it being not real high protein and the low fats and still low carb. I did an extensive search on the HCG which is a hormone. You have to have a scrip for it..but you can get ti online and really the cost was not high. I searched several forums, spending hours in them reading other posts. I was feeling overwhelmed by having to get the water to mix it, etc. Giving myself injections would be a breeze..but the other stuff sounded complicated then..I saw you could do the HCG sublingual also, but it also required mixing. Then, I saw posts on homeopathic HCG (HHCG) and spent some time reading.
many were saying they too, have had great results. Many had started out with the real stuff to. There are the drops as well as pellets. I saw a few brands and decided to spend time on reviews. VOX had good reviews and so did. Mederil. I decided to order from Legacy Health Group in Utah and got a 43 day supply of pellets for a total of $39.99 with shipping. My sister also ordered 2 bottles. We decided our start day was 12/24/2010...
The day you start the pellets, you load up on fats for 2 days. Then on day 3, you start Phase 2, which is VLC (Very Low Calories). This is 500 calories. The diet plan was actually out in the late 60's by Dr. Simeon and you can find the plan at :
Christmas eve and day, I ate what I wanted. On 12/26 I had a gain of over 3 pounds by my 2 day eating binge. I had read in the forums of 'forced' feeding and began to un derstand it beings that while doing the pellets, I actually had to force myself to eat as i really was not hungry. On the 26th, I started my 500 calories a day with its limited food list. I really ddi not mind as I ahte being bogged down with details and rather like simplicity. I have been mixing a huge container with greens and made my own dressing for them. So, on 12/26/2010, my strating weight was 230.0 and today, on 12/30/2010, my weight is 220.8 :)
I was mortified at drinking my coffee black at first. Now, I am doubting I will ever go back to creamer i n it. Another thing for me is no fat. Darn, I love the meat fats and the chicken skin. I will leave this for tomorrows posting though..
 Here are the food lists for Phase 2:


Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only one tablespoonful of milk allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.


1.    100 grams of veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat. Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed. The chicken breast must be removed from the bird.

2.    One type of vegetable only to be chosen from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage.

3.    One breadstick (grissino) or one Melba toast.

4.    An apple, orange, or a handful of strawberries or one-half grapefruit.

Dinner :

The same four choices as lunch (above.)